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The Impossible Timeline

Disclaimer: In this article, I will be discussing the survivors from Ms. Soto's classroom (specifically those who ran from the school), which was one of the 2 classrooms affected in the shooting. While their identities have been made public, their names will not be mentioned here. Nor will any photos identifying them be posted. Their identities are not important to the topic of discussion here. What is important is the various descriptions of their story that day. My intent is NOT to offend anyone. However, if this topic and/or the discussion of this topic is offensive to you in anyway, please feel free to leave. In order to demonstrate the inconsistencies in this case, one needs to examine all aspects of it, which includes all timelines, which includes the timeline given for the survivors of Ms. Soto's class. 

To anyone new to this case, reading the timeline of events given in the Final Report, it seems simple and to the point. Nothing questionable. But once you begin delving into it you begin to realize that it’s anything but. Actually, much of it seems contradicting and absolutely f**king impossible. The timeline given is as follows:

SA timeline.png

pages 11 - 12

As far the tracing the steps of Adam inside the school that day, it’s a bit murky. Officials say that sometime around 9:35 am Adam got to the school and parked his car just right of the main entrance in the no parking zone.

parked his car.png

Meehan - parking lot photos #16

shot out the window 1.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #86

Since the main doors were locked he shot out the plate  glass window to the right of the main doors.

shot out the window 2.png

Gunsalus - exterior photos #92

He then went through the hole he had just created and proceeded through the lobby.

went to lobby.png

Walkley – Scene photos #30

lobby 2.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #20

lobby 3.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #17

lobby 4.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #16

Upon hearing the glass break, The principal (Dawn Hochsprung), school psychologist (Mary Sherlach) and school’s lead teacher (Natalie Hammond) had left their PPT meeting in room 9 to investigate the noise. A teacher’s aide (Deborah Pisani) at the end of this hall in Room 1 also stepped out of her room. (This hallway would be your immediate left upon entering the school through the main entrance). All 4 were shot.

Room 1 and 9.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #61 (zoomed)

The principle and psychologist were killed (found just left of the bench that is in front of the main office windows), while the other 2 faculty members retreated back to their rooms and survived.

where hochsprung and sherlach were.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #15

He then proceeded into the main office, where the secretary (Barbarah Halstead) was hiding under a desk. 

went into main office.png

Gunsalus – interior doors #36

office proc vid 1.png

Screenshot of processing video 4 of 5 (52:11)

office proc vid 2.png

Screenshot of processing video 4 of 5 (56:17)

He then went into the nurse’s office where the nurse (Sally Cox) was hiding under her desk. 

office proc vid 3.png

Screenshot of processing video 4 of 5 (52:27)

office proc vid 4.png

Screenshot of processing video 4 of 5 (53:41)

Upon walking around and not seeing anyone, he left the main office and proceeded to the right, which was the same hallway he had just shot 4 people in.

went down the ne hallway.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #54

The next sequence of events are unknown. What they do know though is that he entered rooms 10 and 8 (they just don’t know in what order). Rm. 10 belonged to Victoria Soto and was the second door on the left. 5 students and both Soto and the aide (Anne Murphy) were killed (one student was found injured but died en route to the hospital). 9 students were able to flee from room 10. 4 were brought to a nearby home and the remaining 5 was picked up by a passerby and brought to the police station. 2 other students were found alive hiding in the class’s bathroom. Room 8 belonged to Mrs. Amanda D’Amato, who called out that day and Lauren Rousseau was substituting for. It was the third door on the left. In all, Rousseau and newly hired aide Rachel D’Avino and 15 students were killed (one was found injured and brought to the hospital but died) and one survivor was found inside the classroom. Adam committed suicide in room 10. Last gunshot heard was at 9:40:03.



(it should be noted that there appears that some believe that D’Amato was on maternity leave and not just absent for that one day. However, there doesn’t appear to be any proof of this, just that it was said in the book Newtown: An American Tragedy. Based on what I believe to be her statements; CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00172258, CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00257144 and CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00001418; D’Amato was out that day for an appointment that was pre-planned. If I am wrong about any of this, please correct me. The only pregnant staff member I have been able to find is Mrs. Teri Alves who was 8 1/2 pregnant that day)..  

Just looking at this brief description it would almost appear to be an obvious conclusion. He went to room 8 first where he believed he killed everyone. He then went to 10 but perhaps the police’s arrival caught him off guard allowing the children to escape and he killed himself. But it’s not that simple. 

The location of the deceased in each room suggests that Rousseau’s class had more time to react than Soto’s class. nearly all the victims in room 8 were found within the classroom’s bathroom (which was in the left corner upon walking into the classroom from the hall). Here’s a photo from room 6 to give you an idea. All classrooms in that hall were designed the same, in that their bathrooms and measurements were all the same. The left picture depicts what you would see walking into the room from the hallway and looking left. 

room 6.png

Walkley – scene photos #243

room 6 2.png

Walkley – scene photos #252

They appeared piled up, as if they were all rushing to get into the bathroom as they were being shot at. The two teachers were found just right of the bathroom door near the sink and cupboard area. 

