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The media quickly became the patsy for everything the officials got wrong in the Sandy Hook case. And why not? They lie all the time. It's almost too easy to believe that all the multiple narratives we were told was the media's fault. 

But unfortunately for the officials, there are some of us that pay attention. 

One of the stories being reported that day, was that Peter Lanza (Adam and Ryan's father) was also found dead, but in Hoboken, New Jersey (where Ryan lived). 

Peter dead 1.png
Peter dead 2.png
Peter dead 3.png

You get the point.


Just at first glance, it would seem that it was just bad reporting. I mean, some of those articles and videos are stating that Nancy was a teacher, the victims were in kindergarten.. that the suspect was Ryan... even that Adam killed Ryan's girlfriend the day before.. 


But if you look at the reports from Hoboken, this story originated from the Prosecutor's office in New Jersey, as you can see in Sgt. Anthony Falco Jr.'s report:


CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p. 23 - 24

And indeed, Lt. Cruz's number was given to a supervisor on scene. 

calling diaz.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p. 7

First question that pops into my head is.. where the hell did you get this information from Guy Gregory? What a horrible way to begin the first 4 months of your career as a prosecutor. 

And who was the law enforcement official that told the media? It doesn't sound like it was Hoboken. Judging by their reports, they had no contact with the media. 

Another important question is, will this anomaly ever be addressed?


Maybe us crackpots have watched too many drama/suspense/espionage movies, but when the prosecutors office is calling you dead, it sometimes means that someone wants you dead. And since Peter has been nearly invisible, rumors are flying. 

One being, that Peter really was found dead. But this can be debunked by the photo of him and Ryan leaving the Hoboken Police Station the night of the shooting (as you can see below). 


Then there's the idea that he was supposed to end up dead. 

Some think that originally, both Adam and Ryan were to be set up for this crime. The basis for this stems from the fact that Ryan was originally named a suspect. No, it wasn't a media error, his name wasn't transposed and Adam did NOT have his ID. He was legitimately a second suspect (I covered this in "When 2 Become 1"). 

The thought is, Ryan was to kill Peter, Adam kill Nancy and both would attack one classroom each. After all, there was.... 

2 handguns

2 rifles

2 hoodies

2 car doors found open in the Honda.

2 descriptions of the suspect (one being military style clothes and a hat, the other being with a mask). 

But why would any of them be set up? Why would anyone want any of the Lanzas dead?

Well, there's a theory out there that Peter (who is Vice President of  taxes at GE Capital) was going to testify in the LIBOR scandal. However, I have not found any evidence that links Peter Lanza to this scandal whatsoever. Not as a culprit or a witness. His only connection is that he works for GE Capital. Just because he works there, doesn't mean he's apart of it. Not everyone that worked at Enron was apart of their scheme. Nor was everyone that worked at Lehman Brothers apart of theirs. If I am wrong however, and there is evidence that Peter was connected, please correct me. 

There is however, something that Sandy Hook researcher Aryan Empires discovered, that has peeked the interest of many of us. 

A BAFT document regarding evidence seized from the home of Nancy and Adam with 54 pages redacted because they contained Grand Jury material. You can view one of his videos about that here. (it needs to be noted that I am NOT insinuating that Aryan Empires believes Peter was supposed to be dead or any other theory for that matter. I am merely giving credit where credit is due. It was his research that helped us become aware of the 54 pages). 

grand jury material.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00159702 p. 49

This discovery is huge! 54 pages is a looooooooooot of information. But what this means is anyone's guess.

Some have speculated that it might be in connection to the failed gunwalking Operation Fast and Furious. Unfortunately I can't say I've done a lot of research into this angle, so I have no idea how plausible it is or isn't. 

However, it seems unlikely that if Peter was at all connected to the 54 pages, that it would be in regards to Fast and Furious, which began in 2009. Nancy and Peter separated in 2001 (Final Report p. 33) and were legally divorced in 2009. But then again... who knows... Anything is possible in this case.

Arsenal - Mexico - 3.jpg

Perhaps it's not even about Fast and Furious at all, but another operation. Fast and Furious is certainly not the first gunwalking operation ever conducted. Maybe it's not even about gunwalking but something else entirely. 


Unfortunately we'll never truly know until those documents are revealed to us. Until then, it's open to speculation and debate (like everything else in this case). Regardless, I highly doubt that it has anything to do with Peter.

Maybe Peter was just considered collateral damage. Maybe this is all about Ryan and Adam. 

Despite us being told that Adam had no criminal history, his background check is fully redacted and 17 pages long! First, if he had no criminal history, then why is it so long? Second, if there's nothing there, then why is it redacted? I understand the need to redact his social security number and other information like that, but all 17 pages are fully redacted. Third, he was the lone wolf in the mass murder of 20 children and 7 adults. A better understanding of his background (which includes his criminal background) could help psychologists, criminal profilers and other law enforcement professionals, even educators, neuroscientists and could even help the general public understand how he became the kind of person that could do such a thing. (You can find his background check in CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00003319).


Ryan's is even longer. There is a total of 21 redacted pages. Yes, I understand why they'd redact his. We're told that he wasn't a suspect and now he's just trying to live as normal of a life he can. But 21 pages? Really? Is there something in there that could explain why investigators believed he was a suspect? (Ryan's background check can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00003333). 

Is it possible that there's more to the Lanzas than we are being told? 

This is a question that always surfaces when I read a particular sentence in Hoboken's Officer Edward Lepre's report: 

confirm info on family.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555  p. 16

This order was effective the whole time (as you can see below).

order effective all day.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p. 26

Keep in mind that Ryan was a suspect in the mass murder of 27 people. What kind of information could be so important, so crucial... that such an order would be given? Especially while believing that his father was dead inside the apartment! What if Peter really was in there and he was just wounded, but still alive, needing medical attention? What if someone was inside the apartment, destroying evidence?

As it turns out, Ryan's roommate Jessica O'Brien was in the apartment.  All while Officers continued to knock on the door for 2 hours with no response. Her excuse was... that she thought it was FedEx. 


CFS 1200704559 Book 8  00188555 p. 18

And not only was she home, but she was aware of the situation. As you can see in her comment on Ryan's facebook post (that he posted while en route home). 

obrien post 2.png

Please don't construe this as me stating that I think she was a suspect or that she was destroying any evidence. I believe it's entirely plausible that she was just scared out of her freakin mind, not wanting to open the door (I know I would be) and chose a really bad lie. C'mon, FedEx? Does FedEx make it a habit to knock like a cop stating things like "Hoboken Police!" "HPD!" For over 2 hours? psh Regardless, I believe she is innocent. 

Point is, whatever it was they needed to confirm prevented them from being able to enter the apartment (without consent). From doing their job. What kind of information could've granted Ryan that kind of luxury? Especially because they had no problem breaching the home of Adam and Nancy in Sandy Hook. Why was Ryan's apartment, which was believed to contain a murder victim.. so untouchable? 

But maybe we're seeing something where's there nothing. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for everything. Maybe it's all absurd speculations. And that is exactly my point. Speculation is all we've got. Whether you are arguing that it was just a simple error of communication or believe any of the above theories, or maybe any of the theories I didn't cover like that they are related to the Lanza crime family, that they were all CIA or even that none of the Lanzas ever existed and this was all just a story.... they are all just speculation. 

This anomaly (among all others in this case), should be addressed with hard facts by the officials themselves. Let's interview Guy Gregory and have him tell us where he got this information. Then have him provide proof of it. Let's get those 54 pages unredacted! Along with Adam's background check. 

But will this ever happen? Or will we continue to be met with deflection and insults instead? 


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