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Adam's 6 Deaths

It’s hard to take this case seriously when the officials can’t even agree on how, when or where the suspect died.

The official story (from the Final Report) states that he “took his own life with a single shot from a Glock 20, 10 mm pistol in classroom 10.”. The timeline given is:


Like nearly everything with any importance that could be considered as evidence, or rather “proof”, his autopsy is redacted. The closest we get is the cover letter which only states “gunshot wound of the head and the manner of death was suicide.” (CFS 1200704597 00187734). So combine, he shot himself somewhere in the head while he was in room 10. 

Because this is a very generic description, I won't be counting it as a narrative. Instead, I will be using it at a starting off point.




The first narrative comes from the Hoboken, NJ Police’s CAD report. Wait for it….. That he was killed by the police!!

Hoboken CAD.png

 CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p.6

Now remember, this is coming from a CAD report, not media, not eye witnesses but from the officials themselves. CAD stands for Computer Aided Dispatch. It records radio chatter from police, fire and other emergency services. So the question is, where did this narrative even come from? Where were they getting their information? How could they have gotten it so wrong?



The second narrative is pretty interesting. That Adam was found dead in the Northeast hallway, OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOMS!


Lt. Paul Vance, the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police stated this in a video interview. I’m not kidding, you can watch it for yourself below: 

(Note: That he was even asked for clarification and confirmed it was the hallway).

Before you begin making excuses for him... "maybe that's what was relayed to him by someone else, that got the information from someone else and so on. Things were chaotic that day. It's an honest mistake." Lt. Vance stated that he personally went inside the school and saw the crime scene himself. As you can watch in the video below, at 38:38. This implies that he personally saw Adam laying in the hallway. 

Let's not forget Vance's rants against misinformation. Perhaps this was a contributing factor in him being demoted to traffic

But...... maybe he wasn't lying. 

In a lawsuit filed in 2015 by the parents of Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis, it states that Adam took his own life outside of room 10 (as you can see in the screenshot below). 

lawsuit outside of room 10.png


This is also stated on pages 21, 28, 39, 51 and 58. (You can find the several, if not all, lawsuits filed by the parents here. The one I am referencing is the second document down "1/21/2015 Complaint". 

This suit was filed just over 2 years from the final report's release, which clearly states that he was inside room 10. Did they (and their lawyer) not read the final report? All throughout the investigation, the families were routinely updated on the case. One topic of discussion was the whereabouts of Adam. Were they not paying attention? (I will list all of the documents regarding meetings with parents at the bottom of the page). How is it, that 2 years later, they would think such a thing? How could Lenny (father of Noah) allow such misinformation be printed in the suit he was apart of? Did he not review it at all? Lenny has made it a point to let us know that he is absolutely against misinformation and disinformation alike. So.. is this a "it's different when I do it" situation? Were the parents totally clueless about the contents of their own lawsuit? Or was Adam really found outside of room 10?


The third is that he was found dead in room 8. Now, there are more than just one source for this narrative each with it’s own description.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00029067 p.2 “I entered a classroom and observed a large number of children who all appeared to be deceased from gun shots lying against the south side of the classroom. There was also a male individual lying deceased with an apparent gunshot wound to the head and a semiautomatic handgun near him. He was located near the doorway of the classroom. A Trooper stated that the deceased male was the shooter and that the room had been cleared with no survivors.”

His description is clearly of room 8. In the official narrative we are told that it looked as though the class was trying to herd into the bathroom (south side of the classroom) as they were all shot and killed. They were found on top of one another with the 2 teachers just outside the doorway of the bathroom. There was only one survivor who had been removed from the classroom earlier. Although some might argue “well it says that he was found near the doorway of the classroom, which is where he was found in room 10 so this cop is just confused” I’d like to ask, how could he have gotten the 2 rooms mixed up like that in the first place? In room 10 they were supposedly scattered in the room so to speak, not all in one location. If he did get it that wrong however, how are we supposed to trust anything else in his report?


In another police report it states:

CFS 1200705354 Sec 16 p.4 “Numerous dead children and teachers were seen in classroom 10 and 8. It appeared that many of the children and teachers had been shot in the head and body. [redacted] These classrooms were searched by team members without touching or disturbing any of the victims. In classroom 8, the body of the gunman was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head, lying in somewhat of a fetal position.”