While, in Ms. Soto’s room, the deceased were found in miscellaneous locations (but concentrated in one area of the room). Here’s the scene sketch. The triangles are supposed to indicate victims. (Because there was one victim that was brought to the hospital and not apart of the crime scene processing, they are not accounted for in this sketch). Only Adam was sketched to resemble an actual person. Yes, I know, this hardly qualifies as an actual crime scene sketch and most likely would get laughed at in a court room. But unfortunately this is what we got. (Check out the sketch for the Lanza house though, it’s an actual sketch you’d expect to see CFS 1200705354 Sec 6 pages 9-14). 

room 10 sketch.png

CFS 1200704597 00235016 p.6

This would seem to imply that Adam went to room 10, then 8 and back to 10. Which just seems weird right? Why would he do that? But I got an even better question. Was any of this possible, within the timeline given? 

Did I forget to mention that the 9 students that fled from Ms. Soto’s room did so AFTER having already witnessed their classmates and teachers get shot? Soto’s room is circled in red in the photo below. 

room 10 circled.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #57

Here are the descriptions of the very few unredacted interviews. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00006847 “[redacted] told the children to line up against the wall in the classroom because they heard a small amount of gunshots and that the teacher (unspecified in the e-mail if it was [redacted] was looking either out the door into the hall or out the window into the hall when the shooter ‘busted in’ and was firing the gun in the room. [redacted] told his mother that he saw [redacted] fall down, and stated that he saw the bullets or casings coming out of the gun. [redacted] stated that he was ducking behind a desk in the classroom and that the gunman had come in through the hallway door to the classroom. [redacted] stated that he and the other children ran while he was reloading, and that the children running in front of him were [redacted] additionally stated that [redacted] was in the group of children running as well, but that he did not know where. [redacted] advised that there was smoke in the hallway, and that he saw blood and bodies in the hallway as well.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00019333 “he stated that he saw [redacted] shot first, and then [redacted], before he had run out of the classroom. [redacted] stated that [redacted] has been consistent with his details about the shooter kicking in the door, and has stated that the children that he ran with were [redacted], but knows that there were other kids who also ran, just not in the group with him. [redacted] stated that [redacted] had just recently added the detail that when the shooter came in the room, he pointed the gun individually at each person, but didn’t say anything to anyone.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00030129 “[redacted] stated that the schoolday began as any normal day and they were going over math when they heard what they thought was a loud hammer banging something. Then a man dressed in green and beige ‘Army’ clothes came into her classroom, didn’t say anything and ‘began shooting random people like [redacted] with his rifle. [redacted] said that the gunman shot [redacted] and her teacher’s assistant who passed out from the shock and then the gunman shot her anyway. [redacted] stated that she didn’t want to die, she wanted to live so she ran the fastest she could with four male classmates and they were found by [redacted] Mom’s friend on the way to the firehouse.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00177428 “[redacted] explained that the bad guy shot her teacher and classmates. She further explained that the bad guy looked like an Army guy wearing what sounded like green fatigues. She further stated that she only saw one bad guy. [redacted] stated that she and her friends ran out of the classroom past the bad guy who was in the doorway. She also stated that the bad guy didn’t see them. They all ran out of the school, down the driveway and onto the road where they were picked up by a parent.”…..”Off. Greco continued the interviews with other children until approximately 1210 hours when State and Fairfield Officers arrived to take official statements. All of the children had a similar account of a single shooter and his clothing. The boys described the firearm as a bazooka. At a later time, Newtown Sgt. Wisentaner and Off. Greco reviewed the Police station security footage and observed a woman in a white van bringing children in at approximately 0956 hours.” 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 000180063 “After the morning meeting, they read the morning message on the Smart Board in the classroom. [redacted] said he then heard some loud noises coming from outside the classroom that he thought came from a hammer, and [redacted]told them to get to the back of the classroom. They all started to do that when the classroom door ‘banged open’ and a man with a gun came into the classroom. [redacted] described the man as tall and skinny  with light skin and a light brown beard that was short. He stated that he was wearing a green army style hat with straps, a green shirt and camouflage pants. [redacted]described the man’s gun as a ‘long bazooka style gun’. He stated that the man shot [redacted] first, who was standing by the classroom windows, and she fell down. [redacted] stated that he and some of his classmates began running toward the classroom door to get outside, and that everyone was screaming. His classmate [redacted] tripped by the door as they ran out. He did not see the man shoot any of the kids in the classroom, and the man never said a word. [redacted] saw two adults lying in the hallway outside the classroom as they all ran toward the front door of the school. He stated that this is the route they take for fire drills, and that is why they went that way. When they got outside they began to go toward the playground but saw [redacted] friend’s mother and they told her what had happened. [redacted] stated that she told them all to get into her van and she brought them down to the police station.