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“To respect a mystery is to make way for the answer.” Criss Jami   

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Here is the story that we are being told (as per the State Attorney's final report)

On December 14, 2012, an autistic 20 year old decided to commit the unthinkable. He began his day (sometime before 9:30) by shooting his own mother 4 times in the head with a Savage Mark II 22 cal. Long gun while say laid asleep in bed. 

He then geared up with an Eddie Bauer utility vest, an Ishmash Saiga-12 12 guage semiautomatic shotgun, a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle, a Glock 20, 10mm semiautomatic pistol, a Sig Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic pistol and a sh*t ton of ammo. 

It's uncertain whether or not he damaged his computer's hard drive that morning or some time prior, but what we do know is that it was destroyed and left on a desk. 

He then hopped into his black 2010 Honda Civic and drove roughly 5 miles to an Elementary School named Sandy Hook (after the name of the village it resides in). 

He parked the car in the fire lane just out fron of the school. Because the doors were locked, he shot out the large window area just right of the main entrance to gain entry. 

Upon hearing the noise, the principal (Dawn Hochsprung), school psychologist (Mary Sherlach) and lead teacher (Natalie Hammond) left the PTT meeting they were having just down the hall from the main entrance to inspect what it was. Upon seeing them, Adam shot at them, killing Dawn and Mary while wounding Natalie. At that same time, a teacher at the end of the hall was also inspecting the noise and was wounded in the foot. 

He then went into the main office and walked around (at which point Natalie crawled back into the room she was having a meeting in), all while the nurse and secretary were hiding under their desks. Upon seeing no one, he left and went down the same hallway where he had just killed Dawn and Mary. Immediately upon him leaving, the secretary and nurse called 911 (the first 911 call) and then retreated in a closet together. Also at this time, the janitor Rick Thorne was in the west corridor when he began to hear gunfire. He attempted to lock as many classroom doors as possible (all classroom doors locked from outside the classrooms) and called 911, just seconds after the main office called. He remained to be in constant communication with local law enforcement until police breached the school. 

For reasons unknown, he decides to skip the first classroom (Rm. 12). However, he entered the next 2 classrooms (Rooms 10 and 8). The order is unknown. What is known, is 4 students and 2 teachers were killed in room 10. One was found injured but later died at a local hospital, leaving a total of 5 students and 2 teachers dead. 2 hid in the classroom's bathroom and somehow 9 students were able to flee. 4 retreated to a nearby home and 5 were picked up by a passerby. In room 8, 14 students and 2 teachers were killed, one student was found injured and later died at a local hosptial leaving a total of 15 students and 2 teachers dead. There was only one survivor who hid among her dead classmates. All the students were in the first grade..

As law enforcement approached the school, Adam then took his own life in room 10.

The whole ordeal lasted roughly 6 minutes. 

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Please note that I have not covered everything here. This is simply just a quick summary.


“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”  Nikos Kazantzakis

The disinfo blitz... Essentially, a disinfo blitz serves to create so much confusion that it's hard to discern the difference between fact and fiction, in an attempt to conceal the truth. And this case is fraught with it. Adam was dressed as a clergy member to get into the school. Scratch that. He was recognized as a teacher's son and was let in. Scratch that. Nope, he shot his way in. His father Peter was found dead in Hoboken, New Jersey. Scratch that. He was found dead in Newtown. Scratch that. He's alive! The victims were  kindergartners. Scratch that. They were ages 5 - 10.  Scratch that. They were all first graders. There was only one wounded. Nope, there was 2. 

Originally, Nancy was a kindergarten teacher killed at the school along with her kindergarten class. Then she was a kindergarten teacher killed at home and her kindergarten class was also killed (but at school). Then a sub,then an aide, then a volunteer then "she had nothing to do with the school, stop asking questions."  


There was even a report that stated that Adam worked at the school but was fired that morning (I posted the video for you to watch). 

Like the Energizer bunny, I could keep going and going and going on listing all of the different stories but I don't want to bore you to death. 


But, the disinfo didn't end with the media. Even the officials were spreading it. Example, Lt. Paul Vance (spokesman for the Connecticut State Police) stated that Adam was found dead in the hallway, not room 10!

