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Disclaimer: In this article I will be bringing up the topic of juvenile survivors. Please know that I have no intention to exploit them in any way, nor are there any nefarious intentions. Whether we like it or not, this story took place in an Elementary School. So sometimes the topic of juvenile witnesses/survivors will come up. If the families of these survivors would like me to delete the mention of their children from my article, please contact me and I will do so immediately.

I will also be discussing the teacher in Room 12, Kaitlin Roig-Debellis. I have no intention to defame her in any way. The purpose of this article is to examine the evidence and narratives regarding the events that day relative to Room 12 and it's occupants. 

If anyone is offended by this inquiry, please feel free to leave. 

Over the course of my research, I have come to find that there are many topics that are taboo. Room 12 is certainly one of them. It is hard to bring it up without being associated with various conspiracy theories, like Kaitlin Roig-Debellis being a man or her being a crisis actor or certain aspects of it's story such as 15 students and a teacher being crammed in a tiny bathroom that many believe was impossible and made up. Usually, the second you bring up Room 12, it falls on deaf ears. Since you are immediately associated with those things, they feel like they've already heard everything you're about to say. 

But I believe.... that's the point. In the end, no one wants to hear it, and no one wants to speak it. We researchers  get scared to bring it up because we fear being associated with nonsense which would only serve to discredit us. The final result is people either too busy running around in circles arguing about the various propaganda to discuss the real anomalies, or not discussing it at all.

However, this topic really needs to be discussed. So fuck it. Let's discuss it anyways. We're already branded as tinfoil hat wearing weirdos just for questioning the official story right? So who cares. 

First, a quick overview so we can get straight to the point. 

Official story goes like this. 

At 9:35 Adam Lanza shot out the large glass window next to the main entrance of the school in order to gain entry into the building.


Upon hearing the noise, teacher Kaitlin Roig-Debellis; who's room (Room 12) was in the north hall and the first classroom on the left if coming from the lobby ; was able to close the classroom door, turn off the lights and scurry her 15 first graders (and herself) into the classroom's bathroom.

Farr scene photos 103.png

Farr - scene photos #103

Meanwhile, Principal Dawn Hochsprung, psychologist Mary Sherlach and Lead Teacher Natalie Hammond (who were all in a PPT meeting in the Conference room which was in Room 9, also in the north hall) left to inspect the noise. Hochsprung and Sherlach were killed and Hammond was wounded. At the same time this all happened, Deborah Pisani (an aide) at the end of the hall in Room 1 had also come out of her room and was struck in the foot. She was able to retreat back into her classroom. 


Adam then went into the main office where the Secretary Barbara Halstead and nurse Sally Cox were hiding.


Meanwhile, after noticing he had left, Hammond was able to crawl back into the conference room.


After seeing no one in the main office, Adam left and proceeded down the north hall. 

We are told that he didn't enter Room 12. It is believed that it was because there was still construction paper covering the classroom's door (which was leftover from a drill the school had previously done). You can see her door in the photo on the right. Her door is on the left with a poster on the door and paper in the window. The second door down on the right, with the opened door, is Room 9/Conference Room where the PPT meeting was being held. The blood just in front of the door is said to be Natalie Hammond's). 

Tranq 1 57.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #57

He instead went into Rooms 10 and 8 (it is unknown which one he went into first). 14 students and 2 teachers were killed in Room 8. 1 student died en route to the hospital and 1 student survived without injury. In Room 10, 4 students and 2 teachers were killed. 1 student died en route to the hospital. There was 2 survivors found unharmed and 9 students were able to flee the school (possibly while Adam was reloading). 4 retreated to a nearby home and the other 5 were picked up by a student's mother, who was driving by and saw them running, and brought to the Police Station. In total, there was 12 survivors. Adam killed himself within Room 10 just after police arrived.


Below is a basic layout of the school. I have put an "X" where the window is that he shot out and circled all appropriate rooms (including Room 1). 

(Please take special note of Room 12's location, it is crucially important). 

his path.png

Sounds simple enough right? But it's really not. There seems to be a never ending list of discrepancies and anomalies that conflict with this entire story. And Room 12 certainly isn't exempted.. as you will see.


Since I have already covered this topic (here), I'm not gonna go into great detail. 

Like I said above. 2 died in the hall, nearest to the main lobby and the rest were in rooms 10 and 8. 


But..... as you can see below, there were several search warrants that stated that there was deceased found in the first 3 classrooms. 

warrants first 3.png

Here is a list of the warrants you can find this narrative in. 


  • CFS 1200705354 Sec. 2 pg. 4,16, 27

  • CFS 1200704597 00063167 p.

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00263454 p. 54

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00194593 p.5

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00194599 p.5

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00194603 p.5

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00259526 p.3

  • CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00259526 p.3

Yes, they also state that he was a teenager (not 20) and wearing a bulletproof vest (not a utility vest). But that's not important right now. What is important is the deceased in the first 3 classrooms. 

To me, this is mind boggling. We're not talking about some police statement from an officer that got confused. We're not talking about a news article where the journalist misinterpreted what was being relayed. These are search warrants. Those things are supposed to be as factual and precise as possible. So it's bad enough that they got the age and attire wrong, but they have now added a third classroom to the crime scene! 

We know that they're not trying to include Room 9. First, there were no deceased in there. Only 1 injured. And it states that the suspect was found in the middle room. Not "one of these rooms" so clearly they mean Rooms 12 (Roig-Debellis's room), 10 and 8.


So did they lie on the warrants? If so, that's fruit of the poisonous tree and makes everything seized with those warrants illegal. I find it hard to believe that they'd lie about such a thing especially given the case. Not only is it a high profile, make or break a career kind of case, but it involves over 2 dozen people, 20 of them children. And for what reason would they want to lie about that? What could that possibly serve? Besides losing evidence and your job..... To me, it makes 0 sense that anyone would lie about that.

On the other hand, maybe they were given bad information, therefore covered under the Good Faith Exclusionary Rule, meaning, they wrote it in good faith. But if that's the case, who told them such a narrative? How did that even begin if it's 100% wrong? We're told that nothing happened in that room. So how does it make sense that anyone would think otherwise? 


If this was the only suggestion that something may have happened in or connected to Room 12, then it could be easier to just shrug it off and walk away. But it's not.


As you would imagine, the school (both - the school that the shooting happened in and the school they moved to temporarily after the shooting) and their budgets were discussed greatly by the Board of Education in the following months. 

But one thing really caught my eye. 

3 classrooms furniture.png

When I first stumbled upon this, I immediately began to rationalize it in a way that could still support the official narrative. 

I first thought.. "maybe it's just bad wording". But the more I read that sentence, the less I believe in the validity of this idea. 

Room 1 was immediately ruled out. Even though Pisani had been struck in the foot, Room 1 was never mentioned in the scene processing report (CFS 1200704597 00118939). This means there was nothing to process. Not a bloodied carpet.. not bloodied furniture. Nothing. 

The only other room effected by the shooting was Room 9 (conference room). And the only furniture in there that had any blood on it was a rolling office chair.


After retreating back into the room, Hammond sat on the floor near the doorway and held the door shut. Unfortunately they were unable to lock the door and the door swung outward into the hall which prevented them from being able to barricade it. 

She remained there until police arrived, while bleeding on the carpet. As you can see in the photos below, there is only blood on the carpet near the door. Nowhere else. 

Tranq 2   961.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #961

Tranq 1    62.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #62

When the police did arrive, Sgt. William Cario had treated her. He bandaged her up and brought her out of the building in a rolling office chair (the chair in the photo below). 

Tranq 1 - 2.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #2

You can read Sgt. Cario's statement in CFS 1200704559 Book 6  00026724. (The chair was also mentioned in the scene processing report - CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 23). 

However, I'm not entirely convinced that they were talking about this chair. After all, they didn't state "2 classrooms and other furniture".. they clearly stated 3 classrooms of furniture. If we are to take it at face value, it would seem to imply that it's 3 classrooms worth of furniture. And seeing how this meeting is just over 2 months after the shooting and they had already began the process of filing with their insurance company for damages, it seems reasonable to expect that they would know what they were talking about.

But these are just people removed from the situation. What about the guys who were there that day? What do some of them have to say? Are there any suggestions that Room 12 was effected in some way?

Why yes. Yes there is.


Here's an interesting statement from TRP Anthony Cipriano. 

CFS 1200704559  Book 6  00027950 p. 1-2 "Once we cleared the east corridor hallway, Officer Ramirez and I returned to the first two classrooms where we observed the deceased victims to check the victims." 

I suppose that someone could argue that he was talking about Room 10 and 8, that it was just bad wording on his part and I'm just being picky. But when you combine it with everything else, it stops looking like "just a mistake of bad wording". 

TFC Paul Lukienchuk's statement is a bit harder to ignore....

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00029085 p. 5-6  "I then entered the two classrooms that were closest to the front door of the school. Sgt. Kullgren, CSP Sgt. O'Donnell (not sure about the name) and other state troopers were in these classrooms. In these classrooms, there were approximately 20 dead 6 or 7 year old children and adults. [long - redacted]. There was also a lot of blood everywhere. There were also a large number of shell casings on the ground in the classrooms, of mixed make and caliber. One of the State Troopers in the classrooms pointed to a young male, who was dead on the ground, and told me that this was the shooter. I observed a black handgun in his front left hand pants pocket and a Glock automatic pistol on the ground next to the shooter. The Glock's slide was partially retracted, as if it had jammed. In the far end of the classroom that the shooter was in, there was a AR15 assault rifle on the ground. The AR15 was manufactured by Bushmaster. I also observed two 30 round magazines for an AR15, that were taped together. In my training and experience, people attach magazines in this fashion in order to expedite weapon reloading. I then assisted CSP Sgt. O'Donnell in reading the serial number from the firearms at the scene.                              

In the other classroom, I observed a young boy, probably 6 or 7 years old, that was dead and lying face up on the ground inside the classroom near the door. The young boy appeared to have a gunshot wound to his chest. Inside the classroom there was, literally, a pile of bodies near a closet. The bodies were that of 6 or 7 year old boys and girls. I also observed a few dead adult bodies that appeared to be huddled over the bodies of dead students. I also observed several young boys and girls with multiple different types of gunshot wounds. 

Right off the bat.. "2 classrooms that were closest to the front door of the school." Well, that'd be Rooms 12 and 10. Not 10 and 8. 

But he is describing Rooms 10 and 8. Well... kind of. 

The first room he is talking about would be Room 10. The second would be room 8. However, it was the bathroom, not a closet. It appeared that the students were in the middle of trying to rush into the bathroom when Lanza had come into the room. 

So far, we just have some discrepancies and anomalies that could be loosely interpreted due to their vagueness. But what if I said I had proof that law enforcement were truly concerned about Room 12 that day?


This is something else I have already covered (here). 

This one's more cut and dry. No interpretation needed. And well documented. 