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00198970 “[redacted] said he was in the classroom and his classroom door was open when he began hearing loud noise come from outside his classroom. He recalled the intercom being on in the school and then he saw a white man with all green clothing and a green hat, with black boots, walk into his classroom carrying a gun. [redacted] described the gun as, ‘the man needed two hands to hold it.’ The man shot his gun all around in every direction. [redacted] said he thinks he heard about 10 shots but described them as very fast. The room then filled of smoke. He described the man as ‘being the age of a dad’ when asked how old the shooter looked. He said the shooter said nothing. He just shot at glass and the kids around him. [redacted] then ran outside the class where he saw his principal with blood on her outside the office (specific office unknown). [redacted] said he heard more gun shots after he ran out of the classroom. He ran outside the school into the road with 5 other classmates named [redacted]. When they got to the road the students were picked up by [redacted] mom who drove the kids to the firehouse.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00198959 “[redacted] stated that he is a [redacted] class, which according to [redacted] is just several doors down from the principal’s office. He said they had just finished writing class when he heard loud shooting coming from the hall. After a few moments, the classroom door opened and a ‘bad man’ entered the room and started shooting everyone in the class. [redacted] said the shooter was dressed in ‘army clothes’ and was firing a ‘bazooka’. He thought the shooter had dark skin and a beard. [redacted said he saw his teacher [redacted] get shot and said she was ‘dead’. He also said he saw at least two of his classmates get shot and referred to them as ‘dead’ as well. He said the shooter shot at him multiple times but missed, and instead struck [redacted], which he had been holding in his hand. [redacted] said he dropped his stuffed animal and ran. [redacted stated he ran out of his classroom, into the hall, and right past his principal (Dawn Hochsprung), who was on the floor in the hallway ‘dead’. He said he exited the school and ‘ran, and ran, and ran’ until a woman driving by saw him, stopped, picked him up, and drove him to the police station. It should be noted that [redacted] fled the school with several other children, who were also picked up by the same person and driven to the police station where they were ultimately reunited with their parents. The identity of this woman is unknown, however, open source/media reports indicate the woman was a parent who happened to be running an errand at the school and came upon the kids running across the parking lot screaming about a man ‘shooting everyone.’ [redacted stated the shooter did not speak or yell, he just fired at everyone in the class. We spoke about the ‘bazooka’ the man was carrying, and based on his additional description (long, and the shooter used both hands), I concluded the shooter was likely armed with a rifle.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00256448 “He stated he was doing his morning work getting ready to do writing when a man walked in. He was wearing a brown or camo shirt, brown pants, a hat that was like a sombrero but small that was also brown. He goes on to state that the man had a bazooka that was black, brown or camo. He was also wearing sunglasses. [redacted] goes on to state that the man didn’t say anything. He stated he heard a banging sound that was like a hammer. [redacted] stated that he does not know who the man pointed the bazooka at. He continue stating that they ran out of the class. He reports running with [redacted]. He stated that they ran and got into a car driving by a woman that [redacted] knew. In addition, [redacted] said that he saw bullets on the ground. He said they were yellow and the tips were red.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00258277 “a guy kicked open the door and shot his teacher, [redacted]. [redacted] stated that the male shooter didn’t say anything to anyone, and described the shooter as a white guy with a heavy winter-like brown jacket, and a green shirt underneath the jacket. [redacted] stated that he believed the man was wearing army green kind of pants, and described him as having dark hair, longer on the top than on the bottom, with no beard or moustache. [redacted] was asked if the man was young or old and struggled with the answer, until he was aided by his mother, who asked if the male was younger or older than an acquaintance of their family’s, at which time [redacted] stated that the shooter was about the same age. [redacted] clarified that the male that she had used as a reference was in his 20’s. [redacted] stated that he and all the other kids ran out of the classroom and kept running out of the school building until they got picked up by a bus driver who drove them all to a house.

Yes, I know. There are definitely some contradictions here but they are irrelevant to the topic of this post. What is relevant however, is that they all state that the suspect entered their class, began shooting and then they fled from the school. We also now know that at least a few of them left out the main entrance. 

Now we need to add in the witnesses and other aspects of the timeline of that day. You know, to see the story as a whole. It’s very important to remember that the very first 911 call came from the main office at 9:35:39 just after Adam left the room. (page 2 of the 911 transcript). 

