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Disclaimer: In this article I will be covering a few claims made by a survivor. I will demonstrate how they are not supported by known verifiable facts such as 911 audio, transcripts and interviews given by other people. I will also demonstrate how they are not supported by investigatory documents and findings. This should not be considered as a personal attack on this individual. I do not know her and for all I know she could be one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet. I am in no way attempting to defame her character or who she is as a person. I am ONLY examining her claims regarding the events at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012. So please don't sue me and/or attempt getting my site taking down. If the topic offends you, please feel free to leave.  

One of the reasons that people begin looking into Sandy Hook, is the endless stream of multiple narratives and blatant disinfo. No, I am not referring to the early reports made in the mainstream media (not now anyways), but the disinfo still being spread to this day, by witnesses themselves. 

For this article, I will be discussing claims made by Dawn Ford who was a second grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


At 9:30 that morning, she went to a PTT meeting that was being held in a coference room at the front of the school. The room is circled in red in the photo below.

Conference room.png

In attendance, was the school principal Dawn Hochsprung, Lead teacher (Vice Principal) Natalie Hammond, psychologist Mary Sherlach, therapist Diane Day, Reading specialist Becky Virgalla, Math/Science teacher Kris Feda and parent Beth Hegarty. They were there to discuss one of Hegaty's daughters. (Please note: the article cited for Diane Day has a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a single article not referencing the Wall Street Journal's article. If anyone out there can provide a better source please do so.)

However, in this article, Dawn Ford claims that there was 9, not 8 people total. I have found no evidence of this. If anyone out there has any information that can corroborate Ford's claim, please let me know. For now, let's just stick with 8.

We are told that at approximately 9:35, Adam Lanza shot out the window next to the main entrance.

Exterior 92.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #92

Upon hearing the noise, Hochsprung, Sherlach and Hammond left the room to inspect. As they left the room, they turned left towards the main entrance/lobby area but they were shot just seconds later. Hochsprung and Sherlach were killed, while Hammond was just injured. 

According to Natalie Hammond, 

CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00256315 "she felt a gunshot hit her leg and felt a burning/warming feeling in her lower leg."...... "Once she was shot, she fell down and laid still in the hallway. She stated that she remained on the floor for approximately 10 seconds and then looked down the hall toward the main office. She stated that she didn't see the gunman in the hall so she crawled back into Room #9 and held the door closed."

What's important here, is how she got back into room 9. She states that she crawled back in. In fact, everyone that was with her all state the same thing... except for Dawn Ford. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00006254 p. 2 "She and the others in the room hid under the tables and Hammond ran back into the room and closed the door."

And in this 2019 interview, she states that Hammond walked back in. 

(I will provide a list of all of the statements given by those in room 9 at the bottom of the page). Regardless, I'm not going to spend much energy on this part of the story. Because what she says next matters sooooooo much more. 

At some point, Ford grabbed the wall phone (landline). In CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00089715, she apparently called the main office but no one picked up. Then there was another round of gunfire. She tried to hang up the phone but couldn't and left it hanging as she hid under the table. 

In other reports, she never called the main office. She was attempting to call 911 but didn't complete the call due to the sound of gunfire. But in all narratives, she left the wall phone hanging. 

Below is a photo from within Room 9. The wall phone can be seen on the far left, circled in red. 

room 9 phone.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 2 #961

It was at this time, Hegarty had called 911 with her cell phone. The phone call can be heard in Exhibit_349 "StartTime 2012-12-14 14-36-0 Logger 45170321 Channel 3 RadioREDACTED" . Her call begins at the 2:43 mark. The transcript for the call can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00154439

Here's hoping you left this article for a second to fact check the above paragraph. If not, please do so. It's important. 

[[Que the waiting music]]

Now that you have heard the 911 call for yourself, and read the transcript that verifies it... Let me drop the big reveal. 

didn't get Beth's phone.png

What? Is Ford really stating that the 911 call never happened? The call that we can all hear  for ourselves? The call that is mentioned in nearly all witness statements from room 9? The audio from the call was even used for the gunshot analysis! (as you can see below).