At 12:30 pm, law enforcement was tasked with retrieving a directory/list of students and faculty assigned to the school in order to determine who was accounted for and who wasn’t. Copies of the lists were then given to Sgt. Davison of the Western District Major Crimes (WDMC) Unit. 

And just after 1, they began requesting photos and records for the first 3 classrooms (Rooms 12, 10 and 8). They enlisted the help from Joann Didonato, the school's other secretary who had called out that day

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019772 p. 3 “at approximately 1230 hours, Major Hyatt directed me to work with [redacted] (dob[redacted]) to assist with obtaining school directories/list of staff and students assigned to the school. [redacted] at the school and deemed the main point of contact for the school in the absence of the victimized school administrators. I met with [redacted] and escorted her to the scene in order to retrieve the aforementioned lists then escorted her back to the command Post. Upon return to the command post, [redacted] immediately met with the school staff and utilized the lists to determine the accountability of staff and students. This action assisted in determining the identity of the lost/deceased victims. A copy of these lists were provided to Sergeant Davison.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00006246 p. 1 “I was assigned by Sgt. Davison to identify all staff members who were present during the Sandy Hook shooting. Within the Fire Department (Command Post) a staff member had provided a sheet for all staff members to sign, which I obtained a copy of.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00156788  "On December 14, 2012, at approximately 12:30pm, my husband drove me to the center of Sandy Hook. A this point, I walked to the Firehouse because of the traffic. Here, I briefly spoke with Superintendent Robinson, of which I don’t remember the content of the conversation. At approximately 1:15 pm a State Trooper approached me, unknown name – late 50’s early 60’s, balding, dark hair on side, approximately 5’5”, and asked if I would accompany him within the school to help with the investigation. Once I was inside the school, The Trooper asked if I had pictures for the students and teachers of Roig, Soto and D’Amato’s classrooms. I replied that I had access to pictures which were retained on a CD disk within my desk. I obtained the CD and used the Principal’s office because she had a color printer. I printed out the pictures of the teachers and students within the mentioned three classrooms. At this point, an officer approached me, unknown name – young, athletic, slender, 5’9” or 5’10” dressed in a suit, and he was assisting me in looking at the pictures and writing their names down on a piece of paper. I wanted to make sure that I had the names with the pictures right so the Officer requested that I pull the student’s cumulative files. Once I was confident the names to pictures were complete, the officer kept the cumulative files and I believe they were taken to Litchfield. A short time later, copies of the cumulative files were made by Litchfield Officers and delivered to Sandy Hook School employee’s at the Chalk Hill.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00029067 p. 4-5 “I assisted LT Jagoda who was working on the attendance for the school and lists of students per classroom. Ultimately, [redacted] was escorted to the main office by Sgt. Salmeri where I assisted her in printing out class photos for three classrooms, Roig, [redacted] and Soto. [redacted] attempted to provide the names of each student on a separate piece of paper. [redacted] directed me to the student files cabinet and I pulled the same three classrooms to verify the names and faces of each student [redacted] was identifying. This information was placed in a box and I provided it to the major crime van to assist them in identifying the victims.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019772 p. 3 also mentions the need for photos in identifying victims, but no rooms or names are brought up. She was asked at about 1:15 but it wasn’t until 1:25 Sgt. Salmeri got the call.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019772 p.3 “On 12/14/13, at approximately 1325 hours, I received a cell phone call from Sergeant Michael O’Donnell #272, who was still at the main scene. Sergeant O’Donnell advised that there was a need to obtain photographs of the missing children to aid with the identification of the deceased children and staff. Sergeant O’Donnell advised that these photographs were believed to be on a computer drive in the main office of the school. [redacted] indicated that the school [redacted] was available and in route to assist with obtaining photographs. Upon arrival of [redacted] at the command post, I escorted her to the scene to retrieve photographs. [redacted] assisted by Lieutenant Perry and Lieutenant Michael Jagoda #044 secured color photographs of the missing children and staff to assist with the investigation.” 

Yes, he stated 2013. But I'm not going to make a big deal over it. 

Point is, we have corroborating testimonies stating that they were requesting photos, etc from the first 3 classrooms. 

But what's better than statements? Actual documentation that they were seized as evidence!


CFS 1200704597 00101811 p. 2

And indeed it does state that it was given to Detective Sliby from the WDMC at 2:00 confirming the time frame. 

(Note: the redacted name is Amanda D'Amato, who was the teacher Lauren Rousseau was subbing for that day in Room 8). 

This irrefutably proves that they were looking for Room 12 records. But why? 


As far as her students are concerned... we're told that there was 15 students in class that day. In her book (Choosing Hope: How I Moved Forward from Life's Darkest Hour) she states that before the shooting, she had already done attendance for her class and acknowledged that there was 1 student missing. He was out skiing with his family. Meaning, the student was accounted for. Below is an excerpt from her book.


And indeed, he was already accounted for by the school. The photo below is from the absentee/late list. In the box is where the student in question was listed. I have no idea what OTH means... maybe other? Since his reason wasn't sick, appointment or something else that's pretty common, maybe they classified it as "other". Either way, I have also circled the reasons from other students to demonstrate that this was the absentee/late list. First word says "ever". I'm guessing that means "fever". The next says "ate". Pretty sure that means "late" and the next 2 clearly says "sick" and the last one clearly states "no reason".

absentee accounted for.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p. 9

And for Roig-Debellis, she was accounted for as well. below is from the faculty sign in sheet.

sign in.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p. 2

I have zoomed in a bit so you can see it better. 

closer look.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p.2

Her name is just above Vicki Soto. It's partially covered by the redaction block. You can see the letter "K" written next to her name (I have no idea what the rest is). On the left, it reads "Covello" with a check mark. Covello would stand for Jeffrey Covello from the WDMC. I interpret this as Covello checking off her name and initialing it. 

And below, are some handwritten notes. As you can see, Roig-Debellis was NOT considered missing (note: at the time, she was just engaged so she went by just Roig, not Roig-Debellis). 

accounted for.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p. 6

We also have the faculty sign out sheet. She left the premises at 1:25, which was the same time Sgt. Salmeri was informed that they were requesting records from rooms 12, 10 and 8. 

when she left.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p. 3

On page 95 of her book, Roig-Debellis begins to explain her experience at the firehouse where the school was escorted to after the evacuation. Instead of summarizing it, I think it's best you read her own words. (Below is from pages 95 - 98). 

96   1.png
96   2.png
97   1.png
97   2.png

According to her, when they arrived at the firehouse, they were sequestered to a holding area and then brought to a different room where all the students lined up by grade and class and waited to be "claimed". This means that the class was accounted for by law enforcement (Sgt. Aiken's statement in CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00012879 corroborates that this was how they conducted a head count at the firehouse). 

Based on Sgt. Bahamonde's dash cam, her class was seen being escorted out of the school at 10:25:04.

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079319 p.3.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079319 p.3

The firehouse is just at the end of the school's private drive so I don't think it'd take that long to get there. It would've only taken a few minutes. 

The amount of time it took for them to do a head count at the firehouse isn't so easy to estimate however, but it appears that it was done by around 10:50 (you'll see why in a little bit). This is just over an hour and a half before Secretary Joanne Didonato even reached the scene. Meaning, Roig-Debellis and her class was already accounted for by law enforcement before they began requesting records from her class to help identify victims. 

To recap, Roig-Debellis did attendance just before the shooting began. All but 1 student was present. That student however, was already accounted for as a known tardy, since they were on a skiing trip. This was acknowledged with the main office as well. Roig-Debellis was accounted for, by the sign in sheet at the main office. The entire class was then sequestrated and accounted for by law enforcement after evacuating the school. Meaning, EVERYONE from Room 12 was accounted for. Yet they were looking for photos and records to help identify victims? This makes absolutely no sense. 


Unless this is just the cleaned up version of what it was really like at the firehouse. Maybe it was a bit more chaotic than she's letting on, leaving room for the possibility that not everyone was accounted for. Either way, they were all accounted for by her. I'm sure Law Enforcement would've asked her about any student that wasn't standing with her and she would've told them that they were with her at least up until they got to the firehouse. So they would've been just considered unaccounted for, not a victim in the school needing to be identified. 

The next logical question is, was there supposed to be someone else with her, like an aide/assistant? Some kind of specialist? 

As it turns out, yes. Even though we're not being told that she had an aide (despite nearly every classroom in that school had an aide it seems), there was a reading specialist scheduled to be there at 9:45. (Below is from page 83 in her book). 

reading specialist.png

Unfortunately I haven't been successful in finding the specialist's interview (if the person gave one). There are a few interviews that are possibilities, but there's not enough information within them to tell. I'll list them at the bottom of the article. Perhaps someone out there can help figure out if any of them belong to this person. 

Regardless, I personally do not believe that it'd be the specialist they were looking for. They were specifically looking for records and photos pertaining to Room 12. To me, this would imply a student, the main teacher (Roig-Debellis) or an assistant that was assigned to the classroom. Specialists usually go where they''re needed, just like her book implies ("and spend an hour or so"). They'd be more interested in the main office sign in log or contacting her superiors or family members. Contacting her by phone even. But not class specific records. 

So we're right back where we started. Knowing that they were looking for records for Room 12, yet having 0 reasons to do so. 

On the bright side, the excerpt above revealed something pretty huge.  She's not acknowledging the search for her cellphone. 


According to her narrative, after she was evacuated to the firehouse, she realized her phone was inside the school and used other people's phones to attempt calling her fiance and mother. She claims that she stayed at the firehouse until her mother picked her up. That's it. 

However, part of that is simply false. 

The truth is, at some point before noon, she began worrying that a second shooter had stolen her phone!!!!! She then informed law enforcement. Because there was still concerns that there might have been at least 1 other suspect, they immediately began looking for her phone.


In my opinion, this is one of the most well documented aspects of that entire day. Which is why I am so flabbergasted that I can't find 1 single news article about it and that she is now claiming that she knew it was inside her room the whole time! 


But the following statements completely debunk that.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00007591 pg.3 "I then exited the school and reported to the Dickinson St. Fire Department, where the command post was being set up. As I parked, I observed TFC Bell charging his long gun. He stated that one of the teacher's phones was missing and a "ping" indicated it was within walking distance. I joined the search team for a second shooter where we walked down Dickinson St. and then southwest on Riverside Rd. The first building was a business establishment in which I set a perimeter to the rear of the building. A search team went inside and subsequently it was cleared. We then proceded to a residence which was west of the aforementioned business. Myself and another Officer secured the rear of the residence. I knocked on the door and received no answer. I checked the door and it was unlocked. I opened the door and yelled out "Police Department". A feemale voice answered that she would be coming out of the residence through the front door.  then heard law enforcement inside the house conducting a search. After the search was complete it ws deemed safe. No second shooter was located." 