The main doors to the school locked at 9:30 am. They had a non-recording camera at the entrance that could be seen on 2 monitors in the main office with a buzz in system (you can read about this in (CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00074667). At about this time on December 14, 2012 a mother went to the school to drop off a letter her child had left home apologizing for cheating. She signed in at the main office at 9:31 and signed out at 9:32. (Her statement can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00005519). Her statement can be corroborated by the actual sign in sheet. Although her name is redacted, the timeline checks out. There is only one person that signed in and signed out that day. 

visitor sign in.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00006246 p.8

According to her, she left the parking lot at 9:34. She did not see any passing car on her way in or out, nor did she see anything odd or out of place. Only an older gentlemen inside the school that didn’t fit Adam’s profile that was shuffling around with his hands in his pockets dressed in dark clothing. He walked toward the first grade classrooms. It is my belief this was a father who was there for a gingerbread house making event that was planned for 9:45 that morning for a few 1st grade classes that was later witnessed by a teacher. 


In the teacher’s statement (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00008244) she states that she was walking down the east hallway with her student when she heard gunfire. As she turned the corner she witnessed Hochsprung and Sherlach leave room 9 in a panic. She heard more gunfire, at which point she took her student and turned back around. As she did this she “saw a man standing in the hallway who asked her, ‘What?’ ” She replied she didn’t know. She stated that the man “was wearing dark clothes and a waist length coat. He was a white male and had his hands in his pocket.” She also stated that he was near the door where parents drop off their kids for preschool. (It should be noted that it also states that he was there to me with a kindergarten teacher. But based on her description, it appears that this information is wrong). 

In the father’s statement (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00006236) he states that he signed in at 9:30 and was told that he could either wait at the office or head down to the classroom, which he did. He took a right after exiting the office and another right. He noticed that the class was still in morning reading so he waited in the hallway. His story checks out. There is a redacted name on the sign in/out sheet that signed in at 9:30 and their destination says Monahan. Monahan’s 1st grade class is indeed a right and a right if exiting out of the main office. It’s also within the vicinity of the preschool classes which were rooms #53 and #56. The door they used to drop them off is between rooms #56 and #1, confirming the teacher’s statement. (You can find the photo/map below on page 19 in the Final Report).

went to monahans.png

He also states seeing a female teacher walking by him in the direction of the main office. When he heard the gunshots he ran into the class and informed them that there was a commotion in the hallway. He didn’t want to tell them there was gunfire because he was worried he’d scare the kids. They hid near the coat and bag area and the teacher read to the students. 

As  far as his daughter’s teacher, I’ve only found one statement that resembles his narrative. The only reason why I am not 100% positive it’s her, is because in her statement she says the teacher next door stuck her head through the kitchen that connects their room and shouted to close the door and go on lockdown. I have no idea if there is a kitchen connected to any of the classrooms in that hallway. However she states that a father to one of her students came into the room and she read to the students during the incident. So I guess leave it to your best judgement. Her statement can be found in CFS 1200704599 Book 5 –1


One more thing about this father…… he places the first gunshots at 9:34! As you can see in the 911 transcript below (you can also read it in his statement as well). 

0934 gunfire.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p.2

I’m willing to waive this off as bad estimation though, since we don’t have any solid proof that it was in fact 9:34 when he heard it. It’s just a rough estimation (but worth keeping on the back burner just in case). If it really was 9:34 though, we would definitely have a problem wouldn’t we?

Like I said, there was a gingerbread house making event planned that morning for 9:45. A father (Chris Manfredonia) said he showed up to the school to do this with his 6 year old daughter at 9:35 (just one minute after the mother left the parking lot). After parking his car he witnessed a group of kids running (the 9 students that were able to run away from Ms. Soto’s room). When he got to the front doors he heard popping sounds that he recognized as gunfire and saw broken glass on the ground and a large hole in the window. He stated that he knew the time because he had called 911 at 9:36 and that it appeared that someone had already called. He began running to the left side of the building trying to find a way in and locate his daughter’s class. (Manfredonia’s statement can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00014498).


However, in the 911 call transcript, it times his arrival at 9:36:00 instead of 9:35. It also states that there is no record of his 911 call connecting. 

Chris arrives at the door.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p.3

This can be debunked by listening to the actual 911 calls. If you download Exhibit _349 here. His 911 call can be found in StartTime 2012-12-14 14-36-48 Logger 45170321 Channel 1 Radi. He states he is outside and his daughter is inside the school. To my knowledge he was the only male outside with a daughter in the school at the time of the shooting. Unfortunately I do not know the time of this call. All we know is that he thought someone had already called which places his call no earlier than 9:35:39 when the main office called. I do know that there are people that have put together a full recording with time stamps regarding the 911 calls. I’m sure you can find them on youtube. Regardless, Manfredonia definitely called. And, in his call you can hear him panting as if he’s running around the building, just like he stated.

timeline hoodies.png

Meehan -parking lot photos #21

So far, all of this implies that Adam was able to drive up to the school, park, got out of his car, grabbed his weapons (which I am assuming was wrapped up with the hoodies found on the ground), walked up to the front entrance, shot out the front window, entered the school, shot 4 faculty members, entered the main office, left, went down the northeast hallway, entered Ms. Soto’s class, shot and killed at least Soto and a few children at which point 9 students then fled from inside the school and were witnessed outside by Manfredonia all in the matter of a minute, give or take a few seconds. (9:34 when the mother left the parking lot to 9:35 when Manfredonia stated he got there). 