Not very descriptive but to the point. The same report can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00122995 p.5.


Then there’s this one. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00002060 p.5 “There appeared to be about 15 bodies in the small room and several bodies, including, two adults near the entrance to the room. There was one adult and I believe one child that were laying prone, on their backs approximately several feet from the entrance to the bathroom.”  

Although this officer does not specify that it was the suspect, nor does he specify that the person was a male or female, it is very clear he is describing room 8. The 2 adults near the entrance to the bathroom would’ve been Rousseau and D’Avino. However, we are told that there wasn't a third adult in the room. There were 6 faculty members that died, 2 wounded. The deceased were Dawn Hochsprung and Mary Sherlach in the hallway. Victoria Soto and Anne Murphy in room 10 and Lauren Rousseau and Rachel D’Avino in room 8. The wounded were Natalie Hammond in the hallway and retreated to room 9 and Deborah Pisani in the hallway and retreated to room 1. Unless Nancy Lanza really was killed in the school the only other conclusions that could be drawn here is that either the third adult was Adam or there was another victim that they attempted to cover up. 

The next report comes from Bernie Meehan, the paramedic that assessed the victims and pronounced time of death. If there was anyone in this story that should know where the deceased were, it’d be the guy who actually dealt with them. Ha! Not in this case.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019275 p.2 “Meehan stated as they entered the first classroom, room 10, he saw the victims to the left and said ‘holy shit’. Meehan stated that they then did a quick assessment of the victims and found one child victim without a head wound” …… “Meehan stated that they then went to the next room over which he identified as room 9 (known to be room 8) and saw a deceased male with a Sig Sauer handgun and a glock handgun holstered.”

Yes, the doors were reassigned. In the photos below, you can see that room 10 used to be room 11 and room 8 used to be room 9 just like he stated. 

room 10 numbers.png

Gunsalus – Interior doors #12

room 8 numbers.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #150

Coming from the main office area, room 10 would be the first classroom containing victims and room 8 would be considered the “next room.” A bit off topic but interesting to point out is that the glock (which Meehan stated was holstered) was supposedly the gun Adam killed himself with, not the Sig Sauer. Something else that’s interesting is that he also states that ” he saw an AR-15 in the classroom but not right next to the deceased adult.” In the official narrative, the AR-15 was found in room 10. One could argue that perhaps he too was confused. Victims on the left would describe room 8 not 10, and the AR-15 would describe room 10 not 8. But he was very clear on the fact that he was in room 8 that used to be room 9. So same logic applies, if he is so confused he couldn’t even get that right, what else in his report could be questionable?

What's interesting about #2 and 3, is that they seem to be easily debunked. Below is from the scene sketch report. Luckily for us Adam wasn't portrayed as a triangle. As you can see, he is within room 10, just near the front of the classroom, near the door.


Adam's location.png

CFS 1200704597  00235016 

This can be loosely corroborated with crime scene photos. The black thing I have circled is supposed to be his knees. 

Walkley Scene photos 96.png
96 knee.png

Walkley - scene photos #96

Walkley Scene photos 161.png
161 knee.png

Walkley - scene photos #161

Furthermore, all the reports that mentions his location (except of the reports cited above) state that he was in room 10. So, if we had to decide which narrative was true, based on what little evidence we have, it would appear that he was indeed in room 10. 


Our fourth narrative is one that I find most intriguing. That he encountered 2 police officers INSIDE the school before retreating to room 10 and killing himself. Woah! What? I thought police didn’t breach the building until AFTER he killed himself? So where the hell did this narrative come from? Well, according to Sgt. Cario, it’d be from one of the 2 officers himself.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00026724 p. 2 “As I entered the school, the first thing that caught my attention was two Newtown officers who were to my left. I moved behind them. I believe at least one had a long gun. They were using a corner of the cement walls as cover and looking east down the north corridor. There were two female bodies lying on the floor in the right side of the north corridor. The officers were focused on the hallway and spoke as I stood behind them. We did not make eye contact, and I do not recall much about them. One officer was average size in height, while the other was tall. I recall the tall one to have the long gun and based on subsequent interaction, believe him to have been Newtown Police Officer Chapman. The officer that spoke reported that “they are dead” (pointing to the two bodies in the hall). The shooter was in the hallway and “ducked” into a classroom to the left (front), there was a volley of gunfire, and “it’s been quiet for about five minutes.”