CFS 1200704559  Book 6  00011399  p.2 "While outside the school in the parking lot, I was then assigned by Msgt. Davis to go with a team to search a building, I believe was a glass company, down from the school due to the fact that they had pinged a cell phone and it was coming back to that location. Several people including TFC Bennechi, TFC Cournoyer, TPR Vayan and Msgt. Gelvien responded to the buildings. We searched the building, as well as the surrounding area with negative results." 

CFS 1200704559  Book 6  00017426 p.3 "I was later approached by MSgt. Gelvin and asked to join a team to conduct a search of a nearby glass company in an effort to locate a missing cell phone. Our team searched the building and adjacent abandoned trailer. We returned to the parking lot of the school and assisted in various tasks."

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019903 p.3  "I went back to the parking lot. There I met with the members of the State Police who had been inside the elementary school. Msgt. Gelvin #094, came up to us and stated that they had information that the shooter may have gone to Apex Glass, which was located down the street. A team was assembled and we went to this business. We searched the exterior and interior of this building with negative results." 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00030931 p.2  "At one point there was a report that one of the teacher's cell phones was missing and was reported to be located at a nearby glass company. I advised Newtown Officers to join Troopers in conducting a search of the glass company in order to locate the cell phone."

CFS 1200704559  Book 6 00093048 p.2  "We were then advised my M/Sgt. Gelven that a cell phone had been pinged and it came back to a glass company just at the end of the school driveway. M/Sgt. Gelven led a group of us to the glass company and the nearby residence. Both places were searched with negative results." 

CFS 1200704559  Book 6 00251204 p.2  "Master Sergeant Mark Gevin was looking for assistance in clearing a nearby building (I believe it was Apex Glass). He stated a teacher's cell phone was taken by a shooter and it was being pinged in the building. I went to this building with Msgt. Gelvin, numerous other troopers and FBI SA Bill Aldenberg (who joined our group to assist in the clearing of the building). We walked down Dickinson Street and then southwest on Riverside Road. Once at the building to be searched, I remained outside securing a secondary door with Det. Brian Marino. When that building was cleared with no phone or shooter found, a decision was made to clear a residence directly to the right (facing the building from the road) of the building that was just cleared. I entered this residence with at least Sgt. Thomas Bennett and Detective Marino."

Here is some footage of them conducting their search. 

In the video below, you can see them searching at 0:11, 0:29 and 3:10. You can even see the search team walking down Riverside Rd. to Apex Glass at 0:46. 

As you can see below, there was a total of 3 attempts to ping her phone. 2 were successful, 1 was not. 

3 attempts.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00257980 p. 1

There are 2 things that need to be addressed here. One is the location of the pings and the other is the time of the pings (along with the attempted third ping). Right now, let's just focus on the times. 

Like I said before, there was a concern from law enforcement that there might've been at least 1 other suspect and at large. We're told that it was due to a few reasons.

1. There was 2 hoodies found on the ground next to the car. 2. A report of seeing 2 shadows running past the gym during a 911 call (the shadows turned out to be a couple of 4th grade teachers that fled from the conference room's window in Room 20). 3. A shotgun that was found in/near the car. 4. Shell casing that were found outside and 5. Reports that the gunfire sounded like it was outside (which was due to the windows in Room 10 being open). You can read about this in the State Attorney's Final Report.


Meehan - parking lot photos #18

I'm sure other things also played a factor. Like multiple car doors were found open, the fact that 2 classrooms were effected, the number of victims found and the statement from Natalie Hammond that the suspect was wearing a mask and Adam not being found wearing one (I will list the statements regarding her mask narrative below).

One thing we do know for sure though, is that they believed that the second suspect, was Adam's brother, Ryan.


Although I have already covered Ryan in "When 2 Becomes 1", I feel that it's important to not skimp on some details here so forgive me for the redundancy. I also apologize if it appears that I'm all over the place. There are 3 active scenes that are important in this part of the story. The school, Adam's house and New Jersey (where Ryan lived). But because they were active at the same time and I'm focusing on the timeline, it's necessary. 

I estimate that they discovered Roig-Debellis and her students around 10:15 (based on Bahamonde's dash cam that was discussed above, showing that her class was seen outside being escorted out at 10:25.). Among this team was Officers Chapman, Vanghele, Sgt. Cario, TFC Bell, TRP Katrenya, TFC Faughnan, TRP Poach, TFC Cournoyer, TFC Lukienchuk, Lt. (M/Sgt) Davis and others. (note: At some point around the time of the shooting, Davis was promoted to Lt. which is why so many reports refer to him as one or the other. I believe there are even reports labeling him as Lt. (M/sgt.) which is what I will be referring to him as in this article. Refer to CFS 1200704559 Book 00007290 and CFS 1200Book 6 00025074 p. 1). 

The story of her rescue is a bit conflicting. There are statements that say that they slid a badge under the door to show her they were law enforcement and she opened the door herself, while others (including Roig-Debellis) State that the badge wasn't enough and she demanded that they get a key and unlock it themselves (to prove they were really cops), which they did. Either way, it took a few minutes before she and her students were led out. (I will list the police statements at the bottom of the article).  

I speculate that it's possible Roig-Debellis had mentioned her cellphone to police at this time. 

In one of her statements she says that she heard a break in the gunfire and she left the bathroom to grab her phone but couldn't find it. She then retreated back to the bathroom. 

break in shooting - phone.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00091247 p. 3

I speculate that she would've tried to see if she could spot her phone anywhere before being led out of her classroom. When she noticed that she still couldn't find it, she would've alerted the officers she was with (like Lt. Davis).

At 10:21:08 Lt. (M/Sgt) Davis announced the concern for a second shooter. 

Davis calls out the plate.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00156882 p. 24

That was just roughly 4 minutes before being escorted out of the building. 

At 10:35, they ran the plate on Adam's car, which was registered under his mother's name, Nancy. They got the name and address at 10:36.

finally the name lanza.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00179629 p. 11

It was submitted into their CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) at 10:39.

Car in CAD.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00259480 p. 14

It would've been around this time they would've began running Nancy's name for criminal history, family and any known associates. Obviously Adam and Ryan's name would've popped up. 

At about this time, Lt. Vanghele (Newtown) met up with SRO (School Resource Officer) Jason Flynn and asked him to view the deceased male in the school, in an attempt to ID him. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00002060 p.6 "I then attempted to locate SRO Jason Flynn and have him report to my location. I wanted SRO Flynn to look at the suspect's face to see if he might be able to make a positive identification. My belief was that the suspect might have attended Newtown High School where SRO Flynn had been assigned for the last five years. When SRO Flynn arrived on scene I led him inside the school and to the body of the suspect. Officer Flynn looked closely at the suspect but could not identify him. I then led Officer Flynn outside the building. The last name of the owner of the vehicle came back as "Lanza" of 36 Yogananda Lane. I gave this name to Officer Flynn but he did not know the name. Officer Flynn stated that he would attempt to access the Newtown High School student database in an attempt to identify the individual and any possible associates."

CFS 1200704559 Book 00028277 p.2 "I responded to Sandy Hook Elementary School and I met with Lt. Vanghele. I do not recall the time that I arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Lt. Vanghele informed me the vehicle that was parked near the entrance to the school was believed to be the suspect's. I observed that vehicle which was a newer model Honda Civic. I oberserved the passenger side front and passenger side rear doors were both open. I also observed there were two black jackets or sweaters on the ground a short distance away from the vehicle. Lt. Vanghele informed me that the vehicle was registered to a person with the last name Lanza. I did not recognize the last name. Lt. Vanghele then asked if I would enter the scene to try and possibly identify the suspect. We then entered the school through the main entrance. We then went left down the hallway where I observed to deceased bodies. We then entered the classroom where the suspect was. I observed the suspect deceased. The suspect laying faced down and slightly to his right side so most of his face was visible. I observed the suspect had an apparent gunshot wound to his head. I did not recognize the suspect. I then exited the school the same way I entered. I then checked the schools student database for the last name Lanza. There were no current students in the database with the last name Lanza."

Their timelines are a bit off. Flynn states that they got the name "Lanza" before entering the school, while Vanghele says the got the name after. I'm more inclined to believe that they got the name beforehand, but I could be wrong. 

Even though Adam didn't have an ID on him (his or his brother's, a topic I discussed in "When 2 Become 1") they would've still had access to their DMV photos. It's completely bonkers to think otherwise. And as you can see below, Adam and Ryan were pretty distinguishable. (Adam on the left, Ryan on the right).

Adam photo.png
Ryan photo 2 cropped.png

There's no doubt in my mind that they would've been able to ID the deceased suspect inside the school as being Adam. So if Ryan was a suspect at that time, he'd be considered the suspect at large. 

At 10:51, a team was formed to respond to Nancy's house (where Adam also lived). 

responding final.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p. 26 - 27 / CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00179629 p. 13

Now, remember earlier when I said that I speculated Roig-Debellis was done being accounted for at the firehouse by 10:50? Here's why.


At 10:56:47, Newtown Dispatcher Robert Nute, received a Wireless 911 Emergency Information Request Form from her cellphone company (Sprint). This implies they were in contact with them just before they received it. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00257980 p. 

Nute request.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2  00257980 p.6

Again, this is just speculation. But it would seem, that she wouldn't have had the chance to start alerting law enforcement until after she was done being accounted for inside the firehouse. They also make it sound as if they immediately responded the second she told them. So if Nute received this form at 10:56, she would've had to of been done by this time. Add time to alert law enforcement and the time needed for the request to be made, we're looking at no later than 10:50ish. However, I could be wrong. She could've alerted them before being finished. 

Meanwhile.... the team tasked with going to Lanza's house got there at 11:01:58. 

at yogananda.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p. 28 / CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00179629 p. 15

This next part may or may not be relevant, but because we can't be too sure, I wanted to add it just in case. 

At 11:04, Officer Greco advised Sgt. Kullgren that they had obtained a description of the suspect from interviews given by the 5 students that fled Soto's class that was brought to the police station. Greco was informed to contact Kullgren by phone.

Sotos 5 FINAL.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p. 28 - 29

While we don't have record of this call, we at least have the statements from these students. Check out their descriptions. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00030129 “Then a man dressed in green and beige ‘Army’ clothes came into her classroom, didn’t say anything and ‘began shooting random people like [redacted] with his rifle."

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 000180063 “[redacted] described the man as tall and skinny  with light skin and a light brown beard that was short. He stated that he was wearing a green army style hat with straps, a green shirt and camouflage pants. [redacted] described the man’s gun as a ‘long bazooka style gun’. "

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00198959 “ [redacted] said the shooter was dressed in ‘army clothes’ and was firing a ‘bazooka’. He thought the shooter had dark skin and a beard."

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00198970 “ He recalled the intercom being on in the school and then he saw a white man with all green clothing and a green hat, with black boots, walk into his classroom carrying a gun."

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00256448 “He was wearing a brown or camo shirt, brown pants, a hat that was like a sombrero but small that was also brown. He goes on to state that the man had a bazooka that was black, brown or camo. He was also wearing sunglasses.”

