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Ted Varga: The Fake Hero

Disclaimer: In this article, I will be discussing a teacher that was there on the day of the shooting. Although there will be some stuff mentioned that goes beyond his story for that day in particular, it is however relevant to the topic of discussion. My intentions is NOT to pass judgement, vilify or cast any kind of negative thought and/or perception of him. The point is, to take a critical look at his multiple narratives from that day. Same logic applies to everyone else mentioned in this article and any other article on my site. 

I could probably spend the rest of my life noting the ridiculous amount of contradictions and multiple narratives to the Sandy Hook story.

Today, I’d like to point out the fake hero, Mr. Ted Varga.


Generally speaking, when people want to learn about the Sandy Hook fairy tale, they go online. They read through the various articles and watch the various news clips. Many people (even “researchers”) aren’t even aware that the State Police released documents, photos, audio and even video. It’s too bad, really. I’ve made a hobby out of debunking the official story with their own official case and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.



But looking up Varga online, one would leave with the impression that he’s a bonafide hero. At the time the shooting began, Varga was in a conference room with 4 other 4th grade teachers. No, not the conference room in #9 where the principal, vice principal and psychologist was. It was room #20 over in the west hallway. 


down the hall towards a fire exit. But regardless, in all narratives, Mr. Varga begins to flee. He exits the room, turns right and down and began to flee  while peering into the hallway, or he called 911, and this is when he heard the janitor. From here, he either lock the door but realized he couldn’t In another, they heard gunshots and he got up to “was the first clue of the impending nightmare, followed by the sound of repeated gunshots.”  It gets murky from here. In one narrative, they heard the janitor running down the hall warning everyone, which  "smoke filled hallway" and out the fire exit near rooms #26 and 28.


It was at this point he decides to stop, turn around and go back into the conference room to help the others flee. For some strange reason, there was a window air conditioner in the conference room (strange because it was December… in Connecticut). He reportedly dislodged a wooden board that was on the side of the air conditioner which allowed him and 3 others to escape. One faculty member was unable to (for unknown reasons) and stayed behind. She hid, covering herself with a pile of Christmas gifts that happened to be in the room. 

“Wow, so he made it outside but decided to face danger and go back to save other people? He’s a hero! What an amazing person. He has restored my faith in humanity.” 


Not so fast. Let’s disassemble the story a bit. 

Hearing Rick Thorne Yelling in the hallway:

While this appears to be a very common narrative… I have reason to believe that at least in this case, it is wrong. Rick is actually a very important character in this story. He was the guy on the inside in contact with law enforcement… basically the whole time.  

Technically, Rick was the second 911 call. The first call came in from the main office at 9:35:39 to Newtown PD. Rick’s came in at 9:35:43 to Connecticut State Police (CSP) and was transferred to Newotwn PD at 9:36:13 (CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00155346). 


Screenshot from the documentary                    “Newtown”

From what I have gathered, Rick stayed on the phone with Nute from 9:36:13 up to at least 9:38:57, at which point Rick states “Ok the gym teacher told me they saw shadows going past the gym.” This is thought to be the teachers from the conference room fleeing, as you can see below. 


CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p.5

The only way they could’ve heard him would be before his call at 9:35:43. Cause here’s the thing…… he is never heard talking to anyone but Nute. He is never heard yelling or even whispering. The only time he speaks, is to Nute. But if he was doing that before 9:35:43 that causes a problem because that leaves an incredibly small window of time from the initial shots fired at the front glass window and him calling 911. I won’t deny that it’s possible… but not really plausible. (there will be a further breakdown of Thorne, his call and the timeline in another post). 

  The 911 call:

This is easy to debunk. Just listen to the 911 calls. Varga does call twice, but both are after he ran from the school and is at Subway. 

  • Call #1 – StartTime 2012-12-14 14-48-20 Logger 45170321 Channel 4 Radi

  • Call #2 – StartTime 2012-12-14 14-54-36 Logger 45170321 Channel 4 Radi

  The escape from the room:

How the hell did he run down the hallway, not once but twice without being noticed by the janitor Rick Thorne? To gain perspective, here are some photos of the west hall. 