Maybe the children running out is just another fable in the Sandy Hook story… Maybe there’s 0 proof of them running? Or Maybe they ran out at a different time? Wrong! There are over 10 witnesses, one surveillance video (that we can’t view) and a dash cam video (that we can view) that can confirm that the children were running and can possibly prove they were picked up during this timeline. 

According to the statements given in the 911 transcript, just after 9:36 2 females showed up to the school and both reported seeing children running. (Although specific times are not given for the women you can see that it’s estimated at about 9:36:38 or just after) and one of them made a 911 call at 9:36:48, giving it no more than 10 seconds between arriving and calling 911 (if she arrived at 9:36:38).

mothers arrive at school.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p.3

In parent #1’s statement she says: 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00003341 “I was due at the school at about 0945 in the morning. When I arrived at the school, I noticed five children running down the street near the stop sign before you pull into the school”

She further states that while at the front of the school she witnessed another mom walking up. They both then ran and hid behind the dumpsters. She called her husband at 9:45. Both women heard gunfire, placing them at the scene before Adam’s supposed suicide at 9:40:03. Her follow up interview can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00009062 (interesting side note, in her second interview she states that she told her husband to look for their kid at the firehouse. I guess at 9:45 this parent behind the dumpsters somehow magically knew that parents were to meet at the firehouse to find their kids soon).

As you can see below, the stop sign is right at the “lower” parking lot, just as you enter the school premises. 

bottom lot.png

Farr – scene photos #133

Is this timeline possible? Honestly I would place her there earlier than the time given in the transcript. Certainly no later than 9:36:00. For perspective, below is a photo (from Sec.13 Aerial Photos-zoomed). I have circled the dumpsters and marked the main entrance with an X. The lower lot is the lot area in the bottom right corner. 

front and dumpster.png

Sec 13 - Aerial Photos #5 (zoomed)

I haven’t been able to locate parent #2’s statement (so if it’s in there but I’ve overlooked it please let me know). But I do know that she is Barbara Sibley. In her infamous Katie Couric interview (you can watch below) she states that she saw 8-10 kids running towards the firehouse. She saw 4 (yes 4) car doors open on the Honda, saw the other mother, the broken window and broken glass. She never mentions hiding behind the dumpsters and it almost sounds as if Couric is suggesting that police rescued her from the front of the school towards a fire truck where she stayed until the school was evacuated. We could get into it but it’s irrelevant here. Trust me, the Sibleys is interesting and I’ll be covering them in a future post. What matters is that she is now confirmed as the second mother and saw students running towards the firehouse. 

Our next witness is a female bus driver. On her way home from running errands (in her personal vehicle) she was driving by the firehouse when she noticed a group of children running by. She saw that none of them had coats on and weren’t accompanied with an adult so she pulled over into the firehouse parking lot and turned on her hazard lights. She yelled for the children to stop but only 4 did (2 boys and 2 girls), while the remaining 5 kept running. At which point Gene Rosen (who lives just left to the firehouse) came out and brought them all inside. She states that they then attempted to call their parents and was able to reach 3 of the 4 homes. 3 were picked up while they brought over one girl to the firehouse later on where she was reunited with a parent. She estimated seeing them around 9:40. (Her statement can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00003250). In the 911 transcripts (page 6) she is quoted as having found them at the firehouse at 9:40. 

Tricia and Gene sees the kids.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4  00184096 

The photo below shows how close the firehouse is to the school. There is only one entrance to the school (Dickinson Dr. off Riverside Rd.). The firehouse is at the corner of both. 

firehouse school distance.png

Here, just in case…. this shows the entrance. 

firehouse roads.png

Oh Gene Rosen! Oh creepy Gene! How we love your many narratives and your over the top performances…. (seriously, if you haven’t watched any of his interviews, youtube Gene Rosen. Grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh. Oh and a pen and some paper. You’ll need to note how many different narratives he gives). In his statement he says there was a male adult with the bus driver and the students but he left. He also states that they weren’t successful in reaching any of the parents but called the bus driver’s supervisor who called the parents and all but 2 students were picked up. (His statement can be found in CFS 1200407559 Book 7 00257146).  The screenshot below shows his home and how close he is to the firehouse (on the right).