4 out of 5 stated that he was wearing military-like clothing. 3 of them stated that it was green. 2 said he had facial hair (a beard). 

We're told Adam was wearing all black except an olive green utility vest. A vest we've never seen and was originally stated as being a bulletproof/tactical vest (like in the search warrants I mentioned earlier in this article) and no facial hair. Only 1 of those students came remotely close to this description but they also stated he was wearing sunglasses, which he wasn't (I covered this in "Finding Adam's Sunglasses").

If he really was wearing an olive green utility vest, I suppose this could be where the green narrative came from. But what about the  facial hair? Regardless, because we can't be too sure of anything here, I think it's worth putting these descriptions on the back burner... just in case. Cause maybe they were describing a second suspect after all. 

At the time, Ryan was living in Hoboken, New Jersey with 2 roommates. And their CAD shows that they were informed about Ryan as being a suspect at 11:14.

Hoboken 1114 CAD.png

 CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00188555 p. 3

To me, this proves that the officers at the school had obtained Ryan's DMV information. But it sure begs the question, if they already knew the dead guy in the school was Adam, why were they telling Hoboken Police that Ryan was the one dead?

Ryan dead.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p. 16

At any rate, what's important right now is the timeline and that Ryan was being named a suspect.

Even though 11:14 marks the first documented mention of Ryan in New Jersey, it wasn't until 11:21 in Connecticut. This was the time one of the members that went to the house had interviewed a neighbor. 

cad ryan at yogananda.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2  00250882 p. 17

Of course, it was Adam living at home not Ryan, and Peter was actually living in Stamford at the time, not Greenwich. However, the phone number was correct. It was the landline for the house (this can be proven in CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00095746). 

And almost out of nowhere, at 11:30, TFC Michael Fitzsimons is assigned with trying to locate Ryan's roommates phones. 

1130 find roommates phones.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00003344 p. 1

Throws you off a bit doesn't it? I mean, it's totally logical to try to locate a mass murderers roommates, especially if you think they're possible accomplices. But wouldn't you also be concerned with locating your mass murderer too? I have scoured through these documents over and over and I can't find 1 suggestion that shows they were interested in locating either Adam or Ryan's phones! 

Sure, Adam was dead. Why bother looking for his phone right? Well, what if his accomplice had his phone? What if he dropped it somewhere before entering the school? What if finding his phone could mean finding a clue to his crime?

Ryan on the other hand, was considered the "suspect at large". Finding his phone literally meant finding a suspect. That's huge! But we're expected to believe they had 0 interest in finding him or his phone? I don't buy it. Not for a second. So where are those documents? Why isn't there any mention about his phone in the documents that we do have? Was it entirely scrubbed from the record? Cause that's exactly what it looks like to me.

According to documents, at 11:47 the names and date of birth for both suspects (Adam and Ryan) were finally given. 

DOB on both.png

Sec 13 - Supplemental Reports p. 261

These notes come from one of the officers at the house. Whether or not this was the only information given or if it was only given to the officers at the house or all officers involved remains unknown. 

Finally, at 11:55 they got their first ping on Roig's cellphone (refer to the document I presented earlier showing the 3 pings). 

Lt. (M/Sgt) Davis is seen on TFC McGeever's dash cam at 12:09:00 forming a search team to go looking for her phone. 

1209 davis forms team.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00056732 p. 3

Of course, we know what happens next. They all gear up and head down towards Apex Glass. 

Now back to Ryan.


Even though Fitzsimons was tasked with locating his roommates cellphones at 11:30, it appears that it didn't begin until after 12:30.  

roommate ping 2.png
roommate ping 1.png

CFS 1200704559  Book 6  00003242  p. 6

They received a ping at 1:01. From that point on, they got updated every 10 - 15 minutes. One roommate was located in California, the other was still at the apartment in Hoboken. 

roommate location FINAL.png

CFS 1200704559  Book 6  00003242 p. 1 - 2

And because I strongly believe that they would've been trying to locate Ryan's phone as well, I am going to insert a hypothetical here. 

"Hypothetically speaking", they would've got a ping for Ryan's phone by this time as well. 

At 1:20, they got a second ping on Roig-Debellis's phone. 

And at 1:25, Roig-Debellis leaves.

Wait.... what? She believes that a mass murderer stole her phone. There's a large group of heavily armed law enforcement officers out there searching for it. They just got a ping on it, and she just leaves? Was she even aware they got another ping? Have they been updating her at all? They certainly were not updating anyone by radio. In fact, there's no mention of her phone or the search in the police scanner audio. None! So maybe they just left her hanging. They headed out just after noon and haven't come back yet to give her any updates. 

No matter what scenario you go with, it would seem that she'd want to stick around until the search for her phone was complete regardless of the results. But nope. She left. Even though I have already presented it, I'm gonna show it again. This is from the sign out sheet.

when she left.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p. 3

And guess what... we have footage of her leaving with her mother.

I interpret this as her not being that concerned about her phone anymore. Could I be wrong? Sure. I'm not her, nor have I ever experienced what she just experienced, so my opinion is an ignorant one. 

She arrived at her mother's house at 2:00. 

Roig gets to moms house at 2.png

Meanwhile, the media began publicly announcing that Ryan was THE suspect. Not Adam and Ryan, just Ryan. And Ryan took to Facebook professing his innocence. 

Ryan facebook.png
Ryan facebook 3.png

I've tried to pinpoint the time he posted these but have been unsuccessful. The earliest time that I can find any reference to CNN naming Ryan the suspect is at 2:00. 

200 Ryan is suspect plus ambulance.png

I kept the reference to the ambulance in the picture to demonstrate the accuracy of the times. Here's the twitter post it referenced of the ambulance arriving. 

ambulance arriving.png

And indeed, the ambulance was confirmed en route at 2:12 and the paramedic was inside the home by 2:14. 

ambulance en route and there.png

Sec. 13 Supplemental Reports p. 262

However, the earliest mention I can find from CNN themselves is 2:11. 

211 CNN.png

Unless WTKR3 is psychic and knew CNN was going to report that Ryan was a suspect, I'm gonna go with 2:00.  For now anyways. For all we know they were reporting this before 2 pm.  

This would've placed him on the bus at around 2:00. 

I don't know if bus routes and times have changed since December 2012, but if still accurate, I found 2 possible bus times he could've taken (Note: he worked at the Ernst & Young at 5 Time Square in New York. This can be confirmed in CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00188555 p. 17). 

Bus route 1.png
bus route 2.png

We don't know what time he got to his apartment, but we do know that he left at 2:29 with Police to be interviewed.

229 coming in with ryan.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00168555 p. 7

Because of this, I'm more inclined to believe that Ryan would've taken the 1:55 - 2:15 route. 

As I said before, I do not believe for a second that they didn't try attempting to locate Ryan's phone. And now we know that their pings would've shown him at work and then on the move towards Hoboken (if he really was at work that day). 

At about this time, Roig-Debellis was sitting down giving Diane Sawyer an interview. I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact time the interview began, but I have found a live update from ABC that mentions the interview at 2:48, so I am assuming it was around that time. 

248 Roig - Sawyer interview.png

Point is, she never mentions her phone in this interview! Not once! See for yourself.

Again, my opinion is an ignorant one, but it would seem that something like believing a mass murderer stole your phone would be a pretty scary thing. Scary enough to stay behind and wait until the search was complete. Scary enough to bring it up in an interview less than 2 hours after leaving the school. 

Maybe she didn't want to steal focus. Her interview is mainly about her students. Maybe she was still too scared to mention it. Unfortunately the only person who can address these concerns is her. 

 Because that was a lot of information and I really need to make my point, I have put this timeline into a graph.


2nd suspect / Ryan

Roig Ryan Timeline pdf-page-001.jpg

Maybe I'm drawing connections that aren't really there and the timelines are merely coincidental. But it would appear that Roig-Debellis's phone and Ryan are one in the same story. 

1. At the same time Roig-Debellis's class would've been evacuating the bathroom, an officer with her sounds the alarm of a possible second suspect (I am assuming that Roig-Debellis could've said something about her phone to law enforcement at this time).

2. As soon as their class was brought to the firehouse, police immediately start running the plate. As soon as they got the name Nancy Lanza, they would've known about her 2 sons Adam and Ryan, allowing them access to DMV information, including photos and addresses. They respond immediately to where Adam lived and Hoboken Police were alerted about Ryan.

3. They first begin the process of pinging Roig-Debellis's phone and within the same hour, they begin looking for Ryan's roommates phones. It's easy to speculate that they would've started looking for Adam and Ryan's phone as well.

4. It's also easy to speculate that they would've received a location for Ryan's phone at around the same time as well. It would've shown that he was at work. Meanwhile, Roig-Debellis loses interest in the search for her phone and leaves.

5. And right when Ryan shows up in Hoboken, officers in Connecticut failed to get a third ping on her phone, packed up and headed back to the school like nothing ever happened. Meaning, at the same time Ryan shows up alive in New Jersey, they are no longer interested in finding her phone.

And just like that, both topics are magically dropped without explanation. They leave it up to the media to feed us 3 debunkable narratives to choose from. A) Adam had Ryan's ID, B) an officer transposed their names and C) the media transposed their names, and the search for Roig-Debellis's phone is quite literally ignored. 

Ryan aside..... you see why I'm so flabbergasted? Why is she now claiming she knew it was inside the whole time? She doesn't even talk about the phone in her interview she did no more than 2 hours after she left! I have watched several interviews with her, seen her Ted Talks and other speeches and lectures.. and zilch! Not one syllable. Why can't I find any articles mentioning that a teacher thought her phone was stolen?


I'm not saying these articles never existed cause maybe they did. Throughout my time researching this shooting I have seen articles come and go. I have learned to screenshot everything! 

Now on to the locations of the pings. 

Below is from their notes, which shows where they marked the 2 ping locations. The first one was within 121 meters and the second was within 64 meters.

ping locations.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00257980 p. 3

Because that is as vague as it gets, we've had to map out the pings ourselves. Below is a photo from researcher Aryan Empires, who has done a lot of work on the subject. 


As you can see, he's taking into account the meter ranges for each ping. Look what's not in the radius. Apex Glass. You can see it just left of the red line in ping 1's radius. 

There is however, 2 buildings that are within the radii. One is the (now) Children's Adventure Center , which is 2 buildings up from Apex Glass. It housed a preschool and a Senior Center according to the 2013 Guide to Newtown on page 134 (under Newtown Multipurpose Building) and the school, including where Roig-Debellis's classroom was.