The conference room (#20) is down the hall, on the right, just at the fire exit sign. 

tranq 1 30.png

Tranquillo - Back-up scene photos 1 #30

The arrow shows where room #20 is. As you can see, there’s still quite a lot of hallway left to go. He ran all the way down and to the right.

tranq 2 38.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 2 #38

 Here’s a better look. This is at the dividing doors. Their room is just right of the photographer. 

tranq 2 39.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 2 #39

 Just a little further…

tranq 2 40.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 2 #40

I have zoomed in to show the end of the hall. The arrow is pointing in the direction in which the door Varga claims to have run to is. 

tranq 2 40 cu.png

This one shows you the distance they were from the main office/entrance area. 

tranq 1 40.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #40

 I have zoomed in so that you can see the front area better. 


Supposedly, Rick was in this hallway throughout the whole event. Going door to door checking them and locking them as needed. Like we’ve established, he called 911 at 9:35:48. He remained on the phone with Nute until police had breached and temporarily apprehended at 9:50:56 (as you can see below). 

thorne end.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00155346 p.14

If all of that is true, then how likely is it that Varga ran past Thorne twice without ever being noticed? Certainly some guy running would’ve alerted Thorne.. right? He’s hearing gunfire, he has no idea who it is, how many suspects there are and where the suspect(s) is. Yet there is 0 indication that he saw anyone running. Sure, maybe Varga ran out while Thorne was in the back hallway and wasn’t looking in that direction. But what are the chances that he could’ve gone unseen running to the exit and running back to the room?

The smoke filled hallway:

In one of those narratives, Mr. Varga states that “he sprinted through a hallway filled with smoke and the smell of gunpowder to escape through an emergency exit”. Now, I might not know exactly how much smoke the Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S produces, but I am going to go ahead and assume that it’s not capable of producing that much smoke after so few shots. When Adam shot out the front window near the main doors, he did so outside. However, once inside, The principal Dawn Hochsprung, psychologist Mary Sherlach and Lead Teacher Natalie Hammond came out of their conference room in #9 to investigate the noise. At the same time a sub (Deborah Pisani) was doing the same). Adam shot all 4 of them. Hammond and Pisani survived, Hochpsrung and Sherlach did not. There was 17 expended  casings found near the main office area. I’ve already showed where room #20 was down the west hall, but here’s a photo showing you where the west hall was in relation to the area Adam allegedly shot at the 4 faculty members. 

lobby 4.png

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #16

The west hall is on the right in this photo (left of the glass display table), and it is assumed that Adam was near the bench area on the left. So, if the 17 shots fired produced so much smoke that it traveled from the lobby area, down the west hallway to room #20’s location, doesn’t it seem logical to believe that perhaps the school’s fire alarm would have gone off? Yet there is 0 documentation of that ever happening. Clearly the sprinkler system never went off…. 

The window:

Varga states that he removed a wooden board that was next to the air conditioner. And that appears to be true. Not that he did it, but it was removed. The screenshot below is from WDMCS School Interior 4 of 5 at 22:49. 

22m 49s.png

Here’s a close up of the air conditioner. 

22m 49s cu.png

Although I have not been able to find the wooden board, there is something certainly missing from the side of the air conditioner. 

But could any adult fit through that hole? Well, unless I have somehow missed it, there doesn’t appear to be any exact measurements of the windows anywhere. So being able to precisely analyze this is…well… like so much of this case… left for us to speculate. So let’s do that. 

Here’s a photo of the windows from the outside.

gunsalus exterior photos 64.png

Gunsalus – exterior photos #64

I have zoomed in on the air conditioner area. 

cu of ac.png

Here at my home, I have 3 different window air conditioners. All are different make/year and models. All 3 measure to be 16 inches in width. So I’m gonna speculate that the air conditioner in room #20 is also 16 inches in width. The hole to the side looks to be just a little over half the width, so.. maybe about 8 – 9 inches. But, just to make sure, here’s a screenshot (from the same video mentioned above) taken at 22:39 so we can see it from the inside as well. 