Please note: That the whereabouts of Rosen's home has already been made public (VERY public) via the MANY interviews in video and text. It is also mentioned in several articles from mainstream media sources. His address is also in the public domain. You can easily find it. So please, do not think that I am trying to "expose" "exploit" his whereabouts, or have any other malicious intent. If Mr. and Mrs. Rosen are unhappy with this being here, I would prefer them to contact me and ask me to take it down like civilized human beings. If anyone else finds this offensive in any way, please feel free to leave. If you'd like to report this, please also report the hundreds upon hundreds of articles, blogs and videos with the same exact information, including the white pages, voter registry or any other domain that would have his address. 

It is important to show where he was when he encountered the children because what we are looking at is a concept of time and distance. By not showing his location, one cannot properly critique (peer review) my argument. This is solely for research purposes only and should not be construed as anything else. 

gene google map.png

But what about the children’s statements that said they were picked up? 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00258277 “stated that he and all the other kids ran out of the classroom and kept running out of the school building until they got picked up by a bus driver who drove them all to a house.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00198970 “When they got to the road the students were picked up by [redacted] mom who drove the kids to the firehouse.”

Honestly, I do not know what to make of them. So I supposed I’ll just leave it up to personal interpretation. 

Unfortunately for these 2, there doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence proving either of their statements. There’s no 911 call, no record of law enforcement getting in touch with the bus lady’s supervisor to confirm or deny Gene’s claim.. there is however only one thing that matches… and that is eyewitness reports (and one dash cam footage) that proves that there were cars parked in front of the firehouse at around 9:40. We’ll get into that in a minute. But first, our next witness.

Next on the list is the lady that picked up the 5 remaining kids,  Tricia Gogliettino, sister of State Representative John Frey (see his twitter post from that day here). She states that she had left her house at 9:40 to be at the school at 9:45 for the gingerbread house making when she noticed 5 children running down Riverside Rd near Cherry St. She noticed a male driving slowly behind them and she stopped. They told her that someone was at the school with a gun killing people. At some point there was another female parent that parked behind her and helped out. They called the police who instructed them to bring the children to the station, which they did. (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00091354) (It should be noted that at the bottom of page 1 it states that she was the one that brought 5 of the 11 students that ran… 11 not 9. We’ll get into this in another post.) 

The female that parked behind her stated that she too was on her way to the school (around 9:45) for gingerbread house making when she noticed 5 children. She then turned around and stopped to help and they eventually went to the police station. (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00101180). 

The man states in his statement that around 9:40 he saw 5 children running down the middle of the road and he stopped along with a women in a white minivan. He was given their home phone numbers and spoke to only one of the 5 parents, whom he left voicemail for. (CFS 1200704559 Book 7 00002357).  (Perhaps this was the man that Gene had saw)

riverside rd.png

For the most part, all 3 statements can be verified. A woman that the male called and left a voicemail for contacted the police because his number was a New Jersey number and she had heard on the news that there may have been a New Jersey connection to the shooting (Adam’s brother Ryan who lived in Hoboken, New Jersey). He called the house at 9:44. She heard kids yelling in the background and the male told her to to get to the school right away and that he was with her kid. (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00002296). 

As you can see on the left Cherry St. is just down the road from the firehouse. 

According to the 911 transcripts on page 7 it is stated that they spotted the children at 9:41 (remember, this is just from statements). But she did call 911 at 9:45:43.

Tricia 911 call.png


What’s even better than a documented 911 call? Videographic proof! And that indeed we have. On dash cam footage no less. The screenshot below shows Riverside Rd. right before Cherry St. (on the left at the pole). 

cherry st.png

To confirm you can see for yourself on Google maps . The screenshot below depicts where they were parked in this area. Just a little further from the corner.

where Tricia was parked.png

Unfortunately we live in a world where we have clear and sharp photos of Jupiter, but dash cam quality remains at an all-time low. But here are some screenshots TFC John McGeever’s dash cam (00056732_MVR_Part_1 / timeline document CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00056732).

Tricia dash cam 1.png

These ones are from when McGeever was backing up to turn around. You can see 3 vehicles. One would belong to the other woman and I’m guessing one of them would belong to the male but the third is unaccounted for. 

Tricia dash cam 2.png
Tricia dash cam 3.png

While this certainly proves that a white van and at least 2 other vehicles parked near the corner of Riverside Rd. and Cherry St. and that there was at least 2 adults there, this does not prove that there was kids with them. However, in their statements they said that the children were in the van for a while before they left to the police station so it’s possible that at the moment this officer drove by, the children were inside the van. 

Although the time isn’t exact, this is noted in the 911 transcript on page 12.

mcgeever dash.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4  00184096 p.12

As for them going to the police station, that too appears to be true. You can find the timeline regarding Newtown Police Department’s surveillance camera in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079302. It states that a white mini van carrying several survivors from room 10 pulls into the parking lot at 9:56:48.