So why were they so determined to go to Apex Glass? It also begs another question, did anyone think to look in her room first? Before spending all that time, money and resources, did it ever occur to any of them to have an officer or 2 go into her classroom and have someone call her phone? Especially because at least 1 officer suggested that it could've been in the school.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00003242 p. 2 "my arm was grabbed by Kaitkin Roig, a first grade teacher at the school. She was upset and stated her classroom was the first class in the hall. That she feared her cell phone had been taken by the gunman. She was afraid that all of her personal information would be known to the person who took her phone.                                                                    I asked for Roig's cell phone number ([redacted]) and as there was a search still in progress for possibly a second gunman, I immediately gave that information to Major Meraviglia who was nearby and to Major Crime personnel.                                                      I went back to the school to assist and met up with FBI Special Agent Todd Brogan. While standing in the school lot, there was a report that a cell phone was pinging in an area away from the school. There were a few teams of Troopers sent to assist in the search.                                                                                                               Brogan told me that he had equipment in his truck that could locate the exact location of the phone. We advised M/Sgt. Davis who was nearby and he stated for us to follow through in that regard.                                                                                                               S/A Brogan and I went back to the firehouse and located Kaitlin Roig and verified her cell phone carrier was Sprint. Brogan than directed his office to fax an emergency request to Sprint in order to detect the exact location of the phone. Once Brogan received the proper approval, he then used his issued equipment to determine the location of the phone. He stated the phone was within 32 meter of the school and he thought it was most likely still inside the school, or very close to it. I then brought S/A Brogan to WDMCS LT. Delvecchia at the school and had that information relayed directly to him as to the status of the cell phone location."

I'm not even going to pretend that this statement isn't weird. Was he saying that it was Roig's phone that was getting a ping away from the school or was it another phone? Was this a separate search for her phone from the one already noted? Where's the documents from Special Agent Brogan's office? Why isn't any of this mentioned in the document pertaining to the 3 pings? Either way, in both situations Lt. Davis seems to be in charge. Yet, none of this is mentioned in Davis's own statement (CFS 1200704559 Book 6  00007290). 

It's really too bad that they didn't just go look in her class though. It could've saved them a whole lot of trouble. Why?

This is why. 

Walkley 660.png

Walkley - Scene photos #660

walkey 660 description.png

CFS 1200704597  00187025  p. 93

Exhibit 86.png

CFS 1200704597 00101811 p. 11

It appears, they ended up locating it in her classroom. Here's a description of where exactly it was in her room. 

where her phone was.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 26

Below, is from their disgraceful sketch report. Even though it says Room 13, it's really Room 12. I have circled there L shaped cubby area and starred the location her phone would've been in. As you can see, it would've been seen on her way out the door. 

where in her room it was.png

CFS 1200704597  00235016 p. 7

Even though this photo was taken after everything was removed, the cubbies are in the same location.

Tranq 2 947.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #947

Her phone would've been right next to the door right in view.


None of this however, explains it's discovery. Was it found somewhere else and placed in her room? Was it found exactly where it was photographed? Who found it? Does this mean that they really didn't try looking for it in her room first?


There seems to be a couple chapters ripped out of this story. A story that has been dropped from the official narrative. Roig doesn't speak of it, not even the State Attorney's Final Report talks about it. It's just gone! It appears that if it wasn't for the release of the investigatory documents, we'd never know about it. 

Is there a reason why? Is it because it really was connected to a possible second suspect, like Ryan or someone else? Just because Ryan showed up in Hoboken around 2pm doesn't mean he wasn't in Sandy Hook at 9:30. The travel time is roughly 2 hours. It's absolutely plausible that he (or someone else) ditched the phone upon escaping. 

Another important question is, is there any other kind of evidence that suggests a connection between a suspect and Room 12?

Maybe there's another reason why finding this phone was so important. Like... if there was proof of negligence. Or maybe even evidence tampering.


(I covered this topic in "Corrupticut's Best Deny Mr. Vest").

Roig-Debellis claims that she was in her classroom, having a morning meeting with her students when the shooting began. She then instructed them to go to the classroom's bathroom to hide. 

having morning meeting.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00091247 p. 1

However, if that were true, then why is there a man stating that he was on the phone with her when it began?

CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00098615 (12/15/12 approx. 1403 hours) “A call was received at the Newtown Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from a man named [redacted]. The call was answered by Fairfield Police Officer Kevin McPadden of the Connecticut intelligence Center (CTIC). [redacted] told Officer McPadden that this morning, he was speaking to a man he knows named [redacted] said that [redacted] told him he was a former janitor at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and that he had specific information and details about the shooting at the school. On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 I was assigned to contact [redacted] and see what information he could provide and see if I could obtain information for [redacted]. At 1705 hours, I spoke to [redacted] via telephone. [redacted] stated that he was having coffee with a few friends when one of them [redacted] mentioned that he used to be a janitor at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. [redacted] also said that the teacher in the first classroom was named [redacted] and that [redacted] [redacted] told [redacted] that he spoke to [redacted] who told him that she heard gunshots. She also told him that there was a substitute teacher in the second classroom and that she was fumbling for a key in an emergency folder. [redacted] gave me a phone number of [redacted] so that I could call him and get further information”

CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00006266 “On December 18th, 2012, Det. Gogalucci contacted me by phone and referred a lead to me for follow up. He stated that he spoke with [redacted] by phone and [redacted] is claiming to be [redacted] boyfriend. Det. Goglaucci stated that the phone interview with [redacted] struck him as strange. Meaning, [redacted] used to work at Sandy Hook School in [redacted], but has been living in [redacted] ever since. [redacted] also stated that he is flying into Connecticut to see [redacted]. Det. Gogalucci asked that I verify [redacted] is who he says he is. At approximately 2048 hours, I contacted [redacted] by phone. [redacted] stated that the last he knew [redacted] were engaged and she is aware that he is flying in to see her.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00098624 “On Saturday December 15, 2012, at approximately 1403 hours, a call was received at the Newtown Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from a man named [redacted]. The call was answered by Fairfield Police Officer Kevin McPadden of the Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC). [redacted] told Officer McPadden that this morning, he was speaking to a man he knows named [redacted] said that [redacted] told him he was [redacted] at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and that the had specific information and details about the shooting at the school. On Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at approximately 1700 hours, I spoke to [redacted] via telephone. [redacted] did not believe that I was a law enforcement officer and was unwilling to share much information. [redacted] told me that he used to be [redacted] at the Sandy Hook Elementary School [redacted] Vest said that he currently lives [redacted] but would be returning to Connecticut [redacted] I asked [redacted] to contact me when he arrived in Connecticut so that he could confirm my identity and we could find out if any of the information he had was pertinet to the investigation. [redacted] advise me that he would call me upon his arrival in Connecticut. After speaking to [redacted] I confirmed that there was a teacher named [redacted] at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and confirmed that she had already been interviewed and provided a written statement detailing her involvement in and knowledge of the shooting at the school. I also confirmed that [redacted] was [redacted] and that she was expecting a visit from him on [redacted]. When [redacted] arrived in Connecticut, I advised him that since [redacted] had already provided a written statement, we did not need to interview him as we already had the information he had provided us from the source he cited.”

$50 says someone out there is saying "neither of these statements say he was on the phone with her when it began, so how do you know that for sure?" Truth is, we don't. While there does seem to be some evidence to support this idea, and the first statement makes it sound as if he was, it's possible that they talked later on that night. Two things are for sure though, he definitely talked with her and it was before he spoke with friends on the morning of the 15th.  


First, he mentions a substitute teacher in the second room. This would've been Lauren Rousseau, who was 2 classes down from Roig-Debellis in Room 8. 

We have the statement from the teacher in Room 5 which is just across the hall from Room 8. In it, she states that immediately after hearing the first initial gunshots, she went to close her door and saw Rousseau who was also closing her door.

saw Rousseau at her door.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00039513 p. 2

This helps corroborate Mr. Vest's account. If it was Rousseau that closed the door, it was most likely Rousseau who would've tried locking it too, so she'd be the one looking for the key.


Here's the catch though. How did Roig-Debellis see Rousseau at all?

Roig-Debellis's room was #12. Rousseau was subbing in Room 8. If she was inside her room the whole time there is no way she could've seen Rousseau. Yes, Room 12 had an adjoining door to Room 10. But there was not an adjoining door between 10 and 8 (as you can read below). 

no adjoining door.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.16

The theory that she could've seen her from within her room because all the adjoining doors between the 3 rooms were open, allowing those in Room 1212 to see within Room 8 immediately falls by the waist side. 


Her not being inside her classroom when it began sounds a lot more plausible. Not only because that'd be the only way she could see Rousseau, but if she on the phone. To believe this narrative not only means believing Roig-Debellis had the power of seeing through walls, it also means believing that she was with her students, yet on the phone with an ex-boyfriend (unless they really did talk later in the day). 

And guess what, there really was an early report stating that she was in a meeting elsewhere and ran to her room when it began. 

roig not in her room.png

Remember, there was a meeting happening in Room 9, which was just a few doors down from Rm 12. Is it possible that,that's what the article is referencing?  Was she just hanging around, chatting with the other faculty members before their meeting? Their meeting was just beginning when the first shots were heard. Maybe she was just walking back to her room, or just got on the phone with Mr. Vest at this time. Anything is possible at this point. (I will list all Rm. 9 interviews at the bottom of the article). 


Now, let's take a closer look at Rousseau fumbling with a key.

Keep in mind that this information was relayed just the day after the shooting. The public was given very little knowledge at this point. Nothing about keys and certainly no mention of Emergency Folders that contained keys. The earliest mention I can find is from the 19th and it quotes her parents stating that she wasn't given a key because she was a substitute teacher. 

Rousseau didnt have a key.png

The idea that the information that he was relaying came from the media is absurd at this point. They hadn't mentioned a key by the 15th and when they did mention one, they were stating she didn't have one. The only way he could've known all these details (a substitute teacher in the second classroom was fumbling for a key in an emergency folder) is if he was given direct knowledge from a person 2 rooms down from the sub, which happens to be Roig-Debellis. The very person he claimed to have been on the phone with. 

This raises a couple of questions.

1. If Roig-Debellis really wasn't in her room at the time the shooting began, then who was? The reading specialist was scheduled for 9:45 and not there yet. Did she just leave her class unsupervised? 

I mentioned earlier that we are told she didn't have an aide, even though it appears that nearly every other classroom in that school had one. I need to stress that this is just an opinion. I have been trying to locate all the aides throughout the school and will do an article about it as soon as I get enough information. 

2. If Rousseau really had a key that day, why were her parents being told she didn't?


In fact, the topic of keys seems to be an important one, and not to just me. The parents of victims Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Newtown in 2015. Within the suit is concerns about keys. Not just for Room 8, but for Room 10 as well (but we'll just focus on Room 8). 

At some point the parents were told that Rousseau would've had access to a key but weren't given any details about it. It wasn't until 2017, when the defendants (Newtown) submitted the affidavits of teachers Kris Feda and Natalie Hammond), the parents learned that all classrooms had keys in red emergency folders.

Feda and Hammond.png

These were the folders that were seized as Exhibits # 80 and #81 (Exhibit #80 was from Room 10, Exhibit #81 was from Room 8). 