We know that Officer Smith was with Chapman based off Smith’s report (which you can find in CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00047345). But neither Chapman or Smith say that this is what happened. So…. maybe it’s just incompetent cop syndrome. Well, if so then it’s contagious cause even the ATF states this.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00151276 p.3 “As LANZA exited classroom 10, he encountered two responding Newtown Police Officers. Upon seeing the officers, he retreated into classroom 10, produced the Glock from a thigh holster, and shot himself in the head, dying instantly.”

And so doesn’t the FBI.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 01 of 03: p.111 and p.412 “Two law enforcement officers arrived during the shooting, at which time the suspect ducked into a classroom and shot himself.”

The word “ducked” is very telling. It would imply that he was in the hallway and went into a classroom. The word ducked couldn’t be used unless there was a witness. And because it states that 2 officers arrived one can only conclude that this report is in regards to Officers Chapman and Smith corroborating Cario’s account.

And an eyewitness’s statement suggests that not only were police in the building before Adam died, but perhaps they were responsible for his death… in the hallway. (Since this narrative basically joins 3 of the 6 narratives given, I have chosen to add it to the 6 and not separate it as a seventh). 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00038575 p.2 (someone in room 9) “[redacted] then heard one more gunshot which sounded completely different than the others. This last shot sounded like it came from the lobby area. The school then became quiet. [redacted] stated that the initial gun shots sounded like they came from the lobby with the other shot coming from the right side of the door.Then recognized the sound of police radio which is when she knew it was going to be ok.”

In this article from New York Daily News, it states “The black-clad killer, at the end of a long hallway, spotted police as they entered the school and ducked into a room, CBS reported Saturday. A volley of shots rang out as two officers ran down the hall. They found Lanza dead from a self-inflicted gunshot, and beyond him a group of children huddled with their teacher, all dead.”  Because things have a tendency of being taken down in regards to all things that conflict with the official story, I took a screenshot of it just in case. 

spotted 2 officers.png

In the news footage below, it says the same thing. That Adam "was briefly spotted at the end of a hallway, he ducked from view."

Are there any witnesses that could corroborate the notion that police were inside before the shooting stooped? Why yes... yes there is. 


The librarian, MaryAnn Jacobs, stated in an interview that she encountered police inside the building before retreating to a closet, where they heard more gunfire (in the video below).

But... then again.. the library is in the back of the school. Chapman and Smith entered through the front of the school. This would imply that more than just these 2 officers entered the school before the shooting stopped. Is it possible? Short answer, in this case.. anything is possible. 


The fifith….  A supplement report from Detective Matthew Greenstein. Please note that on the first page it states that he went to the M.E’s office on May 8, 2013, just short of 5 months from the shooting. He reviewed the final medical examiner reports for the victims and Adam. On the second page, it states that Adam’s death was the result of “intraoral” gunshot. (CFS 1200704597 00101146).


intraoral M.E report.png


Intraoral means through the mouth. So essentially he is stating that Adam put the barrel of the gun into his mouth and fired. But the scene processing report, the physical evidence we can see in crime scene photos and the sketch of the crime scene all refute this. (note that on the first page it states that Adam’s date of birth was 04/22/82, not 4/22/92 like we’ve been told). 


Which now leads us to our sixth death. That he was shot in the back of the head.

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.32 (processing report) “I observed an obvious injury to the right side and top front portion of the shooter’s head consistent with bullet holes”                               p. 34 “this hat had blood-like stains, hair and a hole consistent with a bullet hole in the forward portion of the top of the hat. This hole was consistent with having been worn by the shooter at the time the shooter received a bullet to the right rear lower portion of his head which exited out the top forward portion of his head and hat.”

In this narrative, he was facing east (towards room 8) at the time of his death. Scene processing report states:

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.32 “The projectile struck but did not penetrate a corrugated metal ceiling that was elevated and behind the ceiling tile. This strike was documented in photographs as Strike #1 A. The projectile riccocheted and was later located above the ceiling tile in classroom 8.”                            p.35 “Trajectory documentation, locations of blood-like stains, tissue, hair and the shooter’s body are all consistent with the shooter standing and facing in the east direction at the time of receiving a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right side of his head.”

