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Beware All Sandy Hook Skeptics!

Initially, I wanted to devote this site strictly to the case. Analyzing the event, the response, the investigation and those within the story. I really didn't want to get too side tracked. 

However, I feel that this is really important. 

In October of 2018, I became another name listed among those affected in what I call the "The Great Purge". For several months prior to October, I noticed site after site after site getting taken down. Youtube channels taken down. Videos taken down. All of which were those who dared to question the official narratives of Sandy Hook. 

After seeing this happen to a few sites, that I considered very tamed and without political incorrectness get taken down, I began backing up my articles, videos and even my private notes. I'm glad I did this because on October 23rd, I received an email from wordpress stating that my site was taken down! Below is a screenshot of the email. 

Please note, I wanted to prove it was a real email, which is why I included the whole window. Unfortunately it becomes extremely small when I post it here, which is why I have also included a screenshot of the contents of the email. Which admittedly, is pretty small as well, but more legible. 

wordpress email.png
content of email.png

But that's not even the best part. The 2 photos in question weren't even published yet! 

At the time I received this email, I was working on an article that was still in rough draft. The 2 photos were the class photos from roomss 10 and 8. The same photos that were made VERY public and you can view on various mainstream news source or even personal blogs. I highly doubt they have all had authorized consent" to publish them... just saying. 

Anywho, here's a screenshot of the 2 photos. Note, because I didn't want this page taken down too, I have put big white circles over all their faces and whited out names. Yes, I included the adults. I'm not taking any chances here. 

class pics.png

For the sake of being thorough, here are the screenshots showing the dates they were created. Both were created on the 14th of October, which was the date I added them to the article. 

class photo created.png
soto class created.png

I highly doubt it had anything to do with the content of the article. 

It was regarding Lauren Rousseau, the substitute teacher in room 8 that we are told died that day. Now, I don't want to get into specifics here, since I'd rather reveal all of that later on when I re-write the article (I wasn't able to back that one up). But what I can say is that I was comparing the difference of quality between the 2 class photos. Soto's got what looks like a normal class photo, while Rousseau/D'Amato's class got... a blurry photo on the Katie Couric show. It's funny how the explanation for the complaint includes "identifying images" because the class photo was such bad quality that several news sources had cropped photos above the blurry faces in order to identify who was in it. Honestly, I've seen better quality in the screenshots displayed on my local police department's facebook page of shoplifters at walmart. Sorry wordpress.. for identifying blurs. 

Now, I'm pretty new to the whole blogging world. I had only created that account back in April and I've never blogged before. I am not aware of what wordpress has access to. So, I am not sure if they had access to rough drafts or not.


But I'm not sure that really matters here because the email states that they had received a report regarding published photos, suggesting that an outside source had made a complaint to wordpress. This is confusing because normally when someone makes a complaint on a site, they have to attach the URL of the the page in question and reference exactly what it is they are complaining about. But neither existed to the public yet. 

That's why I surmise that either an outside source had hacked my account, a source with some extra pull to steer away from needing a URL.. like say.... Mr. Lenny Pozner and perhaps his HONR Network or that I was already on wordpress's radar and they took the opportunity to take it down while serving me a bogus excuse. Either way, wordpress is culpable. 

What's worse, is that these are the actions of a guilty party that has something to hide. If I'm just some tinfoil hat wearing, psycho-drug needing, bat sh*t crazy whack job willing to believe anything, and there was nothing questionable about the Sandy Hook event, why take it down? Crazy people say crazy things all the time! Just prove me wrong and move the f**k on. 


Same logic applies to the whole skeptical research community.  Why aren't they more concerned with proving us wrong rather than shutting us up? Not only is it the most logical response, but would prove to be the most fruitful. Not only are their actions only serving to make our arguments appear more credible (causing more and more people to question the events too) but it also makes some of us even louder. Including me. I'm more determined than ever to share my research with the world. To crack this case and solve it. Who's with me? 

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