(If you were thinking that Exhibit #80 looks like just a laminated sheet, you're not the only one. But they're calling it a packet so...)

exhibit 80.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #927

Exhibit 81.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #932

Exhibits 80 81.png

CFS 1200704597 00101811 p. 10

After this discovery, they requested access to the evidence folders containing both emergency packets. Their request was inevitably granted, but when they looked inside them, both folders were empty. (notice that even they're calling it a laminated paper). 

no keys.png

If she had a key when the shooting began, the only people that would've been around that folder after the shooting was law enforcement, but the key wasn't submitted into evidence.. then is it really crazy for me to wonder if police tampered with it? But why would they? For what reason would they want to hide her classroom keys? Honestly, I don't think we'll ever know what really happened to those keys. Not too long after the folders were discovered empty, Newtown was granted Government Immunity, and despite their long arduous battle, the parent's lawsuit was rejected by the Supreme Court. It appears that not even the parents will ever find out. 

In the end, police denied him an interview so we may never know what Mr. Vest really had to say either. But I can't help but wonder. Did they do so because his testimony would prove that she was negligent with her students by leaving them unsupervised? Is it because there really was an aide in her classroom that is now being covered up? Is it because he'd be able to shed light on possible evidence tampering? 

Was locating her phone important, not because it could lead to a second shooter, but evidence of a phone call they didn't want to get out? 

Or, maybe something else entirely. Like a bullet hole in Room 12.


Unfortunately we don't have statements from the students within Room 12. If they were given and were  included in the State Police's final reports, they'd be the ones that are fully redacted. 

It has also been quite an exhausting and almost fruitless search for the identities of the students or interviews with any of the parents.. 

But I did find one interview, and wow. 

Barth 2.png

"So what's so significant about this? We already know that a window was shot out. That's how Adam got inside the school. It doesn't even say that her son was in Roig-Debellis's room."


First things first. Here's an article proving that Audra's son was in Roig-Debellis's room. 

Now let's look at a few things from that morning. 

It's easy to conclude that the bullets Audra was talking about were the ones fired into the lobby window. Specifically because she states that Roig-Debellis took her students into the bathroom just after they were fired. However, there's some problems about this scenario. 

Roig-Debellis claims that she and her students were on the classroom floor finishing up their morning meeting when these gunshots occurred. 

Based on their pathetic attempt at a sketch report, I would guess that they were in the front of the classroom, somewhat near the windows. (I have circled the area I believe they could've been, based on the arrangement of furniture. But please note that this is simply just my assumption and solely based on this photo and nothing else. and I could be 100% wrong). 

morning meeting.png

CFS 1200704597 00235016 p. 7

Each of the classrooms in the north hall had a bookcase underneath the windows that ran the entire wall. They were 2 ft. 5 inches tall (reference to Roig-Debellis's room can be found in CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 24). Below is a photo of her classroom. You can see the bookshelf in the background. 

Tranq 2 - 946.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #946

Unfortunately that is the only photo of Room 12 that shows the bookshelf. But because each classroom had the same exact set up, here's a photo from within Room 8 for perspective. 

walkley 566.png

Walkley - scene photos #566

And just like Room 8,the windows were obstructed by posters, the blinds and various items on top of the book shelf as you can see below. 

farr scene photos 106.png

Farr - scene photos #106

It was even noted in the processing report. 

windows were blocked.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 24

At this point, it would seem pretty damn apparent that even the likeliness of any of the students witnessing Adam fire a gun is pretty small.  They (short little first graders) were sitting on the floor, the windows were at least 2ft 5 inches from the floor and there was tons of things obstructing their view from inside. Now try to wrap your brain around the fact that she didn't say her son saw the shooter at all. But that bullets came through a window. Meaning, he saw the window itself. 

Now, take another look at the photo above... tell me if that's possible. Remember, the window is just right of the main entrance doors.

First, there's a brick wall blocking the view of some of the vestibule. 

Gunsalus exterior photos 99.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #99

Secondly, the entryway was set further back than where her classroom windows were. 

Tranq 1 - 5.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #5

So here we are again, saying that unless someone in Room 12 had the ability to see through walls, this scenario is absolutely impossible. 

The next rebuttal would be "Maybe he didn't see it happen, but he heard the gunshots and later saw the broken window before leaving the school and just put 2 and 2 together."

Sorry to break this to you, but this too, is impossible.

Room 12 was not evacuated out the front lobby. Law enforcement wanted to avoid walking them by the bodies of Dawn Hochsprung and Mary Sherlach, and chose to have them evacuate in the Northeast corner instead.

Roig said they went left out the school.

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00091247 p. 2

Evac final.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6  00011399 p. 2 -3

corner door 1.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00172105 p.  4

(Note that he describes the door he originally entered as being the front left corner of the building)

corner door 2.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00024911 p. 2

Based on police reports, the Northeast door was considered to be the private door shared between Room 1 and 2. They went through Room 2 to access it. 

Here's the path they would've taken. 

evac path.png

Final Report p. 23

Below is an exterior photo of the door. Room 1 is on the left, Room 2 is on the right.

Gunsalus 6.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #6

And before you say anything, no. It was not possible to see the lobby window from their location in the north hall. 

Below, you can see the window that was shot out.

walkley 30.png

Walkley - scene photos #30

Here's a slightly different angle. The arrow on the left shows where the window is. On the right, you can see the doorway to room 12. I also pointed out where the paper easel that was used to block the bodies of Hochsprung and Sherlach from view of the students is.  

Walkley 29.png

Walkley - scene photos #29

Because I want to be as thorough as I can be, here are a few more photos. 

In the photo below, you can see the bench that is right out front of the main office's windows. Sherlach and Hochsprung were found just left of the bench, where the tarp is. (For a description of their exact location, refer to the Scene Processing Report in CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 20)

Tranq 2 - 969.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos #969

Here's one shot from the edge of the bench. From this angle, the window is blocked from view by the main entrance door. 

Tranq 1 - 20.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #20

I couldn't find any picture that could demonstrate the viewpoint from the hallway closest to Room 12. My assumption is that if there was any, they were redacted because of Hochsprung and Sherlach. The closest I could find was this one. You can see the black rug that was right in front of the main entrance at the bottom right corner. 


Yet, even without a picture showing their exact viewpoint, I think it's very clear that there was no way they could've seen the window. 

The only way for anyone in Room 12 to have seen the window get shot out is if they weren't in their classroom at all. 

Unless I am missing something, there seems to be only 1 other counterargument that could  support the official story left. Room 10's windows.

The argument here is, that Barth was really talking about the window inside Room 10. That he saw it while passing Room 10's door when he was walking down the hall during evacuation. But the reporter was only aware of the front glass at this point and assumed that was what he was talking about. To me, this argument is far fetched at best. But because it's can't be 100% ruled out, it should be included. 

The official story tells us that, while Adam was firing his gun inside Room 10, a few bullets went through the classroom's windows and into the parking lot. There was "no less than 9 holes in this window area" (description of the holes and windows can be  found in CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 27).

In the photo below, you can see that there was 2 visible holes in the glass. 

Farr scene photos 110.png

Farr - scene photos #110

Here's a close up of the window.

farr scene photos 111.png

Farr - scene photos #111

It is the third window from the front of the room. And as you can see below, it was certainly in view from the hallway. (Note: You can see Adam's knee in this picture. It is the black thing just north of the Glock next to a piece of paper. This will be important soon)

walkley 161.png

Walkley - scene photos #161

There's just one problem with this idea though. They had officers blocking the doorway to prevent the students from being able to see inside.

covered doors final.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00011399 p. 2 - 3

Although, it's possible that they weren't as successful as they thought they were. 

Aidan saw a guy.png

For the nitpickers, I realize that the article doesn't say she was in room 12. However, if you scroll back up to the classroom layout photo you will see that Room 12 was the only other first grade class near the crime scene and the only one that would've walked past Room 10 (where Adam laid dead near the doorway in a vest). 

Or.... she wasn't talking about the body inside Room 10. After all, there's a narrative that a suspect was found in the hallway (I discussed this in "Adam's 6 Death"). 

Regardless, I honestly don't think that Barth was talking about Room 10. 

But, if he wasn't talking about the window in the front and he wasn't talking about the window in Room 10, then what window was he talking about? According to the official story there was no other window with a bullet hole. 

The answer is simple. A window not included in the official story at all. A window Barth was near. Like a window to Room 12.

bullet hole in window.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #98

Here it is zoomed in. (I'm truly sorry by the way for the crappy quality. I'm technologically challenged and I use Windows Paint. If I ever upgrade my skills beyond what a 3rd grader can do, I will make upgrading my articles my top priority).  

bullet hole in window zoom.png

I want to make it very clear, that I am not stating that it is in fact a bullet hole. I am however, stating that it looks like it could be one.  But I could be wrong. My knowledge about firearms is pretty limited. So if anyone out there can add or debunk this notion then please do so. 

But, if it really is a bullet hole, then this certainly presents a myriad of problems. 

1. It's not documented anywhere. That would leave a person to believe that they either overlooked it (which wouldn't be the first bullet hole they overlooked - I will list those reports at the bottom of this article) or they intentionally ignored it

2. If we were to use Barth's narrative to explain this bullet hole, then this would debunk the official story that says the first shots fired were into the lobby window as a means to get inside, and that the lobby window was the only window fired at from outside. The way the hole looks, it would seem to back the notion that the bullet was fired from the parking lot. 

3. It is said that there was only 2 guns used that day. A Glock 20 (10 mm bullet) that was used just twice inside the school (CFS 1200704597 00146798 p. 10 - 11and a Bushmaster XM15-E2S (5.56 bullet). There was 2 other guns found at the scene though. a Sig Sauer P226 (9mm bullet), which was found with Adam in Room 10 and a  Izhmash Saiga-12 (12 gauge shells) that was found in Adam's car. The hole we are seeing in the frame of Room 12 appears to be a lot larger than a 10mm, 5.56 or a 9mm bullet. So does that mean this came from the Saiga then? (Refer to    CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00151485 to confirm these weapons. They, or refer to full evidence list from within the school in CFS 1200704597 00101811 and full evidence list from outside the school in CFS 1200704597 00045841 ).

4. And if it wasn't fired from any of the guns listed at the scene, what gun was used to fired this shot? Where is that gun now? And more specifically, who is the rightful owner and/or user of that gun? Was it an accomplice? A police officer? Someone else entirely?

Another concern is, would Barth be at the risk of witness intimidation? Audra's comment alone carries a lot of weight. It implies the possibility that her son saw something that is not apart of the official story. If there is a cover up of any sorts, he poses a threat to those who are apart of it. And what if Barth was considering a lawsuit just like her son's classmate's parents? 

Some say yes, and there's evidence that they were threatened to keep quiet.

Just 3 months after the shooting, their house was destroyed in a fire. 