22m 39s.png

(so sorry the quality is so crappy, I'm currently just using the Paint program). 

cu ac in.png

The back of my air conditioners measure 11 9/16” in height (the part that goes under the window sill). So I am gonna speculate that the window is roughly the same height. I’m now going to overestimate the amount (so that I am not accused of cherry picking data). we will now speculate that the size of the hole is roughly 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall. I suppose, if a person is small enough and bendy, it’s possible for someone to escape… 

Rescuing the damsels in distress:

I only really need to present one thing for this section, and that would be Varga’s own statement. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00005444 (Ted Varga) “[redacted] stated that when he arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of Friday, December 14, 2012, he parked his vehicle, CT passenger registration [redacted], in the front row closest to the school parking lot, toward the right/center if facing the school. [redacted] stated that at approximately 9:30AM, he was in a “meeting room” (west side of school) with three other female teachers; [redacted]. Shortly thereafter, [redacted] began to hear what appeared to be gunshots coming from somewhere in the hallway outside of the meeting room. [redacted] said he then began to hear the sound of gunshots being broadcast over the school’s intercom/loud speaker. [redacted] and the three female teachers attempted to hide within the meeting room that they were in because they knew the door to their room was currently unlocked and that it was not able to be locked by them from the inside of the room. [redacted] stated that as the gunshots seemed to him to be getting farther away, he opened the door of the meeting room and could smell what was known to him to be gunpowder. [redacted] said that he and a few of his other colleagues began to run. [redacted] said that he exited the meeting room into the hallway, turned right (facing south/southwest), and ran down the hallway (south/southwest), away from the sound of the gunshots. [redacted] continued to run down the hallway to an exit door on the right side (west side) toward the rear of the school and exited through that door. Once outside, [redacted] ran in a northwesterly direction, up and over a small embankment. [redacted] continued to run in a northwesterly direction until reaching the Villa Restaurant And Pizza, 4 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT (an approximate distance of 215 yards). [redacted stated that he entered the restaurant and used a phone to call 9-1-1 and reported the incident to police.

[redacted] said he believed that possibly two of the female teachers who were initially with him in the meeting room, had remained inside that room after he left. [redacted] said that after the incident he had met up with one of the female teachers who had remained in the room who told [redacted] that she and another female teacher had broken out a glass window in the room, crawled out through the window, and ran from the school to escape.”

Mic drop!

That’s right. Officially, Varga never went back inside. He exited the school and began running. He wasn’t responsible for anyone escaping out the window. Hell, his information here isn’t even right. Did it look like a window was broken? No! His interview was done at around 11:55 a.m on December 14, 2012. While things were still fresh in his mind. If he had anything to do with the escape out the window, I’d assume he’d remember that he never broke the window, but took a wooden board out… It appears that Mr. Varga took information later gathered and concocted his own story of heroism. Or perhaps the media did it for him and he just blindly accepted it. Why no one in that room with him ever corrected this myth, however, is beyond me. He actually makes it sound as if someone could have ran with him. Is it possible? Well, in this statement from one of the teachers in the conference room, she makes it sound as if it could be. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00251430 [redacted] stated that eventually she and several other teachers climbed out a window and ran away from the school to the Villa restuarant. [redacted] stated that she was with [redacted] and that [redacted] later met up with them. [redacted] stated that the teachers eventually met at a nearby Subway restaurant at Glen Rd. and Church Hill.

“met up with them“… hmm… maybe.. What do the others say?