Then there's the police reports. There's more than one officer that claims that they themselves brought out the sole survivor. Another report that places "numerous children" in the conference room that the psychologist and principal were in, that we are told only had adults (can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00258158 p.3) . There's even a report stating that there were 4 adult victims in room 8, not 2 (CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00002060 p.5)!

You  can find them in warrants as well. In several warrants, it states that deceased victims were found in the first three classrooms! But we're now told that they were located in the second and third rooms. They also state he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but we're told it was an Eddie Bauer utility vest. And, they also state he was a teenager, not 20.

Not even different agencies can agree on what happened. Both the FBI and BAFT claim that 2 Newtown officers were inside the school and witnessed Adam alive, "ducking" into a classroom then killed himself, while we're told police didn't breach until after Adam died. 

Then there's the final reports. The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission's final report states that police were already responding before the main office made their 911 call. But the District Attorney's final report claims that the main office WAS THE FIRST 911 call. 


Even the families are guilty for asserting falsehood.  In a lawsuit filed in 2015 by the parents of 2 victims,  states that Adam was found outside of room 10 (which corroborates Vance's early statement).  According to the Soto's, Victoria had hid her students in cubbies, cupboards etc. This is not only untrue, but the family was informed that it was untrue a few times during the investigation. Might seem like a little thing, but it all adds up in the end (you can find the reports in CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00173193 p.2CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00172566CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00175003. Further proof of the location of Vicki can be found in CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 30 - 31 and CFS 1200704597 00235016). 

This is not all because of "the media lying", "early reporting", "chaos of the day". It continues to this day.


Even Wikipedia (a source that is now always posted on the top of the search result page on youtube) has it wrong. According to them, Adam was wearing sunglasses (he wasn't), that the PA was on for morning announcements, but it was really turned on by "accident" by someone in room 9 after Hammond, Sherlach and Hochsprung left the room (Final Report p.9) . It asserts that the janitor yelled at Adam, while the janitor says otherwise. It even goes as far as stating that he went inside room 8 first! While the final report states that the order is unknown (which is B.S cause clearly he had to have gone into 10 first in order for the timeline given to make even a little sense. You can read about this in The Impossible Timeline). It even tells the Soto family lie, cites wrong information in the victim's location and (although it states that 9 fled from room 10), 6 retreated to a nearby home not 4! 

Point is, to this day, we don't have any one story. We have several. All of which can not be fully proven or debunked with the little to no evidence we have been given. Guess we're just expected to pick and choose the one we want to believe in. But this is a "solved" murder case, not theology! This story is more flimsy than that of Jack The Ripper. An unsolved murder case that's over 100 year old. The only theory involved is who did it. But the facts of the case are concrete. There is only one story about Mary Nichol's death, while there are at least 6 of Adam Lanza's. 


"Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game." Blake Edwards

The investigation... "Did they even really conduct one?" A question I have asked several times during my research. Perhaps that's the reason why they "never found a motive".


First, it's protocol to conduct a last 24 on homicide victims. However, they chose not to do this (except for Nancy).  The last 24 document can be found in CFS 1200704559  Book 1  00155012. Their first excuse was, that there was too many victims. Well, no offense, but 20 of the 26 victims were first graders. Not really sure the cartoon they were watching the day before would've had a real effect on the investigation. But there was 6 adult victims in the story. Why not them? Turns out, they had a second excuse. The emotional trauma it could cause the families. Aww, that's sweet or whatever, but what if there was something there? Originally it was reported that Adam was in a confrontation with 3 of the deceased faculty members the day before. Later on, we were told that no such confrontation happened. However, that previous Monday (4 days prior to the shooting) a mother had overslept and did not pick up her kid at the bus stop. She then went to the school, but they then called the cops believing she was in no condition to drive. It was determined that she was just sick and tired but agreed to have her husband bring her and her child home. There was 4 faculty members involved. 2 ended up dead, 1 was injured and one called out that day. While police did obtain the CAD report, it doesn't appear that they ever attempted to contact the family or see if there was any kind of connection. (the CAD report can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00006416). 

chimney and sh.png

Who was this family? Did they live on Chimney Swift Drive? According to Adam's GPS, he had traveled to Chimney Swift Drive the day before the shooting. The school is at the end of a side road off Riverside Rd. Chimney Swift Dr. is just a little further down on Riverside Rd. (I provided a screenshot via google maps . Chimney Swift Dr. and the school is starred. I also highlighted the route, showing closeness of both locations).