Barth house fire.png

Thankfully no one was injured. However, they did lose their dog, fish, frogs and a few baby chicks. 

Unfortunately I haven't been successful in finding out if they were able to determine the cause of the fire. But this article says it started in the basement near a washer. 

Is it possible that this was nothing more than another unfortunate event for the Barth family? Sure, I don't see why not. We've all experienced strings of bad luck. However, when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it would seem suspect. Barth was in Room 12. A Room shrouded with mystery and suggestions that something and/or someone related to the shooting was connected to this room. His narrative would seem to suggest that a bullet went through his classroom window and there really does appear that one really did. Then 3 months later, his house is destroyed in a fire. As Agent Doggett on The X Files once said, "A to B to C".

Personally, I'm on the fence with this one. There isn't enough evidence either way. But it definitely is getting filed under a possible connection.  

(Interesting side note: The first set of warrants were unsealed just the day before the fire)

I also want to address the elephant in the room before going any further. 

I am not the only one that has considered taking Barth's claim seriously. However, there are claims that the bullet hole is really at the bottom of the window you can see on the far left. Here is the photo that is usually used to show it. It is the 5th from right the right (I have circled the area).

wrong hole.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #97

A closer look reveals that it's just simply a stuffed animal. 

wrong hole different angle.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #99

Here it is zoomed in.

wrong hole different angle zoom.png

Sorry guys. Even thought it looks like a bullet did strike the windows of Room 10, it just wasn't here. 


Immediately after the shooting, New Haven Attorney Irving Pinsky announced that he was representing a 6 year old female survivor in a $100 million lawsuit

Of course, it is only assumed that this witness was in Room 12. The reason is because of the claim that she saw and heard things. Again, Room 12 was the only first grade class near the crime scene. They were the only first grade class to be in a position to see or hear anything. While there are claims that she (and others) heard things like swearing, screaming etc over the intercom, we now know this to be false. The P.A was turned on inside the Conference Room 9 (I discussed this in "Lying Isn't A Miracle"). So it seems reasonable to assume that she was in 12, but please note that this might not be true. 

Although, there is 1 article that states she witnessed the shooting, so who knows...

Pinsky witness saw shooting.png

Following the announcement, Pinsky received heavy backlash. Many accused him of being a greedy lawyer and so on. But it wasn't until his home office was shot at, when he dropped the suit. As you can see below, he stated that he withdrew because he didn't want the witness harassed, but stated he wan't sure why his place  got shot at and suggested that it could've been a accident. 

Pinsky reason to drop.png

To me, the 2 would seem mutually exclusive though. His place got shot at and he dropped the suit because he feared the witness would be harassed. And as far as him saying he doesn't know why they shot at him isn't convincing to me. I mean c'mon. If it really was a warning to drop the suit, would he just come out and say it? 

There's just one more thing I need to add about Pinsky, and that's his secretary JoAnn Egletes. She passed away at the age 53 on September 21, 2013. Some believe that the timing of her death is significant and questionable. It was only weeks before the District Attorney's Final Report was released and when the Connecticut State Police released all their material. I however, do not agree that her death was in connection to the release of these reports. Nor am I convinced that her death was at all connected to the shooting at Sandy Hook. I'm sure she's seen and heard many things working for Pinsky, and maybe even stuff related to the shooting. But I have found no evidence whatsoever that her death was connected to this or that her death is at all suspicious, unless someone out there can prove otherwise.


(In case you are unaware, the title is a reference to Harry Potter). And now for the long awaiting topic. Room 12's bathroom. 

To recap, Roig-Debellis claims that after hearing gunfire, she crammed her 15 first graders and herself in the classroom's bathroom. Sounds sensible right? Until you hear that the bathroom was 4ft x 3ft. No, I'm not joking. 

bathroom final.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 15 - 16

Oh yeah, one more thing. The bathroom door swung inward. It was also 2 ft 3 inches wide (noting to show the amount of clearance needed for the door to close). 

I would love to show you a picture of this bathroom, but I can't. All I can give you is a photo of outside the bathroom with the door closed.

Gunsalus interior doors 7.png

Gunsalus - Interior photos #7

As noted in the processing report (second photo above), all of the bathrooms in the North hall were the same. So here is a photo from Room 6's bathroom. 

walkley 252.png

Walkley - scene photos #252

bathroom zoom.png

Zoomed in

Then there's this photo of Room 4. I know it's not that great but it still helps to demonstrate the size of the room and shows the toilet. 

Gunsalus interior doors 119.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #119

I realize that these photos don't really help that much, but it's all they ever gave us. (and they wonder why so many people question this case...)

bathroom 4 zoomed.png

Zoomed in

You get the basic gist. The door opened inward, the toilet paper dispenser just in front of you and the toilet (which was small enough for a first grader) was on the right. 

Now the question remains is... is it possible that Roig-Debellis was able to fit her 15 students and herself in that bathroom and still have enough room to close and open the door? While I too remain skeptical, I would still like to see someone recreate this narrative before forming an opinion. 


It's not just whether or not she could fit herself and her 15 students in the bathroom that's being questioned here. There's also the matter of who opened the door and how. 

In one account, Police slid a badge under the door to help identify themselves. After receiving it, Roig-Debellis opened the door.

CFS 1200704559  Book 6 00002060 p.5-6 "Sgt. Cario and I noticed some movement and sound from a closed door near the back of the room. I aksed him 'did you see that?' He answered 'yes' and we moved what appeared to be a cabinet away from the front of the door. We heard a female voice yell "who is out there?' We all said 'Police' at the same time. One of the State troopers identified himself. The woman in the closet stated 'I don't believe you' I then introduced myself. The woman asked me to put my badge under the door. I mmediately took off my badge and put it under the door. We asked her if she got the badge and to open the door. She did not answer any of our questions and would not communicate with us for approximately one minute. This led us to believe that another suspect might be in the closet with the woman. We asked her directly if someone else was in there with her but she did not answer us. Suddenly, the door opened a crack and an officer made sure that it could not be closed on us. I saw a group of children looking at us from the closet. I was handed a little boy that I picked up. The other children were told to hold hands and to follow me and another Trooper who led the way."

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00258158 p 5 "I then went back into a classroom on the Northeast hallway, where I observed a trooper in ESU equipment moving a bookcase. The bookcase was in front of a bathroom door that I did not see on my initial clear. Inside the bathroom there were children and an adult female yelling. We were trying to get her to open the door and telling her that were were the police and they were safe. She replied 'go away, I don't believe you.' Someone slid a badge under the door and it opened slightly. We then pushed the door open and removed the children one by one."

This narrative was also given by the media. 

Roig opened the door - courant.png
just a badge.png
just a badge 2.png

In another account (the one we are now being told is true), is that the badge wasn't enough. She then demanded that they get a key and unlock the door themselves. That if they were real police, they'd be able to do this. Which they did and they were freed. 

But there are conflicting narratives as to who unlocked it.

TFC Faughnan says that it was him. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00122964 p. 3 (Faughnan) "I received a master key, I was kneeling, Tpr. Poach was posted over me and the unknown officer was against the wall. I unlocked the door handle, as I attempted to push the door open it was forced close, the unknown officer held the door open once I was able to push it open." 

Makes sense. After all, TFC Faughnan was the one in possession of the master keys for the school that day. So why wouldn't it be him to unlock the door? 

Faughnan master keys.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6  00122995 p. 21

But then why is TFC Bell disagreeing with him? In his statement, he claims that it was Sgt. Cario.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00011399 p. 2 (Bell) "Finally the keys were brought into the room and Sgt. Cario unlocked the door."

Even Cario himself is stating that it was him and not Faughnan. He even states that it was Faughnan that gave him the key.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00026724 p. 7 - 8 "TFC Faughnan arrived with a key which he handed to me. I was so anxious that I bent the key in the lock. I was able to push the door in only a few inches before there was resistance. I realized that the children were packed so tightly into the bathroom that I could not open the door." 

(Note: Sgt. Cario stated that he bent the key in the door knob. This will be important soon).


Of course, I don't think we'll ever get a straight answer from these guys. We're basically just left with picking whatever narrative we like and just run with it.

Or.... maybe not. Maybe the answer is easier to find and it's right there in their in front of us.


Ever run across something that just leaves you totally confused and asking... "Huh"? This is the exact experience I had when I first saw  a picture of the door knobs to Room 12's bathroom. 

12 Bath int.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #9

12 Bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #8

12 Bath ext zoom.png

Zoomed in 

First thoughts were... Are we really expected to believe that this was a functional lock? That a person was able to put a key in that giant hole and unlock it? Really? Was Sgt. Cario confused while he writing his statement and he really meant that he lost the key in the hole? There's no way he bent it. 


Of course I tried to find an official answer for the gaping hole in the door knob. I first went to the scene processing report. This report is meant to document the scene as it was found and document the "processing" that was done during the physical investigation such as DNA swabbing, gunshot trajectory analysis etc. 

Sadly, this is what I found.

bathroom description.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 25

I then went to the overall description of the conditions of the doors on page 15 and found zilch.

conditions of doors and windows.png

Obviously I went to the report it referenced. Just another fruitless inquiry. There was only 2 references to any doors that were damaged in any way. One was the adjoining door between Rooms 3 and 5 (can be seen in Gunsalus- interior doors #66) and the window portion of a door on the complete opposite side of the school. (to verify the location of the door, refer to Gunsalus - exterior photos, Farr- scene photos and CDMCS_Outdoor_Scene_Processing and to verify that it was this door Seabrook was talking about refer to CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p. 10. He Breached the door at 9:44:50). 

Seabrook broke a window.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00029085 p. 2

Nothing but dead ends. It makes no sense. How could they not have documented this?

Even worse, it's not the only classroom in the North hall who's bathroom doorknob had a big giant hole in it. 

10 bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #152

7 bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #48

6 Bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior photos #132

Because you can't see the key hole very well, I zoomed in a bit. 

5 Bath ext.png
5 Bath ext zoom.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #57

Room 4's knobs are a bit different (which is why I am showing both the interior and exterior). But check out the key hole. Does that look like a key hole to you? Looks more like a flat head screw to me. 

4 Bath int.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #116

4 Bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior photos #117

Here is a closer look at what's supposed to be a key hole. Unless the key was a flat head screwdriver, I'm at a loss with this one.

4 Bath ext zoom.png

The damage in the key hole in Room 3's bathroom door is very obvious.

3 Bath ext.png
3 Bath ext zoom.png

Gunsalus - interior photos #69

The locking mechanism in Room 2's bathroom is completely missing. Which is a good thing sinces there's no way to unlock it from the exterior side. 

2 Bath int.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #108

2 Bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #109

Room 1 is definitely "one of these things are unlike the others". The locking mechanism is not a push button but a twist. Looks functional, but there's no way to unlock it on the exterior side.

1 Bath int.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #88

1 Bath ext.png

Gunsalus - interior doors #89

I'm sure you noticed a couple of numbers missing. Here's why. 

