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Sometime around 9:35 am on December 14, 2012, a 20 year old, Adam Peter Lanza drives up to the front of Sandy Hook Elementary School in his 2010 Black Honda Civic that was given to him by his father just 2 years earlier and parks in the no parking zone, just right of the front entrance. 

tranq 1 346.png

Tranquillo - Back-up photos 1 #346

He gets out and gears up. Grabbing a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle, Glock 20, 10 mm, semiautomatic pistol, Sig Sauer P226, 9 mm, semiautomatic pistol and for some unknown reason, he leaves behind a Izhmash Saiga-12 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun. (left photo: Tranquillo – Back-scene photos 1 #325 . Right photo: Meehan - parking lot photos #37 ).  

tranq 1 325.png
meehan parking lot 37.png

He’s 6” tall and 112 lbs. With a photoshopped narrow jaw and buldging eyes, he puts on his pale green Eddie Bauer utility vest, loaded with  30 lbs of ammunition. With the obviously sagging vest and his adamweak frail body carrying around all this weight, he walks up to the main entrance. “Hm.. doors are locked. F**k! What am I going to do now?.. Looks like I’m gonna have to shoot my way in.” He goes to the right of the front entrance and begins to shoot at the window, making a large hole. With glass on the pavement, he walks right on top of it and he sneaks through the hole. With even more glass crunching beneath his feet as he gains entry into the lobby area, eddieAdam continues to soldier on. (note: the photo of a vest on the right is a photo I got from an ebay auction via a google search. It is NOT from the Sandy Hook case, nor am I claiming that it is. It is a bit different than the one described as being the vest he wore, but was the closest I could find online. Unfortunately all photos of the vest have been redacted. And yes, his ID photo really is that blotchy). 


The purpose of this post is not to discuss those things that have been brought up so many times before. Like Adam’s demeanor, the car, the vest or even how he got in. What I want to focus on, is the glass. 

Below is the description of the window and the hole he created. 

hole in window.png

CFS 1200704596 00118939 p.17

Here are a few photos of that hole. 

farr scene photos 103.png

Farr - scene photos #103

walkley 42.png

Walkley - scene photos #42


zoom from photo above


zoom from Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #29


zoom from Farr –  scene photos #103

Please keep in mind that many officers traipsed through the glass.  Several officers even went through the hole to get inside. This would’ve effectively altered the scene. Causing the glass to become more spread out. Which is exactly my point.

The glass would’ve been more concentrated near the window inside and out after the window was shot out. Making the chances of Adam stepping on it more likely. 


Walkley – shooter’s clothing #62


Walkley – shooter’s clothing #70

No glass! What are the chances? Just in case you think I’m making this up, this is from the report regarding the processing of Adam’s clothing. 

shoe description.png

CFS 1200704597 00122048 p.6 -7

Adam’s shoes were definitely worn out. Leaving lots of cracks and places for glass to hide. And we got zilch. Sure, maybe there are microscopic pieces that cannot be seen with the naked eye based on these close ups. And maybe it’s possible that he didn’t collect glass under his shoes, or they shed as he walked around (since there is no documentation of glass being there, or even on his clothes or in his hair… ). But maybe it’s not. But I think it’s an angle that we should all explore. 


Here are some links to begin your journey.. 

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Indiana State Police Lab. Devision Physical Evidence Bulletin: GLASS

A Simplified Guide To Trace Evidence

The Statistical Interpretation of Glass Forensic Evidence

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