And what about the children’s statements that contradict hers?

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00030129 “they were found by [redacted] Mom’s friend on the way to the firehouse.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 000180063 “When they got outside they began to go toward the playground but saw [redacted] friend’s mother and they told her what had happened. [redacted] stated that she told them all to get into her van and she brought them down to the police station.” 

Same answer as I had with Gene and the bus lady. I don’t know what to make of it so I’ll leave it up to personal interpretation. 

When comparing Gene and the bus driver’s story with the lady in the van together however they don’t seem to line up… at all. How could both parties happen upon the children at 2 different locations at about the same time, if the group of children were initially together until 4 stopped for the bus lady? Both state seeing them at 9:40. Is it possible that the time estimated for the lady in the van could be a little wrong? To me, this is a definite yes, and I believe the next 2 witnesses can help confirm that. 


Another witness stated:

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00002173 “On 12/14/12 at around 9:35 or 9:40 AM I was driving to work from my home. I work [redacted] at Sandy Hook School, [redacted]. As I was driving on Churchhill St. I saw a large number of police cruisers fly past me. I pulled over to let them go by, and then continued on towards the school. As I was pulling up towards Dickinson Drive, I saw a group of children running by the firehouse. I also saw a lot of cars pulling over because of the running. When I pulled up towards the school I parked in the first spot in the lower lot. When I parked I called [redacted], and told him what was happening. I saw a lot of police cars and cops with guns. There were also ambulance people there. I never heard any gunshots or anything when I was there, and I never got close to the school. [redacted] came up from our house, and we waited to see if we could do anything [redacted]. When I saw him I grabbed him and [redacted] and I took him away frokm the building. We saw him come from the left side of the building. We didn’t really see more than that.”

For perspective, here is where Church Hill Rd. is compared to the school (there is no Churchhill St.) or you can just view it on google maps here

church hill rd.png

On page 3 of the 911 transcript it states that police first left the Newtown Police Station at 9:35:56. As you can see below, the police station is not that far from the school and Church Hill Rd. is right in the middle. 


The first arriving officers got at the school at 9:39:13 (one officer arrived at the street behind the school at 9:39:00). Can we place any officers on Church Hill Rd. at that time? Yup. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079319 p.2 09:38:24 SGT Bahamonde is traveling on Church Hill Rd en-route to SHES from the police department. The cruiser in front is Newtown officer Penna. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079318 p.2 09:41:05 Off. Seabrook meets up with Newtown PD LT Vanghele (driving a department SUV) at the intersection of Church Hill Rd. and Connors/Wire Rd. 

Some of the other dash cam timelines aren’t as descriptive. Some of them just say things like “officer bla bla en route” “officer bla bla arrives at SHES”. But it would seem pretty obvious that since Church Hill Rd. is right in the middle of the police station and the school, it was used by many officers and most within the appropriate timeline. 

Here is the lower lot (where she parked).

mom lower lot.png

Sec 13 – Aerial Photos #6 (zoomed in)

If she didn’t hear any gunshots while at the school, one would assume that she got there after 9:40:03 (Adam’s supposed suicide shot).  In TFC. Paul S. Lukienchuk’s statement, he claims to have heard gunfire from his home (I do not know his exact address, but he states that he is right in the neighborhood with the firehouse). Ken and Donna Kowalski (I have no idea if they are related to Chase who was a victim of the shooting) stated that they heard gunfire from their home. Based on my quick google search, they do live in the neighborhood. Then we have Creepy Gene who also states that he heard gunfire in numerous video interviews. But since this man is not a credible witness by any logical standard, I don’t think this statement should carry that much weight. I suppose it’s possible that she got there just as the shooting was ending though. 

In her follow up interview (CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00163580) on page 2 it states that they reviewed Sgt. Bahamonde’s dash cam video and were able to locate her vehicle (a Nissan Pathfinder) parked at the stop sign at the beginning for the lower lot. It also states that it also shows cars pulled over on Dickinson Dr. and the timestamp was 9:40:04). Bahamonde’s dash cam timeline can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079319. It doesn’t say anything about her or the other cars, but does confirm the time of arrival. 

So maybe we just found validity to Gene’s and the bus lady’s story… If only we could view his dash cam footage. (If I am wrong about this and it has been released, please correct). 


Our last eyewitness would be Sgt. Kullgren. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 –1 “As I approached the Dickenson Drive I observed 8-12 young children running est across the front parking lot of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department.”

Based on Chapman’s dash cam  document, Officer Chapman and Sgt. Kullgren arrived on scene at 9:39:19, making them the first arriving officers (to the front, Officer McGowan responded to the rear of the school at 9:39:00). (CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079326). 