Room 11 was the main office. Room 9 was the conference room and did not have a bathroom anyways (refer to CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 23 - 24 for a description of the room. I'll also list the necessary photos showing the room at the bottom of this article). As for Room 8..... well that was redacted and for good reason. Remember, the doors swung inward. The students were found just within the bathroom, with the door open. So there was blood spatter all over it (refer to CFS 12007045597 00118939 p. 48 - 49). 

After I discovered that all the bathrooms appeared to have malfunctions (with the exception of maybe Rooms 5 and 1, as well as not being able to see Room 8) I started to wonder if maybe the investigators did this before boarding up the place. That was quickly debunked. 

doc for gunsalus door photos.png

CFS 1200704597 00076665 

(If only they had listed out the photos with a description of what they showed like they did with so many others. Then maybe we could get a better understanding). 


The processing/investigation of the scene concluded on the 20th, as you can see below. 

concluded on the 20th.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 1

This means that the photos were taken before they concluded their investigation at the school. If the damage was caused by the investigators, there should be proper documentation of this since it'd be alteration of the crime scene, especially in Room 10. Besides, I can't think of any reason why they'd do this. To gain entry to them? They'd still be in possession of keys right?

So what the hell does this mean? It wasn't apart of closing up the scene, it wasn't done during the investigation, but they couldn't have been this way before that morning since they had to use a key to unlock the door. In fact, even Room 6 claims that they hid in their LOCKED bathroom. (I highlighted the section that proves it was Room 6 as well). 

room 6 locked bathroom door.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00019296 p. 2

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe these locks were totally functional and I'm making a bigger deal out of nothing. I'm not a door expert. I'm not a locksmith. So if anyone out there has any information about this please let me know. 

While we're on the topic of doors and locks, remember earlier when I told you to remember that Sgt. Cario claimed to have bent the key in Room 12's bathroom door? Well...... I found something interesting. In Room 10. 


In Sgt. Cario's statement, he claimed that he was so anxious he bent the key in the key hole while trying to unlock the bathroom door. Yet, the key hole seems to be hallowed out. So mush so, that it would be impossible to bend it. 

Is it possible that he was talking about a different door? Like.... the closet door in Room 10?

10 closet ext.png
10 closet ext zoom.png

Gunsalus - interior photos #155

Here's where it gets weirder. When I went to the processing report to see what they had to say about this door, this is what I found. 

no lock on 10 closet.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 28

No locking mechanism? Are you kidding me? That is clearly a key hole. And as for the lock, here it is. 

10 closet int.png

Gunsalus - interior photos #154

Looks like a locking mechanism to me. And besides what appears to be a piece of broken key in the key hole, it looks like a fully functional one too. 

Honestly, I'm a bit lost for words. 

Room 12's rescue has 2 narratives. One is that police slid a badge under the door and Roig-Debellis opened up the door, while the other one says that the badge wasn't enough and she demanded that they get a key to unlock it themselves. Then, there's 2 narratives as to unlocked it. TFC Faughnan and Sgt. Cario. In Sgt. Cario's account, he bent the key in the key hole while unlocking it. But the key hole is just this giant hole, making it appear that the lock was dysfunctional and completely impossible to bend a key in it in the first place. Meanwhile, in Room 10, there appears to be a piece of broken key in the closet door's key hole. A door Law Enforcement is saying doesn't even have a locking mechanism, when it clearly does. 

And on top of all that, we have 2 witnesses describing things that would appear to be exclusively Room 10. One witness states that he saw bullets shot through a window, while the other witness remembers seeing the suspect dead on the floor. Then, just months later, one of those witness's house burned down, and the lawyer to an unknown female witness had his home office shot at, causing him to drop the suit, stating he didn't want the witness harassed. I can't help but wonder, was the witness he was representing the same one that said she saw the suspect dead on the floor? 


Furthermore, I'm not the only one that has asked questions about Room 12's connection to Room 10 that day. The investigators did too. 


Having a crime be committed in a public place such as an Elementary School is a Forensic nightmare. Even though Forensic science has made amazing advancements over the years, expecting to lift a single print from a doorknob that has been touched by possibly dozens of people is like expecting to see your house from the International Space Station using only a magnifying glass. 

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that they swabbed the doorknobs on the adjoining door between Rooms 12 and 10. 

adjoining door swab.png

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 25

Exhibits 87 88.png

CFS 1200704597 00101811 p. 11

In fact, there was only 2 other locations within the school that was documented as being swabbed. The blood on the carpet in Room 9 that belonged to Natalie Hammond (Exhibit #89), and the blood on the wall in Room 10, said to have been from Adam Lanza (Exhibit #90) (both can be found in CFS 1200704597 00101811). The only other swabbing was outside in the parking lot. It's said to be the blood from Room 1 teacher Deborah Pisani (Exhibit #502 in CFS 1200704597 00045841).  

This means, the doorknobs were the only thing swabbed at the school that was not blood related. 

I find this very telling. The doorknob was that important to them. That despite the odds, they felt that it was worth swabbing, in an effort to see if a suspect had touched it. 

Why? Remember, NOTHING HAPPENED IN ROOM 12. And I imagine the conclusion we're meant to come to about her phone was that it was in her room the whole time. If both were true, why swab those knobs? It'd seem that they're suggesting that they had reason to believe that a suspect had entered and/or exited her room via the adjoining door. Was this in connection to her phone? Does that mean her phone wasn't in her room the whole time, but was placed there later on? Did something happen in her room? 

Some believe that it wasn't the suspect they were looking for, but some of Roig-Debellis's students. That, when you add most of this together, what we have really isn't a big mystery after all. Instead, it's grounds for a liability lawsuit. 

Imagine if you will... Our skepticism about Roig-Debellis fitting her 15 students and herself into the bathroom is warranted and she really couldn't fit them all in there. She hands a student her phone and tells that student (and maybe others) to run and call 911. They flee, but fail to make the call.  Now she has a problem. These juvenile students that was under her care are now unaccounted for. Once she realizes this, she begins flipping out (as anyone would). Are they dead? Are they missing? She then tells Police that her phone was stolen by another suspect, hoping that it'd cause a rapid response and help locate her kids. Law enforcement becomes aware that there are students unaccounted for while doing a head count at the firehouse. When asked about them, Roig-Debellis gives law enforcment the round around. This creates a need to obtain records and photos from Room 12 to help identify victims. For all they know, her students were lying dead in the next room over. At some point, the students are found, but Roig-Debellis is still giving police the run around about what happened, causing the need to swab the door. 

But where did her students go? At a home just feet away from the firehouse. The home of Gene Rosen (let the eye rolling commence). 

Just like I think that there is a deliberate reason for the propaganda around Roig-Debellis, others believe the same about Gene Rosen. Here's a possible reason why.

Remember at the very beginning of this article, when I said that 9 students from Room 10 fled? 5 were picked up by a parent and 4 retreated to a nearby home. That was the home of Gene Rosen (I covered a little about this in "The Impossible Timeline". Well, originally, it was 6 students that went to his home (which is right next door to the firehouse). 

Then out of nowhere, 2 were subtracted from the amount (now we're told only 4 went to his house) And just like Roig-Debellis's phone, and Ryan being a suspect,it happens without any explanation and the topic is altogether dropped. Just like that.

Some believe that the 2 that were subtracted were students from Room 12.

Is there any precedent for this idea? Yes there is. In CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00071340, it is documented that they were still looking for students that were unaccounted for at 7:45 that evening. 

2 of the biggest critics of the reunification process that day happens to be Dave and Carly Posey. Parents of one of the students that fled from Room 10 and ended up at Rosen's house. According to them, it was a disaster. Children even left with their classmates' parents.

kids sent home with classmates parents.p

In Rosen's statement (that was given on the 15th), he states that the parents of 4 of the kid's came to pick them up. He then brought the last TWO to the firehouse.

Rosen brought 2 to firehouse.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 7 00257146 p. 2

Are those the 2 that was subtracted from the story and were they subtracted because they came from Room 12? Did they get sent home with someone else's parents? Did they get lost? What happened to these 2 students after they went to the firehouse? Were they finally accounted for around the same time as their failed 3rd ping? Is that the reason why they stopped looking for it and Roig-Debellis felt safe enough to leave? 

Conveniently, the bus driver who was with Rosen stated in her interview (that was done January 3rd) that there was only 4 students. 3 students were picked by their parents up and they ended up bringing the fourth student to the firehouse.

bus lady's statement.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00003250 

It's argued that by this point they had already chosen the narrative they wanted and she was just simply repeating it. 


Even though this theory that students fled from Room 12 has some merit, I'm not entirely convinced. It doesn't explain why the BOE meeting stated they needed to replace 3 rooms of furniture. It doesn't address Barth and the female witness. It's also refuted by the phone ping locations. His house was not within the given perimeters. And it's not compelling enough to ignore the parallels between her phone and Ryan. It still leaves too many questions unanswered. 

Speaking of asking questions about Room 12, we're not the only ones doing so. So weren't the parents of the victims.


Lastly, I'd like to address the fact that during prearranged meetings with investigators, even the parents of the victims were asking questions about the movements within Room 12 that day. One parent even requested to see Room 12.

parent - Roig 1.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00172274 p. 1

parent - roig 2.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00172399 p. 1

parent - roig 3.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00172419 p. 1

parent - roig 4.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00182534 p. 1

parent - roig 5.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00183201 p. 2

parent - roig 6.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 000191120 

parent - roig 7.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 1 00199596 p. 1

Were they also skeptical about her bathroom story? Did they hear about her phone going missing? Is it possible that the theory that some of her students fled true? Did they worry that something else happened in that room? Did they worry about a possible second suspect? 


Yes! We're finally here. The end of my longest article yet. But regretfully, the conclusion is that there is no conclusion. C'mon, as if you didn't see that coming. If anything, we have more questions than before. As is the case with anything in this story. It always seems like the more I learn, the less I know. And for every question answered (which is a rarity), 10 new questions follow. 

But our questions go unheard. We are labeled as conspiracy theorists and monsters. All while ignoring the very harsh reality that there is something deeply wrong with this entire case. I can't help but wonder if those same people would call the parents of the victims monstrous conspiracy theorists too. For years they've been asking questions and coming out to the public with information that conflicts with the official story. And as I just demonstrated, many of them were asking questions about Room 12. I highly doubt they ever got any real answers though. But the very fact that they were asking them matters. 

Why was Ryan a suspect? Is there a connection between him and Roig-Debellis's phone? If not, what really happened with her phone? Could she fit herself and her 15 students in that bathroom? What is up with the bathroom door locks? Is that a broken key in the key hole in Room 10's closet? Why did they think that victims were connected to Room 12 in some way? Dis ahw have an aide? 

Ultimately, will we ever get any disclosure on any of the mysteries surrounding Room 12? 

One thing is for sure. We will never get any answers, if we stop asking questions. 

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