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00002095 [redacted] came back into the classroom and told them they had to leave because [redacted] said that he thought he smelled gun powder. They began to hide but broke a classroom window and crawled out. She went on to explain that they were able to make it out of the window except for [redacted] was unable to get out the window so she stayed behind. They then ran off school property to, “Subway”, (sandwich shop), which was across the street from the school, until they the police arrived.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00034897 Everyone tried to find a place to hide. We turned the lights out. I told him to call 911. Not sure who-[redacted] opened a small window going to back of school- they all went out the window and ran up into the woods (I think)-[redacted] ran out the door and I yelled for him to stay and hide. I stayed in the room and hid in the corner. Christmas presents were all in bags waiting to be wrapped. I took the bags and covered myself with them and waited. While we were in our meeting-right after shots were fired- I heard the intercom come on- people crying and screaming- someone was saying something but I couldn’t make it out. It was like someone picked up the phone and put it down on the desk so people could hear and maybe call for help?? Before [redacted] left- the bullet sounds got louder as if the (gunman?) was coming down the hall. Lot of bullets- then the sound got weaker- maybe he went back down the office way. Everyone gone now- I am alone- I tried to cover myself with the shopping bags.

Ignoring the fact that the above statement reads like a rough draft to a bad script… she states “him” meaning one. Not “they”. The next one is so vague that it’s impossible to tell. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00006441 “[redacted] related that at the time of the shooting, she was in a meeting with two other teachers, who she identified as [redacted]. [redacted] related that she heard gun fire and smelled what she believed was gun powder. That the gun fire appeared to [redacted] to last “forever” and she as well heard the voices of unknown persons “screaming and crying”. [redacted] opened a window in the room she was in, climbed through it and ran from the school.”

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Varga did not come back and was not responsible for their escape. 

But wait, there’s more. Upon trying to find more about Mr. Varga, I discovered that in 2013 he began working as a 3rd grade teacher at the  International School of Stavanger in Stavanger, Norway (a prestigious private school with pre-k to 12th grade) as you can see here in the school’s newsletter on page 11. Yes, I did confirm it is the same guy, as you can see from the screenshot on the left from a post on their facebook page. 

Varga FB.png

Still not good enough? Then how about this…. In 2015 the school’s director Linda M. Duvel was named the International Superintendent of the Year by the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) in San Francisco.


Oh, it gets better. I was able to find a transcript of her speech. In it, she pays tribute to Mr. Varga. But this time.. he’s a real fucking hero (pardon my language). 

As heads of our schools, we all have the chance to encounter remarkable teachers and I have been honored to hire a long list of them. Today, I will single out one, who has a particularly compelling story. Ted Varga is currently in his second year teaching 3rd grade in our school. Prior to that he was teaching 4th grade in an elementary school in Connecticut. Nothing so particularly remarkable so far in that, is there?

But when I share that the name of his prior school was Sandy Hook Elementary and that it was located in Newtown, Connecticut, one will immediately connect the dots. Ted was the only male teacher on the faculty of Sandy Hook that fateful day in December, 2012. As the terrible events of that day unwound, he got his class out and helped his colleagues out of the building and then went back in seeking to help others. By that time, the carnage was complete and the building terribly silent.

Ted wouldn’t call himself a hero. He is quick to point out other acts of heroism by other individuals on that terrible day. But one of the most—in my mind—heroic acts that he accomplished is that he did not let what happened on December 14, 2012 turn him away from teaching. Not wanting the rest of his life to be defined by that day, he believes the best way he can thank his principal who died that day protecting her school and her students and her teachers was to become the very best teacher he could be.

Because the fates had arranged that Ted would have a Norwegian fiancé, our school has become the willing workplace for him to carry on perfecting those teaching skills. He has potential principal written all over him and one day not so long in the future, I predict that he will be here at AAIE as an administrator. He is one of best examples I know of a living, breathing example of optimism.

Oh yeah, that’s right! He rescued not only his colleagues, but his class. His class wasn’t even with him! They were in the music room with the music teacher Maryrose Kristopik. I guess he forgot that. Jet lag? You can hear her 911 call in Exhibit_349 StartTime 2012-12-14 15-3-57 Logger 45170321 Channel 3 RadioREDACTED

Because the source from which I got that is an automatic download that will open up in your default writing program, I took a screenshot of the search result. I don’t want to be accused of creating a fake document. I made sure to leave in what I type in the search bar for you to duplicate my findings. 