Like I stated above, this narrative seems to have the most corroborating evidence (what little we are deemed lucky enough to see). And, as you could tell, is the most descriptive. It's important to acknowledge that this description is in the scene processing report. To sum, it is the final product of all notes and data taken at the crime scene, as the scene is being processed. What we are reading, is the description of Adam Lanza's body as it was being seen by the investigator(s) at the crime scene. The processing report should be considered the most reliable description of the crime scene in it's entirety. And based on what we can see, that seems to be the case.  


First, his hat. A you can see below, there is a hole in the front/top portion of his hat. 

Tran 2 63.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #63

Walkley Scene photos 483.png

Walkley - scene photos #483

The bullet hole in the ceiling tile and the bullet fragment above room 8.

Walkley scene photos 622.png

Walkley - scene photos #622

Tran 2 212.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #212

Walkley scene photos 735.png

Walkley - scene photos #735

Walkley scene photos 736.png

Walkley - scene photos #736

There's also the trajectory analysis (in the scene processing report). 

Trajectory of suicide shot.png

With photos to corroborate. 

Walkley scene photos 636.png

Walkley - scene photos #636

Tran 2 226.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #226

Tran 2 223.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #223

And of course, the glock. 

Walkley Scene photos 374.png

Walkley - scene photos #374

Is that hair we see? Oh yeah it is! Unless they're suggesting that Adam had a very hairy mouth, this pretty much destroys the notion that he was shot intraorally now doesn't it? And yes, it was noted in the scene processing report. 

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.34 “This pistol had numerous attached hairs to the front sight area of the pistol. These hairs were consistent in color with that of the shooter’s hair.”

Is Detective Greenstein really that incompetent? How many other cases has he worked? How many other documents could he have screwed up on during his career? How many cases could he have potentially screwed up because of his incompetence? It was 5 months later, and all he was doing was writing down what he was reading in the M.E's report. 


Does that mean that it wasn't Greenstein's fault? Did the M.E's report really state intraoral?


I have a really hard time accepting this notion. H. Wayne Carver is a seasoned Medical Examiner. During his 30+ years, he performed hundreds of autopsies. He even became quite a star working on the 1986 murder of Helle Crafts. It was dubbed "The Wood Chipper Murder", due to the fact that her husband, Richard Crafts (a pilot and part time Newtown Police officer) had put her body through a wood chipper. He (along with others like the infamous Dr. Henry Lee) conducted an experiment by putting a frozen pig through a wood chipper. This experiment proved to be quite successful and Richard was prosecuted. Did I forget to mention that this was Connecticut's first murder without a body case? Regardless, this was such a notable moment for the forensic world that it was even covered in one of my forensic courses in college. 

I'd like to believe that a guy like this could discern the difference between intraoral and back of the head. 

(You can watch the Forensic Files episode of the Craft case below. In it, is footage from their experiment along with interviews with Lee and Carver). 

(Side note: Chief Michael Kehoe was a patrol officer at the time of this case). 

I'd like to point out that there has been speculation that this narrative suggests homicide, not suicide. Back of the head, fetal position? Now, I'd love to get more into detail about this, but I don't want to get off track here. But trust me, I definitely look forward to analyzing the forensics in this case in future articles.  

So what’s the conclusion? Well……. there isn’t one. And that’s the point. There can only be one truth. But what is that truth? Was he killed by arriving officers? If so, why would they cover it up? The cop would’ve been hailed a hero and given their own holiday. No one would’ve found fault in the officer that took down such a savage monster. If he was found in the hallway or room 8, why would they change the story? Does that mean they also moved his body too? Did he really encounter 2 officers in the school? Why would they cover that up? It seems innocent enough to me. There’d be no reason to lie. Was he killed by either Smith or Chapman in the hallway then? And what about cause of death? Seeing how we have a lot of evidence to back up the narrative that he was killed in the back of the head, it seems apparent that he did not kill himself intraorally. 

Perhaps it really does boil down to incompetent cop syndrome. If true, then what else did they get wrong in this investigation? Can we even trust it and it’s results at all? Until an investigation into their investigation happens, we will never truly know what really happened.




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Gun with hair one it:
Walkley - scene photos # 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 378
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Hat with hole in front (Exhibit #21):
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Hole in ceiling tile:
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Bullet over Rm 8:
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Trajectory analysis of Adam's suicide shot:
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Blood on wall that is possibly Adam's:
Walkley - scene photos # 665


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