9 to 911 audio.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00182028 p. 6

(There is other documentation proving this call existed, but I will cite them at the bottom of the page). 

According to what Ford is now saying, they didn't retrieve her phone until AFTER police had already escorted Hammond out of the room, and they never called 911. 

used the phone afterward.png

Oh... But I'm not done yet. 

Now, as many of you probably know, the PA system had been turned on while the shooting ensued. We were originally told that it was turned on in the main office. 

Some early reports claimed that the shooting began while they were doing morning announcements. Actually, this narrative is still being propagated by Wikipedia (the same source Google cites when you do a search for "Sandy Hook" as a means to combat against "misinformation"... way to go Google). 

Other reports claimed that Dawn Hochsprung had turned it on to alert the school. 

Now, I'm not implying that the assumption that the main office turned on the PA is unreasonable. Everyone in the school originally believed that was who turned it on. However, none of that is true. It was determined that the PA was turned on by Ford in Room 9. 


CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00004165 p. 1


CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00004165 p. 2

The State Police's final reports have been out for over 5 years. To me, there is no excuse for sites like Wikipedia to still be giving the narrative that they were doing morning announcements. If I were Google I'd reconsider citing them as a reliable source. They're only helping to spread misinformation, not stop it. 


Anyways... Back to the point.


A software check proved that Room 9 had access to the PA system. And as it sounds, it had access to the PA system for 18 years! 

But Ford says otherwise.

PA was a miracle.png

So, she's not refuting that Room 9 turned it on, she's refuting that the room was connected to the PA system. But somehow.. by means of divine intervention, she magically turned on the PA system.

Let's rewind and review.


She stated that there was 9 people in room 9, not 8 like we've been told. She claims that Hammond ran (or walked) back into the room after being shot, despite all the witnesses and Hammond herself saying that Hammond crawled back. She has even made the absurd proclamation that no one in room 9 called 911, despite the fact that we can literally listen to the 911 call ourselves, along with several documents proving that they did in fact call 911. And to top it off, she is claiming that even though she turned on the PA system by accident, the phone was never connected to the PA and it being turned on was a miracle. 

Wow... Just wow. 

Hang on.. I can sense some eye rolling. "Augh, Sandy Hooked.... it's not Dawn Ford's fault that the writer of that article is so horrible at their job. This is just another example of bad reporting."

((sigh)) If only. The 2 videos below shows Ford herself stating this narrative. She even makes another claim that wasn't in the article. That the main office was the ONLY room in the school that had access to the PA despite the software check proving that the main office and rooms 9, 29,  32, 57 and 60 all had access. (Also, in the second video, she claims Hammond hopped on 1 foot back into the room). 

These are some pretty heavy accusations. She's implying that the 911 call audio is fake. Which also means that the gunshots heard in it are also fake. Which also means that the other 911 calls that recorded the same gunshots are fake (or at least altered). That all the documentation of the 911 call is in reference to a call that never happened. That the officials are even lying about the PA system and what rooms had access to it. Also implicating that the man that did the software check is lying. She's even implying that all the other witnesses in room 9 and Natalie Hammond herself, are all lying about the nature of Hammond's wound and how she got back into the conference room. 

I might be first in line to call bullshit on the official story but even I have a hard time accepting any of this. Especially in regards to the 911 call. If you ask me, these are all lies.

Maybe it's a mental health thing. She survived something that we could never possibly understand. Maybe believing that there was some kind of divine intervention that day is a means to cope with the trauma. Maybe the rest of it is because of her remembering things wrong. Or (although very unlikely)... maybe she's actually blowing the whistle. Or just flat out lying. Who knows.


But one thing is for sure, this DOESN'T help. Not for her or anyone else involved. Immediately, her credibility is destroyed. And as far as anyone else is concerned, this is just another glitch in the story. Another notch on the belt of endless narratives. It feeds the fire they're all claiming they are trying to smother. 

Another thing is for sure.. it shouldn't be up to us to debunk or prove any of this. It should be Dawn Ford, everyone that was with her that day and the officials to address these accusations. They alone can stop any speculation and theory from even being born. They alone have the power to fill in the blanks and prove what did and didn't happen. 

The real question is... will they?


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