Because of this, many people have speculated that Adam was just checking out the scene before the main event. But that doesn't seem to make sense cause you can't see the school from there. So why did he go there? We might never know because it appears that investigators never investigated this. 

They also failed to investigate the strange hours recorded on the GPS in Danbury. While some hours can be accounted for (he played DDR at a theater), the late night hours however cannot be. They did interview a couple of mangers and one security guard at the theater/mall, and was even told that kids like to race sometimes on the weekends, investigators never looked into that or attempted to conduct a canvas. What if Adam had a lair? Or even better, a co-conspirator. 

How would we know if there was or wasn't one? Cause it would seem that the final result is not at all based on facts. But rather guesses and theories with a complete avoidance to fill in the gaps of things they failed to investigate. "We know he went to Chimney Swift Drive the day before, we theorize that it didn't have anything to do with the shooting. That's it. No further questions." (All documents regarding the GPS can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00171468CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00028218; CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00051670; CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00177420; CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00190163; CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00180469);


“It seems to me that you have two options: hide the fact that anything happened, or hide the fact that you had anything to do with it.”   Keigo Higashino, The Devotion of Suspect X

Altered timeline & an unexplained gunshot...Originally, we were told that the shooting lasted for 11 minutes. Making the timeline 9:35 - 9:46. But that changed to 6 minutes (9:35 - 9:40). What caused the timeline to change? Some would argue that it was just early reporting. Chaos. A misunderstanding. But there might be another answer that's not so innocent. 

At 9:46:54, there was a gunshot recorded in the janitor's 911 call. Immediately after the shot, you can hear an officer state "We can't have anyone else coming in here. The building's not secure, the building's not secure." and dispatch lights up. 

The problem with this is, Adam killed himself at 9:40:03 and police said they never fired a single round that day. 


946 shot.png

This gunshot was recorded in the gunshot analysis. Well, the  first of 2 anyways. The first one was received on July 19, 2013. The second was received on August 2nd (just a few weeks later), TFC Alison Peters (from the Connecticut State Police) noted that what the analyst thought were gunshots were dispatch interference. Since it was the 9:46:54 shot that was the only one missing from the list, one can surmise she was talking about that one. (the first one can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00175096. The second, can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00182028). 

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00175096 p.11

But you can hear it for yourself. Indeed it was a gunshot. (on the right or go here: Newtown Call #7 2:59 into the call). To me, it would seem that for a while they acknowledged the gunshot, thus the 11 minute timeline. But at some point they decided to strike it from the record. Who's decision was it? And why?

The possible answer is... well... disturbing and troubling to say the least. It would appear, that the gunshot at 9:46, changed everything. It was the moment law enforcement chose to not do their job. 

Dispatch was just informed about the 2 deceased (principal and psychologist in the hallway). And at 9:51, Officer Smith announces one dead suspect. But that's it. While he was standing there with 7 other victims, he never says a thing. Neither did any of the other officers with him or went in there after him. No one said anything about the 17 victims in room 8 either. It wasn't even properly relayed that they were coming out with 4 wounded. 

For the longest time, no one outside the school knew it was an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident). No one outside the school knew the severity of the case. This resulted in the lack of urgency for medical personnel, which could've caused the loss of lives. What if there were victims with survivable wounds? What if the 2 students that were evacuated could've been saved? Because the scene was considered "not secure" and there was no sense of real emergency beyond the school walls, one student was carried by Officer Chapman all the way to the firehouse and then loaded into an ambulance. The other student was put into a vehicle, driven the the firehouse and then put into an ambulance. Both students died. If they had done their job, it's possible this story could've ended differently. 

But then again, how are we supposed to know if it could've or not? They have provided no evidence that could confirm or deny this idea. Which is exactly the problem. This accusation is a very serious one and shouldn't be taken lightly. It's essentially accusing police officers of Grave Negligence of Duty. 

If untrue, then  it needs to be proven to be untrue. Not by researchers. Not by debunkers, the media, a youtuber etc but the officials themselves. It should be proven with irrefutable evidence. But will they ever give us that? 


(Actually, the entire timeline seems altered. You can read more in my article The Impossible Timeline). 