Varga screenshot.png

Because the print is so small, I have zoomed in on the individual result. 

cu of result.png

Here’s the link:

So, if we are to follow what we know so far, he eventually made it on foot to Subway and then made it back to the school, went inside and rescued his students from the music room and then continued helping with the evacuation. 

While the time certainly does allot him the opportunity, everything else refutes it. 


Like I said, he made 2 calls to 911. It’s been a pain staking process, but I believe I have been able to pinpoint the general times of his calls. I used  CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00156882 and compared it to the audio tracks in Exhibit_349. Call #1 was made roughly 9:47. In that call, he states that he was with a group of teachers at Subway. Call #2 was made roughly around 9:54. In his second call he says that one of the teachers is having a heart problem. 


Sometime after his second 911 call, he and the other teachers met with Redding Police’s Chief Fuchs (the how is unknown – unless I have missed it). Fuchs states: 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00040403 p.2 “On our way through Sandy Hook Center we encountered four Sandy Hook teachers who had fled the school. While one was having an anxiety issue, there was no medical emergency and all requested that I transport them back to where the students were. I transported all four teachers to the Sandy Hook Firehouse on my way to the school.”

We don’t have an exact time they arrived on scene, but Redding PD Officer Heilbeck states that it was around 10:00 (CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00040345). 


Sgt. O’Donnell radios in that the music room was cleared at 10:15. 

24 out.png

CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00156882 p.20

NOWHERE in O’Donnell’s statement does it say that he was with any civilian when he cleared the music room! (CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00030931). 


Actually, the mere suggestion that they allowed a civilian, walk up from the firehouse to the school, enter and help with evacuation at that time is absolutely ludicrous! 


Kaitlin Roig’s class was the last class to be evacuated at 10:24:58 according to CFS 1200704559 Book 4 00184096 p.22. After escorting her class outside, Sgt. Cario went to the triage and then ran into Danbury Hospital’s Matthew Cassavechia, who asked Cario about getting inside. Cario told him that “The building was not yet secured.” It was eventually decided that Cario could escort Cassavechia (who is a tactical paramedic), John Reed (from Danbury Hospital and also a tactical paramedic) and  Bernie Meehan (also from Danbury Hospital) into the school (their statements are listed below). 


According to their CAD (CFS 1200704559 Book 2 00259480 p.12) it wasn’t until 10:35:52 when Newtown PD reported that there was no active shooter. 20 minutes after the music room was evacuated. Making the scene at the time of their evacuation still active. 


So….. if they are reluctant, to let a tactical paramedic to assess victims, how is it logical to think that law enforcement would let a total civilian into the school just to help with evacuation, especially when it sounds like law enforcement had it all under control? What makes Varga so special? Was he bitten by a radioactive spider? From Kryton? Does he glitter in the sun? (hope you get the reference). 


Unfortunately I have been unable to pinpoint Kristopik’s statement (since most of the names are redacted) meaning I haven’t found a single statement that matches this narrative. You’d think that such a heroic act wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. Of course I have been able to find articles about her, but they contradict the narrative we know about the music room. In this article it states that she was with 15 kids. But we know from the CAD report and her 911 call that she stated she was with 20. So who really knows at this point. But regardless, not a single one mentions Varga coming back. 


My assumption, is that if he helped out at all, he did so at the firehouse, which is a lot different than evacuating them from the school. But it doesn’t sound as heroic.


Man, it would sure be nice to sit them all down in the same room and figure out what really happened. But they have made it abundantly clear that asking any question in any regard will be seen as harassment and/or threatening. Maybe if we offered them money? They seem to respond well to money… Anyways.. for now, this is all we got. 






Download all available crime scene photos, documents, audio and video here:

Sgt. Cario’s statement – CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00026724 


John Reed’s statement – CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00002358 


Matthew Cassavechia’s statement – CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00002113


Bernie Meehan’s statement – CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019275 

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