This places the children at the firehouse just seconds before 9:40. Despite Cherry St. not being that far from the firehouse, I doubt the children made it there in just a minute. To me, it’s most likely that the bus driver encountered the children around 9:40 and the lady in the van saw them around 9:44ish. There definitely wasn’t a group of kids running off Dickenson at 9:42 as you can see below in the screenshots of Officer Seabrook’s dash cam footage.

Based on Chapman’s dash cam  document, Officer Chapman and Sgt. Kullgren arrived on scene at 9:39:19, making them the first arriving officers (to the front, Officer McGowan responded to the rear of the school at 9:39:00). (CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079326). 

This places the children at the firehouse just seconds before 9:40. Despite Cherry St. not being that far from the firehouse, I doubt the children made it there in just a minute. To me, it’s most likely that the bus driver encountered the children around 9:40 and the lady in the van saw them around 9:44ish. There definitely wasn’t a group of kids running off Dickenson at 9:42 as you can see below in the screenshots of Officer Seabrook’s dash cam footage.

Seabrook 1.png
Seabrook 2.png

(These screenshots were taken from Sandy Hook Facts youtube channel. I believe he acquired this footage via FOIA.  Although it states Chapman on the video it’s really Seabrook and Vanghele would be the black SUV. Seabrook’s dashcam timeline document can be found in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00079318. If you have any doubts, questions or concerns regarding this footage please ask Sandy Hook Facts. You can view the footage here). 

So if there really was kids running in this location, they were long gone by 9:42. Although it seems like a short window of time, I find it within the realm of possibility. 

From the time the students were first witnessed outside to this point it all fits. But that completely contradicts everything before that point. If they were witnessed at 9:35 that means Adam got there before 9:35. It means that the lady that signed out and left at 9:34 should’ve seen something. It means that there may be an inappropriate time gap between the time he shot out the window and the time the main office called 911. It’s almost as if everyone was ready in their starting positions and when the clock struck 9:35, someone yelled “ACTION!” And all at once, the car is parked, the window is shot out, the main office staff run to their phone, students run out of the building…… 

What’s also troubling, is that it’s very clear that Adam never went to room 8 first and then 10 and killed himself. Even if we wanted to trick ourselves into believing that the timeline makes sense, there’s no way you could add room 8 in the middle of all of that. That would mean that he got to the school at 9:35, shot out the window, walked in, shot 4 people, went into the main office, walked around, left, went down the northeast hallway to the third door on the left, killed 17 people, left, went into 10, began shooting, then somehow 9 students were able to flee and were witnessed outside within meer seconds from his arrival. Not only does that defy our logic of time, but what the hell was he doing from this point on then? If he had just shot and killed everyone by the time the students ran out then there shouldn’t be anymore gunshots from that point on (besides his suicide). But the officials claim that there certainly were gunshots beyond that point. 

An analysis of Newtown Officer Chapman’s dashcam, there were 9 gunshots heard that lasted for 13 seconds between the time 9:39:13 to 9:39:39 (CFS 1200704559 Book 3 00079321). The last gunshot was Adam’s suicide shot. The gunshots appeared “to be coming from the front of the school.” As you can see from Officer Chapman’s statement (CFS 1200704559 Book 600028037) , these gunshots sounded to him as if they were coming from outside and the reason was because of the windows that were open in room 10.  This now places at least 9 gunshots between 9:39:13 to 9:39:39 in Room 10. Although in CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00182028 it states there was only 8. However, this might be deducing Adam’s suicide shot, but you’d think that’d be noted somewhere, and it’s not. It also states that there were 9 heard in Rick Thorne’s 911 call (he was the janitor filling in for the full time janitor who was out that day), 13 gunshots heard in another 911 call and 8 in another. That would equal to 39 shots (38 if we are to say there was only 8 heard on Chapman’s dash cam). If everyone was already dead, who or what is he shooting at? 

But if it’s so obvious to us that This timeline is impossible then why did the officials choose such a timeline? It would make much more sense if he got there earlier. Suppressing a few witnesses like the mother that left at 9:34 wouldn’t have been that difficult. 

And barring the impossible time, it’s obvious that in this narrative, Adam went to 10 first. So then why are the officials claiming they have no idea which room he went to first? To state that they are unsure of his movements is to admit that their timeline is faulty. Or is that the point? By claiming the state of oblivion they don’t have to take any liability (which seems like a reoccurring problem in this case). It also allows too much room for personal interpretation, allowing any of us to come up with our own conclusion.

It is my belief that it was left open ended on purpose. The issue, by all conventional scientific and legal methods is deemed unsolvable. Finding whatever answer we prefer only through personal interpretation of what little evidence we have, opinion and debate. Leaving the officials unaccountable. Just like the rest of the case, it has been left to the court of public opinion and nothing more. 






You can download all available photos, video, audio and documents here:

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