"Police officers are trained to hide evidence that would undermine their investigations in court." Dossier via Centre for Criminal Appeals 

Forgotten/lost evidence... In the scene processing report (CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.31)  and the State Attorney's final report on page 10, it's stated that the teacher in room 10, Victoria Soto was found near a set of keys. So where the hell are they? They are not listed in evidence, they were not photographed or mentioned in any other documents. This is huge because one of the biggest controversies in this case was that the classroom doors could only be locked from outside the classroom. So how convenient is it that her keys seem to have committed a vanishing act? Think about it. If she had her classroom keys, that could make the school/city more culpable in her death. Her family could easily argue that she had 2 choices to make. Either risk her and her students lives by going into the hallway, alerting the shooter that there were people in that room, or run and hide, leaving her room vulnerable to attack. It's a lose/lose. If she had been able to lock the door from inside, she could've avoided all of the above. But seeing how she was found near her keys, they could theorize that she attempted to lock the door and failed. But if she didn't have keys.. the city could then argue that it didn't matter. As is the case for Lauren Rousseau in room 8. We are told that because she was a sub, she didn't have keys. 

Soto's missing keys were brought up in a lawsuit (page 8) filed by the parents of 2 of the deceased students, but the lawsuit was dropped due to the city having government immunity. 


"The important thing is that we maintain plausible deniability." Richard Nixon 

Avoiding & altering evidence... It would almost seem as if investigators intentionally ignored evidence and possible evidence that could conflict wit the narrative they had already chosen to stick with. They received a phone call from a man who was a prior employee at the school who was on the phone with a teacher that morning when the shooting began. She relayed to him that she was witnessing a substitute teacher fumbling with keys. He also stated that he knew about the shooting but, he wanted to do a face to face interview and at the time, he was in Florida but was planning a trip to Connecticut. Law enforcement checked him out and he was legit. But when he showed up for that interview, they denied him the opportunity, stating that they already had the teacher's statement and his was not needed. I can't help but ask, what did he know about the shooting? More importantly, was it Lauren Rousseau that was fumbling with keys? Cause remember what I said above? We are told she didn't have keys. Seems like those keys are becoming a common denominator doesn't it? 

Now, onto the science. Correction, lack of science. There were 3 cars struck by bullets that went straight through the windows in room 10. While conducting a trajectory analysis they realized that the trajectory was off 3 to 4 feet. It was theorized that the trajectory was altered by the metal frame in the window and left it at that. The never completed the analysis. While their theory is totally logical, in the world of science though, it's about facts and data. And when you add Lauren Rousseau's car to the equation, the situation gets worse. 


Her car was struck 4 times. Yes, I just said 4. They only noted 3 holes during the processing of her car. But were informed by her family that they had missed a hole near a wheel well. There is no documentation of any kind that they tried to find her car to reprocess it or amended their report(s). Perhaps they made a mistake in considering her car as personal belonging and not evidence. They returned her car to her family on the 17th, just 3 days after the

rousseau car.png

shooting. But most notable about her car, is the bullet hole that appears to have been altered. First, it's protruding outward and then all of a sudden... it looks like it was sanded down. With the total lack of a real investigation, lack of proper documentation and lack of access, it's easy to conclude that the bullet holes in her car tell a different story than the one they are telling us and they avoided all of it on purpose. 


Maybe this presumption is wrong. But how could we know for sure? We have no car to reexamine, no trajectory report/sketch to analyze.. we have no way to confirm or deny this idea. And that's exactly the point.


"This suspect was convicted in a Court of the Media and nothing else." Megatronics Media

The possibility that Adam didn't do it... (barring the fact that we don't have any footage or photos of him driving the car, entering the school, committing the crime or even dead inside the school)... We are told that Adam had several mental and medical conditions that were not being treated. Among that list was Aspergers Syndrome, sensitivity to light and a sensitivity to sound that was so bad that his mother's groundskeeper couldn't use power equipment on the property if Adam was home.

OCD clothes.png

Sec 4 Primary Scene #197

He also had an aversion to metal doorknobs and had anxiety in groups of people. He was said to wait until people would leave a room before entering it. He also had OCD, specifically with his clothing. For years he wore the same outfit everyday. Blue polo shirt and khaki pants. (A black zip-up hoodie appears to have been included at some point). His father stated in an interview that his coordination was so horrible that when he had told Nancy that Adam had tied his own shoe, she was flabbergasted. Honestly, Peter made it sound as if Adam's condition(s) were increasingly getting worse to a near debilitating state. Yet, on 12/14/12 he somehow managed to overcome all of this. 

