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Teri Alve's Story 

Disclaimer: In this article I will mentioning the student(s) of Teri Alve's, which means a name or 2 will be mentioned. Their names have already been made public, along with the fact that they were her students. I have also included (only relevant) information regarding Teri, which has all been made public as well. I have provided sources for all of the above mentioned information to not only allow the reader (you) to fact check my work, but to prove that the information given, has been made public by other sources (which do not include blogs, "conspiracy" sites, discussion forums or any other taboo-like sites that some might see as problematic). If this offends you in any way, please feel free to leave. 

One of the most amusing things about the Sandy Hook case, is that you could quite literally close your eyes, flip through the documents and articles in your hands, randomly choose a page, point and debunk. Mrs. Teri Alves is no exception.

Mrs. Alves was a 3rd grade teacher who was 8 1/2 months pregnant and was there on December 14th. She was in room 30 all the way in the back. (where the red X is). 

Teri Alves.png
Teri's class assignment.png

Embarrassingly I have to admit that I have been unable to pinpoint which eyewitness report is hers. Because names and most of the room numbers were redacted and there are conflicting reports about what she did that day in the news, it has been hard. There are a couple that I think are possibilities but I do not want to jump to conclusions. If there is anyone out there that knows for sure which report is hers, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it. 

Regardless, she is certainly interesting. According to Teri, after locking her classroom door she then went over and pulled the blinds down on her windows. With one picture, I can debunk that. 

Teri's blinds not down.png

Gunsalus – exterior photos #43

Her classroom is the third one from the left, which would be located to the right of the long set of windows (left of the basketball hoop). The set of windows for the class on the far left are on the side facing the woods as you can see below. 

west corner.png

Gunsalus – exterior photos #51

Here is an aerial photo taken from that side of the school.

school aerial.png

Sec 13 aerial photos #10

I have zoomed in (which is why it looks so crappy) and have marked where each classrooms are. 

back of school rooms.png

I know these lines aren’t perfect and I am not saying they are exact, but pretty damn close. 


This is a zoomed in photo from Gunsalus – exterior photos #43. You will notice that you can see the wall between rooms 28 and 30 (within the yellow square)


I really am sorry the zoomed in photos are so crappy. If you question my findings, please feel free to look for yourself. But I do believe, that without a doubt, we can see she has been debunked. Not one of her blinds are down. 

Something else that is interesting is what one of her students had to say. (Because I don't want this site taken down like my wordpress account, let's just name the student T.) said that they heard the principal Dawn Hochsprung being killed in the main office over the P.A! You can read that here. First, Dawn was in the conference room #9 in a meeting. She ran into the hallway to investigate the noise they heard (Adam shooting out the front window) and she was killed in the hallway. You can read the final report here. Second, the P.A was turned on from room 9, not the main office. 

Final Report p. 9 “A call to 911 was made and in the ensuing moments the telephone in room 9 was also used to turn on the school wide intercom system. This appears to have been done inadvertently, but provided notice to other portions of the building.”

You might be thinking “Well, that’s where Hochsprung was, so the girl is telling the truth!” Yes, she was in room 9. But it was turned on AFTER she had already been shot and killed. Actually, depending on which account you read, it happened either before or after Natalie Hammond had come back to the room. Here is a list of all the eyewitness reports pertaining to room 9 and the P.A system. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 5 

  • 00006254

  • 00006299

  • 00008101

  • 00011964

  • 00012200

  • 00038575

  • 00038650

  • 00039326

  • 00040126

  • 00040231

  • 00089715

  • 00104089

  • 00249481

  • 00256315

  • 00260329

Because she was a student, therefore young and distraught, I suppose we could try to just wave it off as nothing and move on. But the very fact that it was this narrative that was copied and pasted in nearly every single article that mentions both this student and teacher goes to prove that unless you commit to spending hours reading official documents and researching this case, your understanding of what happened that day is nothing but a lie. Here are just a few articles telling that tale.–abc-news-topstories.html

We can even hear for ourselves what was and wasn’t happening in room 9 just by listening to the 911 calls. Because Natalie had come back to the room with 2 gunshot wounds, they were on the phone with 911 for quite a while, and more than just one call. You can download all 911 calls here.  No screaming, no sirens… just a few ladies quietly talking with a few bleeps in-between. 

[[takes in a deep breath]] I’m not done yet. 

Remember when I said she was 8 1/2 months pregnant? If true, isn’t it odd that she was never seen by any of the EMT’s on site? Brought to Danbury just to make sure everything was fine? She just survived a mass shooting where 6 of her colleagues were killed, 2 other colleagues were wounded, 20 first graders were killed and a suspect killed himself. I don’t know about you, but that seems like it’d be an incredibly traumatic and stressful event. Even more odd is that she didn’t even request it. Wouldn’t someone be worried that she could go into premature labor? They should have, because that’s exactly what happened later on that night! Oddly, they were able to delay the birth so her baby wasn’t born of the 14th. Phew. 

What’s stranger is that there are no reports of any pregnant woman! No police reports, no reports from any of the medical and emergency staff on sight, no reports from any of the redacted teachers stating they were pregnant. Had I never even seen these news articles, I never would’ve known. But then again, perhaps I have just missed it. If I have, please let me know. Here are all the reports from medical/emergency personnel. 


CFS 1200704559 Book 2

  • 00064228

  • 00260162

CFS 1200704559 Book 6

  • 00002113

  • 00002134

  • 00002358

  • 00019273

  • 00019274

  • 00019275

  • 00258272



Now, I know that all this could be construed as irrelevant to our investigation. Some may say that we should be paying more attention to the bigger stuff like forensics, blood, the victims, the suspect etc but I disagree. In order to understand this case in it’s entirety we need to know every little detail. It’s like the movie “Go”. There are several separate stories going on that all leads to one big event in the end. If we only watch the last 15 minutes of the movie we’d miss the whole point. Plus, sometimes it’s the small stuff we tend to ignore that turn out to be our greatest piece of evidence. So who the hell knows right? Maybe her story will turn out to be important in the end. 

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