We're told he wore all black. Shot a Bushmaster rifle 154 times (yes, with earplugs, but if his mother's groundskeeper couldn't use an electric lawnmower, shooting a weapon 154 times seems outrageous). He touched the metal doorknob of the main office (twice), room 8 and room 10's either just once or twice. He was in a school, full of people, and even though at close range, a person's kill ratio potential increases) was able to kill 26 people in under 6 minutes, despite have very poor coordination. 



But, then again, this could all be just a lie. To this day, his medical records have never been released. Despite multiple efforts in making his medical records public, we have been refused over and over again. AbleChild submitted a FOI request, but they were denied. During the hearing, it was explained to them that releasing his medical records could cause people to stop taking their medications. But how is that possible, if he had nothing in his system and hadn't received any medical attention in several years? 

Personally, I believe it's all propaganda. Evidence shows that Adam was quite functional. He drove to Danbury frequently, was a Ninja at Dance Dance Revolution, made honor roll when he was in school.. Releasing his medical records would not be in their interest if they really want us to believe he was a borderline invalid.


It should be noted that Peter signed a release form that would allow his medical records public. So it's not next of kin that's preventing this. Even the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission was refused access. You'd think the father of one of the victims, Dr. Jeremy Richman (neuroscientist) would be concerned about this. Especially because he has done many lectures referencing Adam's mental health. But he's doing so with 0 facts! Is that something scientists do nowadays? Why hasn't he been defending the release of his records? And does he really feel comfortable with presenting 0 facts and data? 

UPDATE:: Jeremy Richman committed suicide on March 25, 2019. My question is now aimed at the Avielle Foundation who is continuing his work. 

Then, there's the DNA evidence. His DNA was not found on his own car. The car he supposedly drove frequently. He was only found on the forearm of the Bushmaster rifle. THE murder weapon. Meanwhile, Lauren Rousseau (the dead substitute teacher in room 8) was found on the pistol grip,  shoulder stock, feed area, side of magazine. No, it wasn't blood. Now, some would like to make the excuse that it's probably contamination. But here's my rebuttal. If the weapon was contaminated, doesn't that put into question Adam's DNA as well? Especially because he was only found on one spot vs her 4, making her "contamination" less likely than his. 

And what about the Savage rifle that was used to kill Nancy? Same exact logic applies. Adam was only found on the left side of the stock area. But... and you're gonna love this... a New York convict's DNA was found on the cartridge. While it was noted, there doesn't seem to be any inquiry about it. And if there was, it's nowhere in the CSP's documents. Who does that DNA belong to, and how did it get there? If it's "contamination", then doesn't that put into question Adam's DNA as well? Especially because there was a lab contamination noted on the forend area of the rifle. 

It would seem that the DNA evidence against him, is highly questionable. It was even brought up in the 5 year too late After Action Report that civilians were allowed in the crime scene and it was trampled.


So how are we to really trust any of the DNA reports? How do we even know for sure that it was even Adam? Just because they said so isn't a good enough reason. 


“What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” Christopher Hitchens

It's just a story... Nearly everything about this case is based on what we are being told and not tangible evidence we can analyze ourselves. It's even doubtful that the case could ever be reopened. There's no crime scene to comb through. No biological evidence to resubmit (they unlawfully laundered biological evidence within just weeks of the shooting.. but they did get the ok from the State Attorney, so whatever right?)

We don't have photos proving the crime was committed, no photos proving it was Adam or even an eyewitness proving it was Adam, We don't have medical records, unredacted autopsy reports.. we don't even have photos of his "utility vest".


The majority of the witness reports and interviews from neighbors and even a previous psychiatrist of Adams are written in the third person via the investigating officer. They are just summaries of their interviews, meaning things could've been misconstrued and information lost. We have questionable DNA evidence.. bluntly... we have no actual evidence that can support the official story.

believe what we say.png

What we do have is just simply a bunch of conflicting stories that we are not supposed to question in any way no matter how ridiculous. 


"Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it." Elia Kazan

Secrets, deflections & no answers... From the very moment this story hit the news, people began to ask questions. They noticed that things weren't adding up. From the multiple stories that kept changing, to the strange behaviors of the town and it's officials... Even the families effected. It all seemed like we were looking into a village that could only be found in a Stephen King novel. 

But asking questions was immediately repelled with anger and insinuations. You were no longer a logical concerned citizen who didn't understand why you were being told so many different stories, confused by the laughing grieving father or the seemingly calm teacher that heard everything. You were now labeled a conspiracy theorist. A sick f**k. "How dare you ask questions!". Somehow, asking questions to the officials was "disrespectful" to the families. Asking any question in any manner to anyone regarding the events on 12/14/12 became taboo. Still is. 

To me, this is ridiculous and counterproductive. It would seem that the most logical thing to do would be to address the many questions.. and with verifiable facts . A great example would be for  the school nurse Sally Cox and news reporter  Andrea McCarren to address why McCarren quoted Cox stating that the suspect's mother was an experienced kindergarten teacher. Did she really say that? Who exactly was she talking about? Did she think the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher? Which one? Or that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher? It'd also be nice to have retired Lt. Paul Vance address why he stated that Adam was found dead in the hallway, not room 10. Personally, I'd like the 9:46 gunshot explained. 

The list is nearly endless. 


But instead of doing this, they have just tried to silence those who ask questions while trying to prevent the public from learning anything about the incident at all. 

From the mass censorship attempts on the internet to Bills they have introduced (some passed) preventing any kind of transparency and all their attempts to prevent the release of any and all photos, 911 calls and documents from the case, the skeptical community continues to grow. 

Clerk Deb death certificates.png

Their reaction(s) resemble those of a guilty party with something to hide. It serves to give us skeptics more credibility while casting more doubt on them. Essentially, they are creating their own hell. Don't they see that?

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"Many people, especially, ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth." Gandhi

Embrace the tinfoil hat stereotype you fricken heartless monster! Despite there being logical reasons to question this event, we are still classified as conspiracy theorists and whack jobs. And because of the topic, us questioning it isn't taken lightly. After all, we are discussing the murder of 27 people, 20 of them were cute, defenseless, innocent first graders. I've been told that I deserved to be raped by Satan himself. That I deserve to watch my love ones die slow horrible deaths. That I should be flayed alive. Needless to say, you will be met with heavy opposition. But please be mindful as to why. Some see us mocking the deaths of those children. That us questioning the event is somehow disgracing the victims and the families. So take the insults with a grain of salt but never forget your humanity. 

However, you will come across the usual troll. I personally find them amusing. Some will know at least a little about the case and can provide you with a decent debate. But generally speaking, they are the equivalent to a car of stoned teenagers in a McDonalds drive thru late at night trying to buy a Whopper. Then there are those whom seem to be only out to get under your skin. I pay no attention. 

Because of a few bad apples, we are also stereotyped as stalkers. Unfortunately, the actions of a few have tainted the many. Just brush it off and keep truckin. 


"Either you're with us, or you are with the terrorists." George W. Bush

You're either with Halbig or you're a shill... I cannot stress enough how obnoxious this stigma is. If you question the official narratives, it's immediately assumed that you believe in the same ideology that Wolfgang Halbig has become synonymous with,  which is that the events that day was nothing more than a scripted FEMA drill at a school that was closed for 4 years, committed by crisis actors for gun control. 

I spend more time explaining how I don't believe this than I do debating the case with debunkers or anyone who defends the official story. Unfortunately, this belief is very popular and Mr. Halbig has such notoriety that I intentionally ignore the topic completely while in conversation with others who question the official stories. If I even hint that I find his beliefs ridiculous, it's as if I am immediately excommunicated and labeled a shill. Why? Because I don't share his views? 


“Being your true self can only come from separating your thinking from crowd mentality.”  Edmond Mbiaka

Think for yourself... I have done my research. I have seen enough evidence that tells me that it wasn't a drill. It wasn't "scripted". The school was open. They are not crisis actors and gun control is the red herring. Not arguing that there aren't groups that are benefiting from this debate to push the gun control agenda, but what happened that day wasn't intended for it. 


Both sides fail to see the gray. That while Halbig's ideas are wrong, that doesn't mean that the official story is true. But I believe that's the point. 

It would seem that his ideology is being heavily pushed upon us and on purpose. It discourages any real research while discrediting any and all researchers. If you think that the only counterargument is his, then why look into it? And if you think it's all fake, including the people, why look into it/them? 

And it appears to have worked out very well. It is WAY too common, for me to come across people who are absolutely ignorant to the case. If I begin citing documents it's as if I get blank stares like I'm trying to explain quantum physics to Trump. Neither side seems to know exactly what it is they support nor what they condemn. 

It also serves as the perfect distraction. Both sides are so busy feuding with one another that no one's paying attention to what really matters, which is the case. We could be conversing, sharing notes, knowledge or anything else that could serve to be helpful. Instead, it's childish insults and bickering. This could also be due to the lack of knowledge regarding the case. It's hard to share notes or debate a topic, when you know nearly nothing about it. 

This isn't to say that there aren't any serious researchers out there, cause there are are. And I am very grateful for their work. 

Point is, ask your own questions. Read everything! Follow the leads you find. Use other researchers to help your own research. Then use your research to help others. Get the f**k over this bullsh*t that says that none of us can get along. So what? I don't like Halbig but you do. Does that immediately mean that none of my research matters? I have found many researchers that don't question him to be extremely helpful. And what about the people that don't question the official stories? Well, if you're one of them reading this right now, are you sure you don't question it? Cause you've read quite a lot to get to this point. Seems like an awful waste of time for someone that 100% believes questioning it is rubbish. 

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What is this site about & what should we do?

Some argue that we the public, have 0 rights to know anything about this case. That we have no rights to investigatory documents, photos etc. But I strongly disagree. States all across America enacted new laws and policies because of this event in such areas like schools, mental health and even firearms. States have allocated more funding into school security because of this event, which is funded by tax payer's money. Not to mention all the money given to build a new $50 million school, the first responders, survivors and victims, which were funded by tax payer's money. Does the American public not have a right to know what exactly it is we are funding? If indeed Sandy Hook was a fraud, do we not have the right to not only know that, but to demand the flow of money be stopped? 

My approach to the topic is very different than most. I view this as an unsolved crime,  and I treat it as such. I believe that the key in solving it, is by demanding an investigation into their investigations. To date, the public has very little "evidence" of the alleged crime (as to fit the official narratives). We all know that something happened that warm day on December 14, 2012, but we don't really know what, and relying on the redacted reports that we have been deemed privileged enough to see is asinine. I've actually made it a hobby to debunk the official narratives with their own official investigations and reports. 

I believe that many things can be revealed by investigating their investigation. Maybe, we could find out why there seems to be so many different narratives regarding the suspect's death. Or what those 54 redacted pages of grand jury material is really all about (thank you Aryan Empires for opening my eyes to those pages and what they could mean). Why Ryan was indeed a second suspect. And hopefully, by doing all of this, by creating reasonable doubt, we could gain public support in getting full disclosure on the entire case itself. 

Now, I need to make a few things very clear. 

I DO NOT support the harassment and victimization of any of the families, survivors, those who defend the narratives or those that question them. 

I DO NOT support the views of Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer or Alex Jones. The school was open,  they are NOT crisis actors, it wasn't a FEMA drill and for the love of sanity, they don't want our guns!!! 

My intention is NOT to offend anyone. However, if this topic or the discussion of this topic offends you in anyway, then please feel free to leave. 

My intention is NOT to exploit any of the families and survivors in any way. However, because they make up a part of the story as a whole, they will be discussed when necessary. 

My intention of this site, is to demonstrate the need for an investigation into their investigations. Which I hope, will help solve this case.

I also want to make it clear that I am not anti-law enforcement. I know that some of the material above may appear that way, but it's the exact opposite. I have much love and respect for the honorable profession. I once believed that I would end up being a cop. My passion was (still is) cold cases. I just don't like dirty cops. 

I want everyone, regardless of their views, to feel welcomed here. 

In the end, regardless of what "side" you're on, we should all be demanding the same thing. More information and more evidence. If there are legit reasons for the anomalies and discrepancies that are not nefarious in nature, but honest and unfortunate mistakes, then the evidence will prove that and we can all just move on with our lives. But if not... then this needs to be exposed. 



~ Sandy Hooked

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